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April 2020

April 30, 2020 

Thomas Myhrvold has added to his list of wrong-doings in the eyes of the law!

Dear friends,
Jan-Eric Nyman, owner of eComelize has once again continued his path of criminal activities, but this time he really managed to put Thomas Myhrvold in his lap.

Thomas Myhrvold is the director of a company called "Europe Trading Technology SL". He is also the sole administrator of "Ecomelize Europe SL", both companies registered in Malaga Spain - a director in eComilize Limited, Delaware (USA).
Europe Trading Technology SL has launched an e-commerce site called "Tredan". This platform is an exact copy of the platform "Ovid", which Jan-Eric Nyman stolen months ago, including all merchants and all customers. Thomas Myhrvold really put himself completely in the hands of Jan-Eric Nyman and all his dark dubious acts of behaviour. Now Thomas Myhrvold has added to his list of wrong-doings in the eyes of the law;

- Stealing platforms
- Using stolen customers names and addresses without any permission. A breach of GDPR.
- Intentionally using "Ovid" trademark after receiving a cease & desist order (April 2020).
In addition to
- eComilize has used "Ovid" and "Bycoi" registered trademarks, even after being warned in a cease & desist letter. This reinforces the breach of law, in Delaware, as it is classified as ”intentional”. This is a civil case and entails big fines.
- eComilize has stolen and repeatedly used addresses from Ovid, ByCoi and BCB Coinstrike, even after receiving several cease & desist letters. This is defined by international law as a severe breach against personal privacy. As being repeatedly used, the maximum fine is 10 000 Euro per address. With some 185 000 personal addresses, this is regarded as a serious crime.
- eComelize has distributed BYC (coins) to its MLM members without authorisation. The coins were stolen. A serious crime.

You, Thomas Myhrvold, and Morten Björge, Lloyd Moore and Jan-Eric Nyman have tried to change, with an unauthorised password, the share register in "BCB Coinstrike Limited", a profoundly serious crime that involved impersonating Duncan Arthur.

You are invoking a document that clearly stipulates that only if Duncan is deceased, a judge has declared him incapable or if the project does an IPO, then that document is valid. Nothing of these three circumstances have occurred. This is a profoundly serious matter and "Company House" rectified the situation quickly.
You have registered a company called "BCB Coinstrike Holding Limited". You cannot use the name without a written approval from Duncan Arthur. This is passing-off to deliberately confuse. United Kingdom "Companies House" will address in due time.

The most incriminating and dangerous case for you is the sale of coins in a completely unauthorised manner. This is a severe crime both in United Kingdom and in Norway.

- Illegal sales.
- Stolen coins.
- Not paying VAT and Tax in UK leaving the entities Gardor I and II liable.
- Not informed the UK companies.
- Not reported any result of sales. United Kingdom-companies did not receive any funds from the sales.
- Not paying sales agent.
- You have decided on sales commissions without informing the companies.
- You have put the directors of the United Kingdom-companies in a terrible situation where it is up to them to show they did not know what was going on.
- You have indicated that you have paid all funds to develop platforms. Please understand that these platforms are very amateurish built and development costs are far below 75 000 Euro.

The police reports in different countries are adding up and moving forward.

This is now being reported to the Police in Malaga (Spain) and to the police in Bergen (Norway) as well as in the United Kingdom and USA. The USA is at present doing interviews with Duncan Arthur as the victim, and everything is reported to the Delaware Court and to the SEC in Delaware.

It is really incredible how well Jan-Eric Nyman manages to let other people be responsible for his criminal acts. It is only to congratulate Jan-Eric Nyman. We all wonder how thoughtless and naive you, Thomas Myhrvold, really seem to be as manipulated and cheated into such a situation with no return. Thomas Myhrvold has a family and kids to think of with a decent career behind him. A said story. In the end Jan-Eric Nyman and his cronies will face the law.
What is the purpose of opening a new stolen platform in Ovid's name, called "Tredan"? Just to confuse merchants and customers of OvidGlobal! This is a very dirty way and will only hit backfire.

We therefore ask everybody to ignore this site, "Tredan", and just report to the authorities of your stolen personal information.

Report here (English version) or here (Swedish translation).
Cease and desist Jan-Eric Nyman here.
Cease and desist Thomas Myhrvold here.
Read more in the matter. From Feb 12 and forward.

Contact Duncan Arthur if you are a victim or want to know more.

Spread or share. Thank you!

April 29, 2020

Follow up - Duncan file suit in Delaware against eComelize!!

Duncan Arthur is seeking to file a civil suit in Delaware against eComelize and it's directors for damages as well as asking the court for injunctive relief for eComelize to stop the use and immediately return of the property (Duncans) while the court hears the case.

The Police in Bergen, Norway, has also begun to open up their offices again for reports!

Read more about the case

April 23, 2020

Thomas Myhrvold (OneDealer, eComelize and more) - cease and desist!

Duncan states; "You are the sole director of Coltan Technology Ltd registered in the United Kingdom. You are further an officer of OneDealer Norway and a significant stakeholder in EComelize, an MLM platform registered in the United States in the State of Delaware. These entities, and the persons of Mr Jan-Eric Nyman and Mr Lloyd Moore are referred to in this document as the “Parties” collectively and severally.


Failure to comply with these demands will result in joint and several civil action, the quantum of which will be determined at a later date. DD further reserves the right to pursue the Parties for costs incurred in the KYC services provided by Jumio and for which it continues to enjoy a benefit. Your response is anticipated." Read more 

March 2020

March 29, 2020

Reporting potential mismanagement and/or improper behaviour as regards BYCOI sales and wallets

What is this document?

If you have purchased a package that awards BYCOI, have not been awarded what you are owed or have noticed that your coins have disappeared from your wallet, you need to report this matter urgently.

Chances are that if you bought a package, you were sold that package through misrepresentation. Coin were never supposed to be sold. The intention was that shares would be sold via a private placement.

If you cannot find your BYC, you have an asset that has been taken away from you or not awarded. All of these are serious allegations.

Read more "how to" in the attached document.

March 27, 2020

Unica Coin news feed!

Unica Coin now has a newsfeed of its own. Read more 

March 26, 2020

OvidEx is now up and running !

The exchange, OvidEx, is now up and running. Read more 

March 25, 2020

Mirroring ByCoi to Unica Coin !

