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What is a pyramid scheme?

MLM vs pyramid and Ponzi schemes

Legitimate MLM companies sell physical productsAll commissions paid to sponsors (upline) comes solely from those sold physical products.

- Pyramid and Ponzi schemes do not sell physical products!
- Pyramid and Ponzi schemes often sell online "education" packages (instead of physical products)!
- In pyramid and Ponzi schemes commissions are paid to sponsors (upline) from recruiting new members and not for sold physical products!
- Pyramid and Ponzi schemes are illegal businesses in most parts of the world!

Watch out!

Cryptocurrency Scams

As more people get interested in cryptocurrency, scammers are finding more ways to use it. For example, scammers might offer investment and business “opportunities,” promising to double your investment or give you financial freedom.

Watch out for anyone who:

¤ guarantees that you’ll make money
¤ promises big payouts that will double your money in a short time
¤ promises free money in dollars or cryptocurrency
¤ makes claims about their company that are not clear

What is a Ponzi scheme?

BBC Africa - unmasking Crowd1

BBC Africa Eye documentary - Unmasking the Pyramid Kings: Crowd1 scam targets Africa. 


Pyramid schemes concept

In a pyramid scheme, an organization compels individuals who wish to join to make a payment. In exchange, the organization promises its new members a share of the money taken from every additional member that they recruit. The directors of the organization (those at the top of the pyramid) also receive a share of these payments. For the directors, the scheme is potentially lucrative—whether or not they do any work, the organization's membership has a strong incentive to continue recruiting and funneling money to the top of the pyramid.

Such organizations seldom involve sales of products or services with value. Without creating any goods or services, the only revenue streams for the scheme are recruiting more members or soliciting more money from current members. The behavior of pyramid schemes follows the mathematics concerning exponential growth quite closely. Each level of the pyramid is much larger than the one before it. For a pyramid scheme to make money for everyone who enrolls in it, it would have to expand indefinitely. This is not possible because the population of Earth is finite. When the scheme inevitably runs out of new recruits, lacking other sources of revenue, it collapses. Since the biggest terms in a geometric sequence are at the end, most people will be in the lower levels of the pyramid; accordingly, the bottom layer of the pyramid contains the most people. The people working for pyramid schemes try to promote the actual company instead of the product they are selling. Eventually, all of the people at the lower levels of the pyramid do not make any money; only the people at the top turn a profit.

People in the upper layers of the pyramid typically profit, while those in the lower layers typically lose money. Since most of the members in the scheme are at the bottom, most participants will not make any money. In particular, when the scheme collapses, most members will be in the bottom layers and thus will not have any opportunity to profit from the scheme; still, they will have already paid to join. Therefore, a pyramid scheme is characterized by a few people (including the creators of the scheme) making large amounts of money, while subsequent members lose money. For this reason, they are considered scams. Read more

File a report

For the US, if you come across one of these scams, contact the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, or your state's securities regulator to get help. For the UK, contact the Financial Conduct Authority.

FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center

National registers of authorised investment firms (Europe).

Swedish Economic Crime Authority, Sweden (EBM)

Finansinspektionen, Sweden (FI)*

Find alerts from supervisory authorities outside EU/EAA-countries via the database from The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

* FI has over 12 000 warnings registered on their website

External sites

Sites covering MLM companies and cryptocurrency markets, giving reviews, warnings and alerts.

* At the moment selfappointed so-called leaders are not mentioned under "warnings" below..

BehindMLM • Cointelegraph • Dead Coins • Exchange Graveyard •  Investor Alerts Portal • Real MLM Reviews • Scam Advisor • Scam Alert • Business For Home (does not report scams but have reviewed some companies here).

Other sites covering the matter:

Investor Gov: Securities Act of 1933

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Cryptocurrency and MLM scams, alerts, reviews and warnings!

This page will give warnings about scams and share alerts and reviews about cryptocurrency and MLM businesses. Learn how to distinguish scams. MLM + passive investment opportunity is securities offering. If not regulated means it's an investement fraud. Read more about Securities Act of 1933.

Every day new MLM companies pop up on the market. Some are probably good players, many are not. Coincorner is an independent site and can hardly cover every business on the planet. There are many warnings out there, e.g. Finansinspektionen in Sweden has 12 000 warnings registered!

