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OneCoin video goes viral!

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Will OneCoin survive?

Unica Coin Website Grand Opening, April 1!

Unica Coin website

What is the Unica Coin? How to buy the Unica Coin? How to learn the Unica Coin? Welcome to our website! Need help? Download the guide (v4)

How to buy Unica Token (pressrelease)

Swapping OneCoin to Unica Coin is ongoing between 1 to 30 April, 2020! 

Management of eComelize reported to the Police!

In 2019, an investigation was started against a customer of Dantir Dilela, namely eComelize and its partner (OneDealer AS in Norway). The sole owner of Dantir Dilela and ByCoi is Duncan Arthur. The case against the customer and its partners concerns illegal violations as well as unregulated debt. The actors behind hijacked all IT systems, brands, domains, official sites and social media, among others. Duncan Arthur responded. Information from the operators is official. Only rely on information from Duncan Arthur or channels designated by him. CoinCorner.se is one such channel. 

Follow this Facebook group for the time being. All "official" websites and pages/ groups on social media (ByCoi.io, BCB Exchange and Ovid.store) are not to be trusted since they have been hijacked. Management behind eComelize is reported to the Police and has been reported to several authorities in several countries.

You can reach Duncan Arthur via this email.

Duncan Arthur is the sole owner of Dantir Dilela (DD), BCB Coinstrike, OVID.ie® and ByCoi. He also holds the license for the BCB Exchange and will report any anomalies as would be expected. Jan-Eric Nyman and his eComelize business is a former client to DD. Jan-Eric Nyman had an assignment to develop the IT infrastructure for DD and its group of companies. DD has confirmed that it has no involvement in the eComelize business whatsoever. OneDealer Norway has a business relationship with eComelize. Jan-Eric Nyman received in february a cease and desist note. 

CoinCorner.se stops all promoting of eComelize and its partner, OneDealer A/S i Norge.

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[26/3] Newsletter published!
[20/3] Special announcement published!
[17/3] Newsletter published!
[10/3] Newsletter published!
[5/3] No newsletter published - neither 24/2 nor 2/3.
[20/2] Mark Scott, found guilty of money laundering in OneCoin last November, may be sentenced May 26. Read the latest newsletter.
[28/1] OneCoin Leaks: Ruja Ignatova’s passport + Arens’ contract. Read more
[27/1] No newsletter published.
[20/1] After one month the newsletter seems to be in place again.
[9/1] Phishing warning issued by Cloudflare on all OneCoin sites.
[28/12] Some blogs state that British police closed their investigation against OneCoin in the UK, without arrests or prosecution. In a communique reasons are explained. They are now helping USA.  Read more
[5/12] Veselina Valkova leaves OneCoin. Also Habib Zahid (former Master Distributor) ends up after very harsh accusations directed at him. They are now starting competing operations with a registered company in Estonia. Simon Lee has for a long time a close relationship with Veselina. He takes over the business with the epithet "captain". As co-captain, he quickly appointed King Jayms. Read more


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