First round to claim coins is now over. The offer to claim free Unica Coin ended on march 23, 2020. Next round will be in the beginning of April. Read more 

March 23, 2020

Duncan Artur made a new video about..!

Duncan Arthur has something to say...

March 15, 2020

Important updates to all ByCoi customers!

Valid only 15/03 - 31/03, 2020!

OVIDGLOBAL.io has been forced to make very significant changes to the system as eComelize, a MLM company in Delaware USA, has hijacked all the platforms from Duncan Arthur.
There-fore completely new platforms are being developed and are in the finalisation stage, This will ensure a higher safety for all customers personal information. More information will be given on a regular basis.

The form has temporarily been deleted due to not working!


This form shall be used by all customers who applied for free BYC coins last year. Due to irregular trades with our BYC by a foreign person, the BYC is toxic and worthless. Therefore a new coin has been established and all holders of free BYC should fill out this form so that you can receive the new coin UNICA in the same amount as you are holding BYC. These coins be valid to purchase product and services on OVIDGLOBAL.io

March 11, 2020

ByCoi to become Unica Coin!

As previously announced some changes have had to be made. These are due to several illegal actions performed by eComelize management and their partner OneDealer AS in Norway.

Among many other actions, e.g. selling and giveaways of BYC made the coin toxic. When doing an independent research of the IT system one found out that this was poorly designed and built. BCB Exchange has, for example, never worked properly, nor has the Ovid platform.
Jan-Eric Nyman was responsible as he had the assignment to build the IT system for these companies.

All platforms are more or less shut down due to legal and regulatory advice and licenses withdrawn by Duncan. This means eComelize cannot cointinue their business.

As for ByCoi this means a new coin with new name and new blockchain must be introduced. No existing customers will be affected in a negative way and will not suffer any detriment. Further details to be announced shortly.

Duncan Arthur never wanted to have anything to do with MLM. This means the new start-up will be a trading and e-commerce platform as initially planned.

eComelize was a customer of Dantir Dilela, a company owned solely by Duncan Arthur. When management of eComelize hijacked all IT system, domains, trademarks and even tried a coup d'etat to oust Duncan out of his own company, Duncan realised he could never trust these scoundrels again.

Their actions were an attempt to make all customers suffer. eComelize even tried to force everyone recently to buy their expensive packages in order to get access to their BYC Which everybody actually received for free by Duncan Arthur.

The issue here is that ByCoi practically is wortless (toxic) today! Therefore no one needs to buy these packages of course.

Duncan Arthur's solution to what has happened is to actually a new coin with a new name and blockchain in order to rescue all. All existing customers of ByCoi will be taken care of and will suffer no detriment.

Duncan has told me that anyone who had had KYC done for ByCoi will not need to do this again.
As a result of my involvement since summer last year I am now part of a media group. More info about all roles and what is going on will be delivered shortly.

Thanks for your patience!


March 10, 2020

Changes of names!

Significant shanges of names. 

Changes of names

March 3, 2020



Konstantin Ignatov (KI) had ordered Mr. Duncan Arthur (DA) to produce a new e-commerce platform, as he found the existing Dealshaker (he thought) was of very poor quality and was not reliable.

OneLife had contracted Jan-Eric Nyman (JEN) to work on the New Dealshaker and DA to manage it. KI had a very good relationship with DA, which of-course upset certain staff in OLN office in Sofia and some leaders.

KI was not happy with the development of OLN and all the power struggle among the leaders. KI was of the same perception as his sister Ruja, that OLN was a necessary evil.
KI then ordered DA to change the name of New Dealshaker to OVID® and keep the trademark private, develop it outside OLN and with no funds from OC/OLN.

KI had planned on the 12th of March to inform the staff and members that he is selling the Network, closing the Forex project and have the Sofia being run under OVID® management. KI wanted to give all OLN members, to at least get, their invested money back. KI believed OC would never survive.

KI and DA were arrested in USA on the 6th of March and KI was accused of wire fraud conspiracy. DA was released after long interrogations and could went back.

Why they were arrested is questionable, but many suspect a conspiracy by some power-hungry leaders and office employees.

DA went direct to Sofia and wanted answers from Veselina Valkova (VV) on many questions the US authorities had put forward to him. DA was just told to leave the office and never contact again.

Quickly Simon Lee was joining VV, who later betrayed Simon and quit and as per Simon and “King”, left the company with some 30+++ million Euros together with Habib Zahid (HZ) and for security they destroyed the complete IT system, but of-course they copied everything before, to start a new life in Dubai and a new OC/OLN like company. Nice people.

DA then continued to let Jan-Eric Nyman (JEN) develop the IT system for OVID®, started a new coin, and with the recommendations of a National Bank got an exchange license.

DA’s health was not perfect, and JEN saw his chance.

He directed all funds to his own company bank account and started to change all passwords etc. DA noticed this and everything was reported to the UK Police and to the Fraud department.
Also, the exchange license was withdrawn from the BCB Exchange and an investigation has been started by Estonian authorities into fraudulent trading activities.

Interesting to notice is that after DA had some IT specialist looking into the existing IT platforms, he was informed that the BCB exchange was an OTC exchange (over the counter) and completely manipulated to keep the price balanced. The Ovid® e-commerce platform does not work and is of very amateurish quality. A lot was just copied from SiteTalk (which was built by JEN) and OneCoin. It was estimated that the price tag was far below 100.000 Euro, so where did the other hundreds of thousands of Euro go???? ONLY Jan-Eric Nyman knows!

(Text stumbled upon)

March 1, 2020

BehindMLM: eComelize is a simple pyramid scheme!

eComelize Review: Former OneCoin dev goes rogue

"Jan-Eric Nyman’s MLM roots date back to the Unaico SiteTalk pyramid scheme."

"In a video recorded February 22nd, Arthur identifies himself as the “creator, owner and sole shareholder of the OVID® brand “and just about every company behind it”."

"[1:04] The staff I worked with, and we’ve had a very close relationship, have come to be very close together. We launched a special-purpose vehicle, in fact two of them, in order to try and raise some capital to develop the platform. Two things happened; The first is that the platform has not been developed. Whatever happened to the money, I don’t know. The second is that it was missold by two Norwegians, from OneDealer in Norway, who were acting without authority. I had to separate from that. I cannot be associated with it."