Warnings does not mean Coincorner necessarily share others opinion in every case and in detail.

MLM can be a legitimate business. However it depends on how it is run. Do your own due diligence to not to fall in the hands of scammers.

Companies that;

  • Sells educational (online) packages through network marketing (MLM),
  • Not selling physical products,
  • Commissions are paid from solicitation and not physical products, 
  • Are considered Pyramid schemes (Ponzi schemes),
  • Those bussineses are illegal (in most parts of the world).

Make the right decisions and don't be hasty. Always do a deeper research before investing anything! To get investments back from scammers is often useless to even try. Being scammed, always report to the authorities. They have the power to shut these scams down!

If it sounds to good to be true then it's probably also not true. No one give anything away for free - not even rich people. You have now been warned. Good Luck! 



Pyramid schemes/ Ponzi schemes and Fraud warnings!

Latest active company/ business/ name change marked bold. Some of the businesses and companies are dissolved. All businesses and/or companies below has warnings as pyramid schemes and/or security frauds.

red flag  AuLives | Article 1

Front figures: Frank Ricketts (OPN-SiteTalk, Unaico, OneCoin, and Cloud Horizon with brands Ecovo and Amplivo)

red flag  Auvoria Prime (formerly SilverStar Live) | Article 1

Front figuresCo-owners Hassan Mahmoud and Candace Ross-Mahmoud (rebooted to Eaconomy), Sal Leto (CNO, Vice President of Eaconomy Operations). Sal Leto is former promotor of OneCoin pyramid scheme in US. Sal leto is formerly involved in iPro Network (sued by the SEC in US for being a $26 million dollar pyramid scheme).  Mariska van de Langenberg, Auvoria Prime’s Director of Compliance. Van de Langenberg is another Eaconomy recruit. We first came across Van de Langenberg as CEO of 5 Star Signals* back in 2015. 5 Star Signals, a pyramid scheme masquerading as an MLM trading opportunity, was issued a securities fraud non-compliance fine by the Netherland’s AMF. 

* In July 2016 5 Star Signals collapsed, amidst claims of $180,000 in commissions being stolen. Total investor losses remain unknown. 

Any time an MLM company excludes the US from a legal product or service, it’s a good sign they’re up to no good. In this instance, Auvoria Prime playing coy with US regulators can be traced back to SilverStar Live’s CFTC fine. SilverStar Live was fined because it; acted as commodity trading advisors (“CTAs”) without being registered with the Commission as such, by exercising discretionary trading authority over the forex trading accounts of U.S. customers who were not eligible contract participants (“ECPs”).

Aurovria Prime’s executives:

  • Joshua Phair is Auvoria Prime’s Chief Financial Officer, brought on as an Eaconomy consultant in July 2019.
  • Bill Wynne is Auvoria Prime’s Chief Technology Officer, formerly Eaconomy’s Chief Technology Officer.
  • Vanessa Leto (aka Rosario Lopez) is Auvoria Prime’s Corporate Director, she’s Sal Leto’s wife and evidently partner in crime.

Eaconomy lumps VisiKard, Maurice Katz and Bolt Capital (a shell company registered in Nevis), as developers of what was supposed to be their own virtual assistant app.

Maurice Katz worked with Sal Leto to promote the OneCoin Ponzi scheme across the US. VisiKard is run by CEO Kenneth O. Lipscomb. Katz isn’t mentioned on VisiKard’s website.

red flag  Belfast Capital Group (allegedly owned by Monecor London LLC) | Article 1

Front figure: Jan Fischer (Nano Club, FXPrimus and Exelio Token)

red flag  BitClub Network | US justice.govArticle 1 | Article 2

Front figures: Joseph Frank Abel,  Silviu Catalin, Matthew Goettsche, Jobadiah Weeks and Russ Medlin.

red flag  BitConnect | Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3

Front figures: John Bigatton, Madeline Bigatton, Glenn Arcaro.

red flag  CashFX (Cash Forex Group) | ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd* | FCA.org.ukArticle 1 | Article 2 | Article 3

Front figures: Huascar Lopez, Edwin Abad, John Kinnear, Marisol T. Pinilla, Albeiro C. Guerro, Carolina Raulino, Hildo Emerenciana, Javier Leito, John M.G. Wilson, Ron Pope, Jamie Beck, Karolinna Venturi. Lee O’shea, Guillermo Joya, Paul Rubinstein, Justin Halladay.

