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How much money have you lost during the past 5 years in MLM (crypto)?

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Unmasking Crowd1 - a must see!

Unmasking the Pyramid Kings: Crowd1 scam targets Africa. 
BBC Africa Eye documentary


BitCoin News: Onecoin victims join petition seeking establishment of crypto fraud compensation fund. Petition no 0421/2020 by Jonathan Levy (US) on the need to set up a crypto assets fund for crypto crime victims.

Petition Summary
The petitioner indicates that the victims of crypto crime are defrauded of thousands of millions of euros annually. He points out that the European Parliament has already called for measures to regulate crypto assets and observes that, to date, no crypto asset funding has been set aside to compensate the victims of directly related criminal activities. The petitioner is therefore seeking the introduction of a regulatory scheme to compensate victims. He is acting on behalf of the victims of crypto crime (fraud, piracy and extortion) illegally targeting or making criminal use of crypto assets. Victims have attempted to recoup their losses in different ways such as legal proceedings in national courts, criminal complaints to national authorities, bank transfers, credit card reversals and block chain tracking. None of these remedies has been successful owing to the multi-jurisdictional nature of the crypto-currency transaction. Similarly, the petitioner notes that neither the Commission nor the European Ombudsman have declared themselves competent in this matter. He urges the European Parliament to act directly to help the victims of crypto-active crimes as part of its EU strategy for the creation of a genuine single market for digital financial services.


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[13/11] New page created, Scam alerts.
[20/10] OneCoin-OneLife newsfeed.
[29/9] Merchant announcement (OvidGlobal).
[9/9] Announcement from meeting (4/9) with Duncan Arthur, founder of Unica Coin.
[20/8] UnicaCoin enters partnership with WooCommerce!
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[18/7] At 24:00 local Asian time OvidEx opens for trading of Unica Coin!
[1/7] OneCoin-OneLife Network statistics has been updated.
[10/6] Unica Coin newsfeed.
[7/6] OneLife Network newsfeed moved.
[3/6] Transfer of Unica Coin to OvidGlobal is now open.
[1/6] Grand opening OvidGlobal e-commerce platform.
[31/5] Campaign ends for swapping ONE to Unica Coin.
[5/5] Article "eComelize reported to UK Police" is moved. New Unica Coin "FAQ and support" page.
[15/4] The union between Simon Le and OneCoin-OneLife has finally come to an end. Now all Master Distributors are gone and most of the leaders.
[20/2] Mark Scott, found guilty of money laundering in OneCoin last November, may be sentenced May 26. Read the latest newsletter.
[28/1] OneCoin Leaks: Ruja Ignatova’s passport + Arens’ contract. Read more
[20/1] After one month the newsletter seems to be in place again.
[9/1] Phishing warning issued by Cloudflare on all OneCoin sites.
[28/12] Some blogs state that British police closed their investigation against OneCoin in the UK, without arrests or prosecution. In a communique reasons are explained. They are now helping USA.  Read more
[5/12] Veselina Valkova leaves OneCoin. Also Habib Zahid (former Master Distributor) ends his mission after very harsh accusations directed at him. They are now starting competing operations with a registered company in Estonia. Simon Lee has had a close relationship with Veselina. He takes over the business with the epithet "captain". As co-captain, he quickly appointed King Jayms. Read more