"Arthur goes on to claim his companies are being cloned. He doesn’t name Nyman in the video, but three weeks ago did serve him with an intellectual property theft cease and desist:"

"Putting two and two together, it seems Nyman has gone rogue and is or intends to launch eComelize on Arthur’s Bycoi platform."

"eComelize has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market eComelize affiliate membership itself."

"Although eComelize’s affiliate memberships are bundled with “store vouchers”, they don’t have anything to do with the compensation plan."

"100% of commissions eComelize pays out are tied to recruitment, making the company a pyramid scheme."

"It’s hardly a stable foundation to build an MLM company off of. And that’s on top of the usual pyramid caveats."

"Failing which, eComelize is a simple pyramid scheme that will collapse when recruitment inevitably implodes."

February 2020

February 27, 2020

[Live] Duncan Arthur speaking of the coup of ByCoi!

Duncan Arthur, recorded on 22 February 2020, speaking of the hijacking of his companies, domains, trademarks (brands), IT-system, platforms (OVID® and ByCoi) and his name by management of eComelize in early 2020.

Signals were coming late last year that things was not as it should be, and an investigation was started. Very soon this lead to a a number of Cease and Desist Orders against Jan-Eric Nyman, owner of eComelize and a customer of ByCoi.

Jan-Eric Nyman refused and instead, with his eComelize partners now involved in the attempted coup, OneDealer Norway, tried to take over Duncan's company by force. They fraudulently entered the UK Companies House website and illegally falsified official corporate documentation of BCB CoinStrike Limited, including changing the registered sharholders.

When this didn't work out the players simply started a new company, BCB Coinstrike Holding Ltd, illegally passing off the original company and attempted to force Duncan out.

It gets even worse. During the investigation, Duncan found out that the setup of a vehicle, to raise money for developing the system, was abused by the management of eComelize. The management of eComelize completely abused Duncan's trust and instead of selling shares in a special purpose vehicle set up for this reason (private equity), in a proper way, sold ByCoi as a security. This is a serious criminal offence.

Duncan Arthur also talks about how disappointed he is when supposed close friends and even his cousin used and abused him. He is commencing legal proceedings against all of the perpetrators.

More to follow...

February 26, 2020

eComelize recruits Norwegians to the scheme!

Among many illegal things found out during an investigation is - fraud.

The owner of eComelize, Jan-Eric Nyman, now presents new names that previosly joined ByCoi and now are part of the scheme, eComelize.

Don't trust any of these people!

eComelize has no rights whatsoever! All platforms, domains, brands, IT-systems and ByCoi are owned by Duncan Arthur (100%). Duncan recently sent a 'cease and desist' letter to Jan-Eric Nyman. Back off or you will be sued, Duncan states!

February 20, 2020

eComelize forces ByCoi customers to buy expensive packages!

eComelize management recently hijacked Duncan Arthur's business and especially his crypto coin ByCoi, BCB Exchange and Ovid.ie® platform.

Now eComelize managment has decided that all existing customers (members) in ByCoi must buy expensive eComelize packages. Otherwise, they state, members no longer can access their already rightfully owned ByCoi from mirroring. 


NB! eComelize is not the rightful owner of ByCoi (management created a fake company similar to the original one, said a coup). This lead recently to several POLICE reports and several reports to authorities in several countries.

This means, everyone can simply ignore eComelize announcement. 

Duncan Arthur is now working on taking back the control! Don't do anything at the moment. All emails and announcements sent out from BCB Coinstrike, Ovid.ie® (or Ovid®.store), ByCoi.io or eComelize is considered FAKE NEWS since Duncan Arthur has no control over his platforms, social media or emails at the moment.

February 18, 2020

Victim Support (VS) in UK supports Duncan Arthur!

Victim Support (VS) in UK supports Duncan Arthur against those who tried to change the registration of shareholders buy misuse of his login (at Companies House in UK).

Duncan Arthur says when asking of this: -"...authorisation code they had no right to use and lodged a document they have no right to lodge. They changed the code when I queried and suddenly the cloned BCB appears".

This is a CRIMINAL ACTION and against the law!

February 17, 2020

New Facebook pages - Ovid.ie Global and ByCoi.io Global

Trident Siam International Co. Limited in Thailand (TSI) has entered into a long-term agreement with Duncan Arthur, the legitimate owner of OVID.ie®, BCB Exchange, ByCoi (BYC) and Shopzky.

This agreement stipulates that TSI manages and operates all ASIAN countries with local sub agents. This is not an MLM operation but a straightforward sales organization. The objective is to expand the merchant base in OVID.ie® and promote the coin and the exchange.

In addition, TSI will establish a support organization in many local languages for merchants and customers.

Several Independent IT specialists have been engaged to check the existing IT platforms and all of them have advised that the quality is far from adequate and recommend that Duncan upgrades it and this is being done now as quickly as possible. This will include several new programs to be installed.

We regret that there has been severe interference by the management of eComelize company, a customer of Ovid.ie®. These illegal interferences have been reported to different European authorities including the UK Police Fraud department. All these matters are being handled by and expert team of lawyers.

Due to these circumstances Duncan has established new Facebook pages called Ovid.ie Global and ByCoi.io Global. These pages will be the official pages with information from Duncan.

Please disregard any information that appears on, for example, the original ByCoi.io Facebook page, and emails from eComelize or a new company set up very recently, called BCB Coinstrike Holding Limited, which has nothing to do with Duncan or members of his team.

In agreement with Duncan these pages will be until further notice administrated by TSI.



February 15, 2020

eComelize management team reported to the Police!

The sole owner of ByCoi, Ovid.ie®, BCB Coinstrike, BCB Exchange and cryptocurrency ByCoi, Duncan Arthur, is now working on getting his platforms, domains and brands back. Hijacking a business from someone is of very, very serious matter. Now the managment team of eComelize has been reported to the Police. Several reports actually. Several reports to the respected authorites in several countries has been made too. eComelize is a customer of ByCoi.

Bycoi.io and Ovid.ie (Facebook) are not to be considered official pages since offical pages are hijacked by the eComelize management team!

February 13, 2020

Trademark of OVID.ie!

Trademark No. 261297 (Act 1996)
Proof that Duncan Arthur owns the trademark OVID.ie®, under act 1996, in the name of Dantir Dilela Limited (Ireland), through a registered certificate and under number 261297. A list of products and services (with several classes), to which the registration is related to, is appended the certificate. The publication of the registration will appear in the journal, number 2406, dated March 4, 2020.