CashFx is not regulated by any of these authorities; FCA (Financial Conduct Authority of London), DFSA (Financial Services Authority in Dubai), FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa) and FSA (Financial Services Authority of Seychelles). 

* ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) but CashFX is not

NB! According to CashFx they have an agreement with third party company EverFx. However, EverFx themselves claims not having any kind of agreement with CashFX. In fact, according to an article recently posted on Internet disclosed -"We would like to highlight that we have never entered into any official legal agreement with CashFX, nor did we have any financial transactions exchanged between us".

red flag Bahamas (SCB), United Kingdom (FCA), Spain (CNMV), Norway (Finanstilsynet), Panama (SMV), Canada (BCSC), Denmark (DFSA), Sweden (FI).

red flag  Cloud Horizon | Article 1

Front figures: Frank Ricketts (Unaico, OPN-SiteTalk, OneCoin, AuLives), Staffan Liback (OneCoin), Nattchaphan Sornsirenan (OneCoin, Orientum).

Team: Dusanka Boras, Ognjen Stoisavljevic, Lav Crnobrnja, Ivana Srdoc, Snezana Kovacevic, Slobodan Stojanovic, Milan Manojlovic, Nemanja Avramovic, Ivan Dondur, Milos Stefanovic, Iva Milanovic, Srdjan Prpa, Srdjan Mirkajlovic, Dusan Kovacevic, Aleksandar Vujacic, Aleksandra Simovic, Ajla Musovic, Viktor Tuba, Marko Talijan, Dragoslav Kotorac, Marko Gudelj, Igor Jovcic, Jovana Kovac.

red flag Cloud Token | Article 1 | Article 2

Front figures: Ronald Aai, Daniel Csokas.
Promoters: Justin Halladay, Luigi Bruni, Faith Sloan.

red flag  Conligus* | Article1 

Front figures: Jonathan Camilleri, Aron Steinkeller, Christian Steinkeller and Stephan Steinkeller (called the "Steinkeller brothers").

* Conligus was merged into OneCoin mid 2015.

red flag  Crowd1 | Impact Crowd Technology (ICT) | Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3 | Article 4BBC Africa unmasking Crowd1

Front figures: Johan Westerdahl (new CEO, former Chief Commercial Officer), Jonas Werner (founder of Crowd1, Synkronice-Springlo, OPN-Sitetalk), Johan Staël von Holstein (former CEO, left Nov 23, 2020).

red flag Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Namibia, Paraguay, Gabon, Vietnam, Cote d’Ivoire, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, Philippines, Peru.

red flag  Crypto888 -> Octa Partners -> Nano Club -> Nano Crowd | Article 1

Front figures: Alexander Romanov, Joseph Tran

red flag  CubeBit/ CubeBit 2.0/ CubeBit Philippines (Cubebit Business Solutions Limited) | Read more

Front figures: Konstantin Janke (fake CEO), Paul Schwartz (fake CEO), Romel Gumiran (Global Ambassador), Joe Bedore, Jojo Tan, Sherman Sager., Dave Baguyo.

Sherman Sager, Allan Tad-y, Joe Bedore and Jojo Tan are CubeBit affiliates believed to be residing in the US. Paul Hermosa, Andrew Castillo, Rowel Rana and Ellanor Macaballug all appear to be Philippines based CubeBit affiliates.

Warnings are issued in several countries e.g SEC Phillipines

Despite offering securities to US residents through CubeBot, CubeBit is not registered with the SEC. Not withstanding pyramid schemes also being illegal as per the FTC Act.

Outside of the US CubeBit is just as illegal. The company isn’t registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction.

red flag  eComelize1 | Article 1 | Article 2

Front figures: Jan-Eric Nyman, Thomas Myhrvold, Morten Bjørge and Lloyd Moore.
Global ambassadors:  Asad "Mohammad" Kibreya, MD "Mohammad" Moniruzzaman.
Scandinavian ambassadors: Bente Fossli, Anne Liv Dahle.

