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How it works

BYC is received, stored, and sent using software known as a 'ByCoi.io wallet'

Create account

You need to create your account. Make sure you have a valid ID in hand when proceeding and access to your email and mobile phone. A list of valid IDs.


You can use the BYC in e-commerce partner places as well as where other virtual currency is accepted. With access to your wallet it makes it just as easy as paying by credit card. Our e-commerce partners integrate their systems using our direct wallet API's.

Transfer BYC

Transferring BYC to another person is very simple, fast and cheap and can be done by everyone who has a wallet that accepts the virtual currency.

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Focus on bringing our virtual currency to over 10 million users world wide.

E-commerce platform: OVID.ie®

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Phone: +44 33 3303 4255
email support@bycoi.freshdesk.com
Helpdesk: ByCoi

BCB Exchange

email support@bcbexchange.freshdesk.com
Helpdesk: BCB Exchange

Company structure

Dantir Dilela Limited is a private company in Ireland owned soley by Duncan Arthur.
• Duncan Arthur also owns all the companies listed below (presentation).
• BCB Coinstrike is registered in the UK and operates ByCoi cryptocurrency.
• CryptoLight OÜ is the licensed (FVR000978 and FRK000868) exchange which is registered in Estonia.
• OVID.ie® and Shopzky.comTM operate as businesses.
• Duncan Arthur also owns all IT, trademarks/ brands, platforms, licenses and domains.

About ByCoi

Last year ByCoi was hijacked by management of eComelize!

All IT, members base, domains, platforms, trademarks, money and coins were stolen. The players behind eComelize even tried to coup the sole owner, Duncan Arthur, out of his own company by changing shareholders on Companies House in UK. Now the players are reported to the Police for several breaches incl fraud.

- eComelize is owned by Jan-Eric Nyman.
- OneDealer in Norway is owned by Morten Bjørge.
- Thomas Myhrvold is highly involved in the business.
- All three reported to the Police in United Kingdom (fraud dep).

Jan-Eric Nyman had an assignment to build the IT structure for Dantir Dilela and its group of companies (owned by Duncan Arthur). All IT was poorly built and therefore cannot be used.

All together this means Duncan Arthur, sole owner of ByCoi, had no choice but to launch a new coin - Unica Coin. A new exchange, OvidEx, and e-commerce platform, OvidGlobal, has launched.


Follow up on the Police report against eComelize. Read more

Report mismanagement and selling of ByCoi in English and in Swedish.

In 2019, an investigation was started against a customer of Dantir Dilela - eComelize - and its partner, OneDealer AS in Norway. The investigation concerns illegal violations as well as unregulated debts. The actors behind hijacked all IT systems, brands, domains, official sites and social media, among other things. The sole owner of Dantir Dilela and ByCoi is Duncan Arthur and he of course reacted instantly when finding out what was going on.

This means, all information from ByCoi is no longer official. Only rely on information coming directly from Duncan Arthur or channels designated by him. CoinCorner.se is one such channel. OvidGlobal.io is another one.

Follow this Facebook group for the time being. All "ByCoi" websites and affiliated pages/ groups on social media (ByCoi.io, BCB Exchange and Ovid.store) are not to be trusted since they have been hijacked.

Management of eComelize is reported to the Police (case number NFRC 200203473562) and has been reported to several authorities in several countries.

You can reach Duncan Arthur via this email.

Duncan Arthur holds the license for the BCB Exchange and will report any anomalies as would be expected. Jan-Eric Nyman and his eComelize business is a former client to Dantir Dilela (DD). Jan-Eric Nyman had an assignment to develop the IT infrastructure for DD and its group of companies. Unfortunately IT was poorly built. DD has confirmed that it has no involvement in the eComelize business whatsoever. OneDealer AS in Norway has a business relationship with eComelize. Jan-Eric Nyman received a cease and desist letter 5/2, 2020. Thomas Myhrvold received a cease and desist letter 16/4, 2020.

Depending on above mentioned, also the fact that these are reported to fraud department of FCA in UK, CoinCorner.se stops all promoting of eComelize and its partner, OneDealer A/S i Norway. 

All promoting stopped for eComelize and OneDealer AS in Norway!

CoinCorner.se does not promote the MLM company eComelize or its partner, OneDealer A/S Norway. The reason is unpaid debts and illegal, police-reported violations. ByCoi has taken this very seriously and investigated the operations. Engraving things has been found. Now the management team behind eComelize has been notified to the Police.

Several authorities are informed in several countries. Duncan Arthur has issued a 'cease and desist' to Jan-Erik Nyman, owner of eComelize. At the beginning of the year, the players behind eComelize hijacked all Bycoi IT systems, platforms, domains, websites and social media. Duncan Arthur explains the recent events surrounding ByCoi and what action he intends to take. Read more

Welcome to ByCoi!

ByCoi.io (BYC) was created as a cryptocurrency within BCB Coinstrike Limited to become a global payment token. When used in your wallet, BYC can be sent to any users with an account for a fixed transaction fee (currently 0.1% of the transaction value) which is considerably lower than the traditional bank and credit card fees. Now we have launched BCB Exchange and BYC can be bought, sold and traded via a centralised European exchange for fiat or other cryptocurrencies like BTC and soon ETH.


Our private blockchain and blocks are signed by multiple permitted validators, using an appropriate scheme to prevent non-consensual control. The software uses a technique called “smart filters” which validates the transaction based on users' consensus. Read the ByCoi.io whitepaper.

Speedy transactions

By using smart filters that define both transaction and stream filters and being written in JavaScript and running on the same version of Google's V8 JavaScript engine, it ensures transaction to propagation within 1-2 seconds.

Secure wallet

Our website is secured with an EV SSL certificate by Comodo®. Your wallet is secured by 2-factor verification using your registered email and mobile phone. We are using PBKDF2 algorithm with 1000 iterations of hashing password. We do not store private keys of wallets.

There is USD 20.000 warranty to individuals whose sole reliance is placed on the information contained in a Comodo-issued Certificate and results in a loss of money due to a fraudulent charge to your credit card. Further information.

Low transactions fees

Since there is no need for miners, where expensive computation of complex mathematical calculations take place, the fee for any completed transaction is therefore only 0.1% split between the users.

Mandatory KYC
All users must complete an ID-verification using their personal valid ID and a live 3D face biometric image captured to compare and match. All identification data is stored under ISO 30107-3 Level 1. 


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