February 12, 2020

ByCoi couped - players behind reported to the authorities!

In 2019, an investigation was started against a customer of ByCoi (eComelize) and its partner (OneDealer in Norway). The issues are illegal violations as well as unregulated debts. The actors behind have now hijacked all official pages including social media. Now Duncan Arthur, sole owner of ByCoi, reacts.

The information now coming from the players is not official. Only trust information that comes directly from Duncan Arthur (email) or channels designated by him. CoinCorner.se is one such channel. Also, only follow this group for the time being.

Do not contact support on any "official" website. or related pages / groups on social media. These too are cut. This applies primarily to ByCoi, BCB Exchange and OVID.ie®. Ignore all "official" web pages until further notice as well as other linked or affiliate pages including social media.

The management team of eComelize has been reported to the police. Several authorities in different countries are also informed.

10. Fake news sent out in email (file 1 and file 2) and looks like it comes from ByCoi (Feb 12) Not ok
9. New registered company (Feb 7). This company has been reported to the authorities (Feb 9) Not ok
8. The sole owner of ByCoi is Duncan Arthur. You can find his registered company here Ok
7. Pressrelease from Duncan Arthur (Feb 8) Ok
6. FALSE information email sent to customers - looks like it's coming from ByCoi (Feb 8) Not ok
5. Report has been made to actionfraud.police.uk - case NFRC200203473562 (Feb 7) Ok
4. ByCoi.io page on Facebook has ben hijacked - STOP FOLLOWING! (Feb 6) Not ok
3. Confirmation statement made with updates is FALSE information! (Feb 6) Not ok
2. Pressrelease from Duncan Arthur about ByCoi (5 feb) Ok
1. Cease and Desist from Duncan Arthur against Jan-Eric Nyman (Feb 5) Ok

Duncan Arthur is the sole owner of Dantir Dilela (DD), BCB Coinstrike, OVID.ie® and ByCoi. He also holds the license for the Exchange and will report any anomalies as would be expected. Jan-Eric Nyman and his eComelize business is currently a client to DD. Jan-Eric Nyman has an assignment to develop the IT infrastructure for DD and its group of companies. DD has confirmed that it has no involvement in the eComelize business whatsoever. OneDealer in Norway has a business relationship with eComelize. Jan-Eric Nyman recently received a cease and desist note. 

CoinCorner.se stops all promoting of eComelize and its partner, OneDealer i Norway. The issues concerns both illegal violations as well as unregulated debts. The people behind the coup has been reported to the Police in several cases. Also several authorities in several countries has been informed.

November 2019

November 20, 2019

Issue with transfer to be solved!

There has been an issue with transferring from BYC to BCB Exchange wallets and this is now working. We are still working on the top up by credit card problem and it will be fixed early next week.

November 19, 2019

A little update from us..!

We would like to remind you that our dedicated commitment to this project is boundless and that we are working night and day to deliver the great platforms and solutions everybody invested in this project deserves!

We know that we are behind with some of the elements but this is mainly due to the fact that when we launch a part of the project we want to deliver technology and products that actually work and add genuine value to everyone.

We also appreciate that information is important and we do try to update you whenever we can. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible because we are so busy that giving progress reports is not always possible. Please understand that we are a small team tackling a truly massive task and our efforts are best spent addressing the endless challenges that constantly come up as we move closer to fully launching the platforms.

We are also constantly being attacked for being another ‘scam’ and quite frankly this hurts. Please take note of what we have delivered to date and what we promise to deliver in the near future. All we ask is that you try and be patient with us and that you continue to believe in this project as much as we do.

It is in all out interests to get this live and profitable and we would like to thank you for the support you have shown so far. We really hope that we can convince you to be with us for the rest of the journey.

Best regards,
The Dantir Dilela Team

November 11, 2019

OVID.ie is live on Facebook!


In the OVID.ie® BETA version you will be able to perform all functions on the website, including configuring your store account. As a merchant it is important to follow the process of what we announced back in June to be able to get redeem your sales revenues from previous sales that has been taken place.

Please be aware that as this is the BETA launch, users may encounter glitches or errors in the OVID.ie® platform. Please make us aware of any problems you encounter by sending a brief description to support@ovid.freshdesk.com and we will address these issues as a matter of urgency.

If you have an old account we suggest that you start by resetting your password here: https://ovid.ie/user/auth/forgot

The process is as follows:

Merchants who have completed transactions for a cash amount will be able to redeem their money by following the steps below. Only transactions made via the PayPal and Stripe gateways will be eligible and we cannot accept payments made using OneCoin as we do not recognise it as a legitimate currency. Furthermore, claims that merchants or customers have made against funds paid directly by PayPal or Stripe cannot be claimed through us but through the organisations themselves.

1. Sign in to OVID.ie® using your email and password.
2. Go to your Store dashboard and check-up the orders that have been made with fiat currency.
3. Fill out this form: https://www.dropbox.com/s/…/ovid-merchant-transactions.xlsx… and submit it to support@ovid.freshdesk.com
4. Request your cash payment in OVID.ie® using the payment options provided.

To ensure that all the transactions are legal it is a requirement that the recipients (buyer) of the goods or services of the transactions being processed are registered with OVID.ie®. Additionally, the buyers need to have a ByCoi wallet for all said orders to be recognized. Our compliance team will check these details before releasing any fiat payments to merchants.

OVID.ie® will also honour the payments of all the crypto transactions to merchants (store owners) that were concluded on the previous platform. Merchants who have successfully connected to the ByCoi wallet need to submit a ticket to support@ovid.freshdesk.com with a detailed description of these crypto and fiat transactions and they will be honoured. You are only allowed to use this form when submitting these claims: https://www.dropbox.com/s/…/ovid-merchant-transactions.xlsx

To start shopping on OVID.ie® you have to activate your merchant account by selecting what store package you want to go with. There are no restrictions of limits in BYC or BTC purchases on the OVID.ie® platform as it is when trading directly on the Exchange.

Here is a summary of the new store packages and their benefits.

Free Stores
Limited to 5 products displayed and can only accept payment in fiat currency (EUR). The sales commissions are 20%. All orders are mandatory to have delivery proof before any revenue is released.

Basic Stores
Limited to 25 products displayed and can accept payment in fiat currency (EUR) and BYC cryptocurrency. The sales commissions are 10%. All orders are mandatory to have delivery proof before any revenue is released.

Advanced Stores
Unlimited products displayed and can accept payment in fiat currency (EUR), BYC and BTC cryptocurrency. Your store will also be sponsored and featured with higher visibility. The sales commissions are 5%. All orders are mandatory to have delivery proof before any revenue is released.

KYCs are being approved in a rapid pace now. To see if your KYC has been approved or if you need to update your information you need to login to your BCB Exchange account and look in the notification popup on your screen. Unfortunately, many people are still submitting copies of proof of address or documents that are unclear/not translatable in other languages then English. We cannot accept these documents.

When your KYC is approved you can top-up your account with EUR to purchase BYC or BTC and transfer BYC from your personal BYC wallet or transfer BTC from any of your BTC wallets you might hold.

Welcome OVID.ie®!

November 10, 2019

OVID.ie is live on Facebook!


October 2019

October 25, 2019

Update for friends, partners, followers..!


There are people who believe in what we are doing and there are those who want to see us fail.
There are also people who look to exploit others with every opportunity they get. We are not these people.

We know we have missed dates and we have got to the point where we are going to STOP APOLOGISING. This project is HUGE, so much bigger and so much more complex that we ever anticipated and if it weren’t for the fact that we have made promises, we would step back and take our time. The fact is that we are working around the clock because we made those promises and we ARE DELIVERING even if it is a little slower than we, and you, would prefer.

Recently a troll called us ‘arrogant’ to which we responded that we are ‘confident’. WE ARE confident in our ability to deliver and bring this vision to life.

To all our critics, answer us this...

- Have we not delivered a truly legitimate utility cryptocurrency?
- Is ByCoi not already trading on a licensed exchange with a current value of 0.6€?
- Is it not worth making sure that things work properly regardless of the small delays?
- Is the delay not insignificant when compared to the promises some OTHER organisations have made?

With regards to the KYC on the exchange we ARE working through them and while many of you will already have received ‘passed’ notifications, some of you will have received ‘KYC denied’ messages due to the quality of documents that have been submitted. We have had a person submit a dry-cleaning receipt to prove their identity!!! There is only so much help we can give, and our support team is answering tickets every hour of every day. The irony is that many of the people taking up the most of support’s time are those that don’t even have a ByCoi wallet or can’t be bothered to read the extensive amount of information we have already published.

With regards to those people exploiting any given situation, we would officially like to distance ourselves from any and all untoward behaviour. Please read the following statement carefully.

Concerning reports have been made with regards to potentially suspicious activity on the ByCoi blockchain. As a direct consequence of this, the ability to transfer ByCoi balances between Wallets has now been suspended. Going forward, all ByCoi transfers should now be made through the BCB Exchange where legal and regulatory policies will ensure that any suspicious activity or flagged individuals will immediately be curtailed.

Once again, we despise this type of activity and we prefer to engage with those of you who have invested in, and believe in this project, because IT IS YOUR PROJECT TOO. It is our responsibility to work as hard as we can to make this a success and while we know that many ByCoi wallet holders want to cash out immediately, which we completely understand, we would encourage those people to BELIEVE.

OVID.ie® is almost ready and it is a GAME-CHANGER. Organisations and powerful individuals from across the world want to work with us to make this more successful than we ever could have dreamed possible!

Our future looks amazing.

To the trolls… you might as well have your say now but be prepared to eat your words… AGAIN!

October 22, 2019

BCB Exchange KYC update!

We appreciate that the delay in approving the KYCs for the exchange is causing frustration but as we have already said we are working through the backlog and approving individuals on a case by case basis. We have over 2,000 registrations on the BCB exchange and approval requires PEP/AML and manual identification checks. The process is getting more streamlined but it still takes time and we appreciate your patience.

With regards to support tickets PLEASE TAKE NOTE. The level of abuse some people are directing at us is misplaced and it will not be tolerated. Tickets containing obscene language or threats WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. If you are angry at OneLife go and shout at them as we are not associated with that organisation in any way. The FREE BYC offer has expired but tickets raised before the deadline will be honoured.

More updates to follow.

October 18, 2019

BCB Exchange KYC update!

For those of you who have registered on the exchange please be patient and as we are currently checking and approving accounts as quickly as possible. There are literally thousands of new and existing registrations and we anticipate to have cleared the backlog next Friday.

Should any further issues arise we will post an update here as soon as possible.

BYC currently has a value of 0.575€ and we are all incredibly excited, so thank you for helping make this project possible.

October 18, 2019

BCB Exchange up 8,26%!

We are passing 350 orders and BYC is up 8.26% the past 18 hours of live trading. Trading volume is slowly getting up. We are expecting this to grow gradually as more people get approved for trading. Thank you everyone for your continued support and understanding.

Oktober 17, 2019

BCB Exchange just passed 100 orders!

And we have just passed 100 orders placed on site in the first 1 hour of trading. BYC valued now at 0.5425€. Pretty exciting stuff here. Thank you for getting onboard with us.

October 17, 2019

BCB Exchange starts at 0,53€!

And the value has been set by the market at 0.53€ for first trading. Orders are slowly building up on our exchange and we are extremely proud to announce that we are LIVE on https://bcbexchange.com.

October 14, 2019

BCB Exchange launches this week!


As of 18:00 CET on Thursday 17th October 2019, registered and KYC/AML approved members of BCB Exchange will be able buy, sell and exchange their ByCoi with Bitcoin and fiat currencies. Additionally, OVID.ie® will also hopefully be soft launching for pre-registration later this week.

How is that for good news?

We can only apologise for the delays in getting the exchange ready for trading and we are humbled by the trust, support and patience that very many of you have shown us over the last few months.

When this project started, we truly believed that we would be able to hit every deadline we set ourselves, however, as with any venture, unforeseen challenges have forced our timelines to slip several times and for that we can only apologise.

Due to us launching a number of products in a very short space of time we have attracted the attention of digital threats and malicious forces with the sole purpose of harming our vision. With our BCB Exchange in particular, our security has had to be enhanced significantly but you can be reassured that we remain secure and that we have yours and our best interests at heart. We are positive that you would agree that launching without being completely secure would have been incredibly irresponsible and damaging for all of us.

We understand why some people are sceptical, however, this is a positive project with incredible potential for everybody and we prefer to focus on the thousands of you who support and believe in what we have already delivered.

Thank you!

October 10, 2019

BCB Exchange update!

Thousands of people have now registered on our exchange and we understand that most of you want to start trading immediately. We want to reassure you that we are are working as hard as we can to make this happen as quickly as possible.

We would like to make you aware that the delay in trading is actually to your benefit and that the BCB Exchange on-boarding process is being managed to ensure that once trading starts, you and everybody else will be trading from the same position.

We will let you know as soon as trading starts and, as always, we appreciate your patience.

October 08, 2019

Donation to Donum Limited to support victims!

We are excited to announce that BCB Coinstrike Limited and Bycoi.io, have donated a large amount of BYC to Donum Limited (“Donum”), an organisation set up by Dantir Dilela Limited to support victims of cryptocurrency scams.

Donum is tackling this problem head-on and is in the process of setting up the dynamics of what and how the process of dealing with the thousands of victims will be streamlined.

Donum aims to assist as many victims as possible who satisfy set criteria to be defined by Donum. Victims will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

More information regarding this will follow over the next few weeks and our intention is to have this setup by the end of October.

October 04, 2019

Free BYC ends tonight!

The offer to get your FREE BYC is closing TODAY, Friday 4th of October 2019, at 24:00 CET (European Central Time). After this deadline the menu will not have FREE BYC and the dynamics will change for all that feel they are entitled to receive FREE BYC.

The reason for this is that we want trading to start on our exchange and in order for this to happen we need to clear the hundreds of FREE BYC support tickets on our system. Once BYC has a value dictated by the market, resolving these existing tickets will not be possible.

Next week everybody that holds merchant and store accounts on OVID.ie® will be able to register and start connecting their accounts in OVID.ie® with their BYC wallet. Any balances earned on OVID.ie® will then be able to be transferred using a new function in your BYC wallet. Information about this process will be published next week.

October 01, 2019

Problems with registering!

We have received reports of a minority of people who are experiencing problems registering with https://bcbexchange.com

Please be assured that we are working to rectify these issues and should you have any queries, please raise a ticket with support@bcbexchange.freshdesk.com.

Furthermore, solutions to general questions regarding trading on BCB Exchange as well as documentation and policies can be found at https://bcbexchange.freshdesk.com/support/home.

September 2019

September 30, 2019


We have received some feedback that the Launch update was hard to read so please find the updated release (or in Swedish).

September 30, 2019

Exchange is going live!

Our exchange is going live today and we want to share some of the dynamics and other important information with you all. In English and in Swedish.

September 29, 2019

Tomorrow is all about exchange!

Tomorrow is all about the Exchange and during the course of the day we will post an overview of the launch dynamic as well as it’s on-boarding process.

The platform will soft launch as a BETA version to allow for ByCoi wallet holders to complete the on-boarding process which is as you know is regulated by AML, CTF and KYC protocols in compliance with EU and Estonian regulations. Please be aware that registration is a time consuming process and on-boarding the thousands of ByCoi wallet holders will take a few days. Trading activities will only commence once the bulk of people have successfully registered onto the platform as this way nobody is advantaged or disadvantaged when it comes to trading.

The good news is that due to the BETA soft launch and the additional days lost to registration we have decided to give a final extension to the FREE ByCoi offer. There has been such a significant demand since last Wednesday that is seemed only fair to grant this opportunity to those who are late to the party.

Be warned though, this is the FINAL extension.

Further good news is that OVID.ie® will also be soft launching in the next few days!

This week is already awesome.
Welcome to the fulfilment of a promise!

September 29, 2019

130 500 transactions completed!

We would all like to say a very big thank you to all of our ByCoi followers and supporters. Since launch, we now have over 4,000 registered wallet holders and over 130,550 transactions showing on our public blockchain. We are really gathering momentum now and have a very exciting week ahead. Thank you to everyone!

September 26, 2019

400 support tickets open!

We currently have around 400 support tickets open and every single one will receive the personal attention it deserves. If we haven't resolved or responded to your ticket yet, we apologise and we appreciate your patience. We will will respond soon, that is a promise.

September 26, 2019

Almost 120 000 transactions completed!

To all of you who have joined us so far. Thank you!
Since we launched we have had over 2,750 support tickets raised and with 85% of them successfully resolved to date. We have also had over 3,600 completed wallet registrations and almost 120,000 transactions on our blockchain! Monday is the next big date so put it in your diaries.

September 25, 2019

Today is deadline!

We hate to bring it up, but today is deadline day for FREE BYC.

September 24, 2019

Less than 48 hours!

There are now less than 48hrs to claim FREE BYC.

September 23, 2019

Only 3 more days!

Only 3 more days to claim FREE BYC so please spread the word.

September 21, 2019

Get your BYC today!

We have now allocated 1,360,925,791.69 BYC in our block chain and its picking up really fast. Get your BYC today!

September 20, 2019

Friday is a good day!

We have just surpassed 100,000 transactions and 3,000 completed signups will be reached very, very soon. https://explorer.bycoi.io/
Remember that our FREE BYC offer is ending this coming Wednesday!

September 19, 2019


You now have only 6 full days left to claim your FREE BYC

Our FREE BYC offer ends at midnight (BST) on Wednesday the 25th of September 2019. If you have not completed your BYCOI wallet registration by this date you will unfortunately no longer be entitled to mirror your OneCoin balance for free. Registration is easy, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itMhNwtOy78

People who are registered BYCOI wallet holders prior to this deadline will still have their support tickets resolved under the FREE BYC conditions currently in place.

Register at https://wallet.bycoi.io/registration (campaign ended 4/10)

September 16, 2019

Amazing news!

BCB Exchange will launch on Monday the 30th of September 2019

Going on an exchange in the crypto space is the biggest opportunity to prove legitimacy. We know you know this and we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our BCB Exchange. Yes, it has taken longer than even we expected and yes, we apologise for the delay, however, we won’t apologise for taking the time to ensure that our exchange is exactly what we as professionals, and you as our customers, expect and deserve.

The exchange is fully compliant with all the AML and PEP protocols, while also being very competitive, credible and most importantly legitimate. ByCoi is now tradeable and will have a value set by the global community!

It has been an incredible 6 months, and it amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to delivering on a promise. It is not particularly hard to do if you know what you doing, are prepared to work hard and are ultimately manifesting something for the benefit of others.

Congratulations for choosing us as your crypto partner.

Best regards,
Duncan Malcolm Arthur

September 14, 2019

Duncan Arthur answers your questions!

With so much misinformation circulating, Duncan Arthur would like to address some of the questions, threats and accusations he faces on a daily basis, head on. These answers are now on record and he stands by them. He welcomes all constructive and challenging critique. In English and in Swedish.

September 12, 2019

Thank you!

We just wanted to say another 'THANK YOU' to YOU the ByCoi community because today we passed 2,500 completed registrations. Momentum is on our side and we are currently getting over 80 signups a day! Remember, if you have any questions please email us at support@bycoi.freshdesk.com.

September 09, 2019

ByCoi delivers!

Dear customers,

We would like to reassure all of you that we are fully compliant with all laws and regulations (whether contractual or otherwise) in relation to our use of your personal data. In particular, any of your personal data that we hold is maintained under strict confidentiality and is currently held on a secure database under conditions compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations.

We also adhere to our Privacy Policy which can be found at https://bycoi.io/privacy.html. For the avoidance of doubt we absolutely confirm that we do not share any of your information with OneLife or the Corporate office in Sofia supporting them. Above all we do not ever tell the Corporate Office in Sofia that you have matched your OheCoin balance with ByCoi , and will never divulge this information which we keep strictly confidential.

Gary Gilford
Chief Legal Officer - Dantir Dilela Limited

September 06, 2019

ByCoi delivers!

The first paragraph expresses what we are about perfectly. Have a great weekend!


September 04, 2019

70 000 transactions completed!

We are gaining momentum! Today we reached 2,000 completed ByCoi registrations and nearly 70,000 transactions. See for yourself, visit https://explorer.bycoi.io/ where you can see the ByCoi blockchain in action.

August 2019

August 22, 2019

Important launch update!

Please read this update for important launch information. File 1 and file 2.

August 14, 2019

40 000 transactions completed!

Today has been a good day! We now have over 1,000 completed ByCoi registrations and over 40,000 transactions. Thank you to everybody who has embarked on this journey with us. https://explorer.bycoi.io.

August 06, 2019

Ten international companies that are changing the industry from the root!


August 06, 2019

Top 10 innovative technichal companies in 2019!


August 01, 2019

22 000 real blockchain transactions!

Number 4 in a list of 10 disruptive technology companies to watch In 2019 according to Forbes! We are very excited. https://www.forbes.com/…/10-disruptive-technology-compani…/….

August 01, 2019

New video how to register!

New video of how to register. The process has been simplified. https://youtu.be/itMhNwtOy78.

July 2019

July 30, 2019

22 000 real blockchain transactions!

We passed 22.000 real blockchain transactions. It is exciting times ahead. Make sure you signup to the newsletters on the Exchange https://bcbexchange.com where we have a license to trade BYC, BIT and ETH to the public.

July 24, 2019

Dantir Dilela update!

To say that we have been busy would be lying. It has been insane! Everything we have built and aspire to bring to market has been born out of the necessity to deliver a complete solution that brings the benefits of cryptocurrencies and free trade to a global market ready for change.

In only 4 months we have delivered:
• A legitimate, opensource cryptocurrency which can be found at ByCoi.io
• An EU based licensed exchange
• A crypto and fiat enabled e-commerce platform
• A cashback platform to further empower merchants
• An affiliate network with global reach and influence

As you can see we have a lot to shout about but below are just a few of the topics that we really feel need to be addressed.

Another massive global boost for ByCoi and OVID.ie®.

Following yesterday’s live announcement by Moniar and Asad, we would love to officially welcome their new collaborative entity ’ForeverPartners’ and their teams from across the world to this incredible journey that we have all embarked on. ForeverPartners is jointly operated by MMZ Global Limited and Clubone Limited.

In quick succession we have entered into arrangements with three incredibly powerful and influential affiliate partners. Between them we now have communities in the UK, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Congo & DR Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius, Romania, Norway, Iceland, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Greece. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Belgium, Portugal, South Africa and North / South Cyprus. That is nearly 40 countries in 3 continents and this is just the start!

We are really looking forward to working with these teams with the now very realistic vision of making cryptocurrencies the everyday ‘money’ of the future.

YES! We have a licensed exchange already!

Earlier this week we were thrilled to announce that our official exchange platform BCBEXCHANGE.com has been granted licenses;
FVR000978 https://mtr.mkm.ee/taotluse_tulemus/515313  
FRK000868 https://mtr.mkm.ee/taotluse_tulemus/515316
and in Estonia where EU regulations and qualifying criteria for cryptocurrency exchanges have become incredibly strict in recent months. These licenses were also granted in record time with Duncan’s credentials being vetted and endorsed by senior international bodies and he wasn’t even required to attend a personal interview which is unheard of!

What this means for holders of ByCoi is that CRYPTO USABILTY IS TRULY BECOMING A REALITY!

NewDealShaker merchants can redeem their money on OVID.ie®

Questions have been asked as to how merchants can access the fiat in their merchant accounts once NewDealShaker evolves into OVID.ie® and the steps below highlight the process that needs to be followed. Should you have any questions please contact our support desk at support@ovid.freshdesk.com.

How it works:
Merchants who have completed transactions for a cash amount will be able to redeem their money by following the steps below. Only transactions made via the PayPal and Stripe gateways will be eligible and we cannot accept OneCoin cash payments because we do not recognise it as a legitimate payment. Furthermore, claims that merchants or customers have made against funds paid directly by PayPal or Stripe cannot be claimed through us but through the organisations themselves.

Please follow these steps:
1. Sign in to OVID.ie® using your old merchant credentials.
2. Connect your Merchant account to your ByCoi wallet and blockchain.
3. Request your cash payment in OVID.ie® using the payment options provided.

To ensure that all the transactions are legal it is a requirement that the recipients of the goods or services of the transactions being processed are registered with OVID.ie®. Additionally the buyers need to have a ByCoi wallet and blockchain for all said orders to be completed. Our compliance team will check these details before releasing any fiat payments to merchants.

OVID.ie® will honour the payments of all the crypto transactions to merchants (store owners) that were concluded on the previous platform. Merchants who have successfully connected to the ByCoi wallet and blockchain can also synchronise their balances into BYC by using the ‘Sync OVID® Merchant’ option on the dashboard. All sync functions in ByCoi check our database to validate OneLife balances and merchant transactions to date. Simply insert your username and the email address used for the specific account and you will receive an email with a link that you need to click to verify your email account. Once the link is clicked the ByCoi blockchain will “mine” the transaction to the ledger and allocate it to your the ByCoi wallet associated with the account.

New Dealshaker is relaunching as OVID.ie® – the e-commerce home of ByCoi

The NewDealShaker will temporarily be disabled before it becomes OVID.ie®, the e-commerce home of ByCoi. We apologise for the inconvenience but there are a couple of things we need to do before we launch the new OVID.ie® platform which require us to turn the website off.

If you are an existing New Dealshaker merchant, you need not worry, as all your data and deals remain intact and will be transferred to the new platform. You will need a ByCoi wallet however so visit https://wallet.bycoi.io/registration and we will match your existing OneCoin coin balance in our ByCoi coin for FREE*. The process is anonymous so your OneCoin balance will remain unaffected.

For new merchants we offer the opportunity to pre-register here

*€30 KYC and registration fee applies

FIXED: ByCoi registration payment issues in India and Sri Lanka

Some people encountered issues when trying to pay the ByCoi registration and KYC in India and Sri Lanka and we are very pleased to be able to tell you that these issues are now resolved. Please read the statement below.

3D Secure (3DS) has just been deployed by ByCoi.io to validate some registration card payments. Activation of 3DS during the payment process is dependent on the security levels of individual cards with the levels, ‘required’, ‘supported’ or ‘not supported’ determining whether 3DS is needed or not. Users of ‘required’ cards will be redirected to a 3DS page with their issuing bank where the transaction will be verified and completed.

ByCoi registration and KYC process explained process

We are in the process of streamlining the ByCoi registration and KYC process on ByCoi.io. However, in the interim, we thought it would be good if we could give a simple step by step overview of the process.

To set up your ByCoi wallet and pay your registration and KYC fee:

Register on ByCoi.io
Step 1: Visit https://wallet.bycoi.io/registration (campaign ended 4/10)

Create your wallet
Step 1: Enter a valid email address
Step 2: Enter a username
Step 3: Create a password
• NB: Your password that must be 8 characters long with at least one capital letter and at least one number
Step 4: Click ’NEXT’
• An e-mail will be sent to the email address you entered
• Check your SPAM folder if the email doesn’t arrive in your INBOX

Login to you account
Step 1: Click the link in the email from bycoi.io to verify your email address
Step 2: Once the link is clicked successfully a green box will indicate that your email has been confirmed
Step 3: Enter your email address and your password
Step 4: Click ’NEXT’ login to enter your phone number

Phone verification
Step 1: Select your county telephone code
Step 2: Enter mobile number without the ‘0’ at the start
Step 3: Check the number is correct and press ‘REQUEST CODE’
Step 4: Enter the 4-digit code and click ’NEXT’

Personal information
Step 1: Enter your personal information
Step 2: If you are part of an Affiliate group please name them in ‘Company name’ followed by the registration code you were given by the affiliate
Step 3: Click ’NEXT’ to confirm your details

Payment details
Step 1: Enter your payment card information
Step 2: Check the box to agree to the terms
• NB: Please note that if you fail to complete your ID verification you will be charged an additional €5 per attempt
• Contact support@bycoi.freshdesk.com and raise a ticket to assist you should you unsuccessfully KYC after 3 attempts
Step 3: Click ’PAY’ to confirm the transaction

Step 1: Ensure that you have an identity card, drivers licence or passport to hand
Step 2: Follow the instructions and select the document you would like to use form the list
Step 3: Position the document in from of the camera so that everything is legible and click the button
Step 4: Check and approve the picture or retake the image
Step 5: Follow the instructions, position your face in the centre of the frame and click the button
Step 6: Check and approve the picture or retake the image
Step 7: Submit the picture
• NB: Do not close the window as the process can take up to 5 minutes to complete

Step 2: Copy and Download the address and key information and save them in a secure location
Step 3: Once saved click yes when promoted with regards to having saved this information

Step 1: Claim your free BYC!
Watch the step by step guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShU6LvrRWDE 

July 20, 2019

Affiliate agreement with "ForeverPartners"!

Following up on our earlier release, here is an independent mini-statement to highlight ForeverPartners faith in our product our vision and our mission…

Dantir Dilela Limited is delighted to announce that an Affiliate Agreement has been signed with ‘ForeverPartners’, a visionary collaborative business jointly operated by MMZ Global Limited and Clubone Limited.

Groundbreaking projects like ByCoi and Ovid.ie® will benefit greatly from the wealth of experience this new partner brings to the table as they also offer us access to an incredible global community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and merchants. We are very excited to have them onboard!

July 19, 2019

3D secure deployed!

3D Secure (3DS) has just been deployed by ByCoi.io to validate some registration card payments. Activation of 3DS during the payment process is dependent on the security levels of individual cards with the levels, ‘required’, ‘supported’ or ‘not supported’ determining whether 3DS is needed or not. Users of ‘required’ cards will be redirected to a 3DS page with their issuing bank where the transaction will be verified and completed.

July 13, 2019

10 000 transactions in blockchain!

Published by Gary Gilford. 13 July (Saturday morning)

Yesterday (Friday 12 July - morning) we passed 10,000 transactions in the Blockchain. Very exciting times ahead. The licensed Exchange where you will be able to trade BYC againt BIT, ETH and fiat is launching at the end of August!. Stay tuned everyone!

Juni 2019

June 25, 2019

5 000 passed transactions!

We passed 5000 transaction already in the Blockchain. Exciting times ahead. The licensed Exchange where you will be able to trade BYC againt BIT, ETH and fiat is launching in the end of July. Stay tuned folks!

June 09, 2019

Gone live!

And we have gone live. Sunday 9th of June at 11:30 CET. https://bycoi.io/index.html.

June 09, 2019

We are going live!

We are going live today and we have already got over 2.000 likes. Thank you for all your support!

June 8, 2019

Public explorer!

And here the public explorer can be found https://explorer.bycoi.io/chains.