1 eComelize management is reported to the UK Police (FCA fraud department) by Duncan Arthur, owner of ByCoi.

red flag  EmGoldex -> Global InterGold -> GIG-OS (Global I Gold Online) | Article 1

Front figures: Joseph Tran, Magnus Muhrén, Ronnie Sköld, Kevin Miranda, Ryan Manuit, Charles Juiz Padilla, Rabel Ymas, John Rafael Calicdan, Paul Alviar.

Team USA: Matthew Michael D’Agati, James Vincent Piemonte, Jonathan Herman Siegler and Joseph Zingales.

red flag  "Elon Musk" scam - Fake SpaceX YouTube Channels Scam Victims Out of $150K in BTC

"Elon Musk" giveaway scam pages are (known scam): Dropelon.in, Dropmusk.in, Eloncoin.co , Muskcoin.io, Muskdrop.ca, Elonx.help, Muskdrop.best.

red flag  Elysium Network (Elysium Capital) | Article 1

Front figures: Fred Pascal Stege (CEO, Chief Legal Officer), Daniel John (COO).

red flag  Enigro Group | Read more

Front figures: Jarle Thorsen (Worldwide Alliance , T5PC , World Games Inc. and PlexPay).

red flag  EtherChain / TronChain/ CyberChain/ Eclipcity GlobalArticle 1 | Article 2

Front figures: Andreas Kartrud.

red flag  Firstcoin Club | Article 1

Front figures: Gyorgy Peresztegi-Nagy, Gabor Kisbenedek and Bella Kisbenedek.

red flag  Finalmente Global | Article 1

Front figures: Kobus van der Merwe

As per a message uploaded to the scam’s website, Finalmente Global has collapsed.

red flag  GetOn (Global) | Article 1

Front figures: Milan Kozlevčar (also involved in Socratescoin, Proncoin and Piplcoin/ PiplShare).

red flag  IQ Chain -> IQ Legacy | Read more

Front figures: John Barksdale, Anthony Norman (acquisition).

red flag  IQ Legacy -> IQ 5050 -> Bakuhatsu | Read more

Front figures: Anthony Norman, John Barksdale, Holton Buggs, Ian Cassiman (CEO Sprinkle AB).

red flag  Jubilee Ace | Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3 | Article 4

Front figures: "Tony Jackson" is CEO (fake name, actor)

Brands: Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage (AQUA), AQUA Commidities, AQUA Sports, AQUA cryptocurrency, Jenco (Jubilee Energy and Commodities).

red flag  KaratBars International -> Freebay | Read more

Front figures: Harald Seiz, Vash Turner (aka Va’Shun Turner).

Since July 2019 Karatbars has also received regulatory attention in; Namibia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and South Africa.

red flag  Kuailian Eco-system (Kuailian and Elysisum) | Article 1

Front figures: David Ruiz de Leon (CEO and Co-Founder), Javier Hermosilla (CMO and Co-Founder), Joan Francesc Boncompte (CoFundador CryptoCoincept), Carles Torrecilla (Co-Founder CryptoCoincept).

A search of CNMV’s register reveals Kuailian is not registered to offer securities in Spain. Kuailien is not registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction

red flag Mirror Trading International (MTI) | Article 1

Front figures: Cornelius Johan Steynberg

Securities fraud warings in South Africa, Canada and other places. Texas has issued a cease and desist order. Recently media announced; CEO of MTI, Johan Steynberg is now "missing".

red flag  Nanoclub -> Nano Crowd -> Ormeus (Global) | Article 1Article 2  

Front figures: John BarksdaleRick Fleshman (co-founder Ormeus Global, Earnware Corporation, iAM Marketing, BioLink International), Stijn Vanstraelen, George Van Wijk, Pieter Van Devijver, Kris Lemmens, Kristof De Vlieger, Tim Vermeiren, François Colin, Patrick Vermeesch, Hendrik Hendrickx, (Fredrik "Nollan" Norlin).

red flag  OneCoin Limited (affiliate pages: OneLife, DealShaker, OneForex, CoinCloud, OneAcademy) | US justice.govArticle 1

Front figures: Veska Ignatova, Ruja Ignatova (founder), Konstantin Ignatov (former captain), Simon Le (former Captain), Cordel "King" Jayms (captain OneLife Network), Sebastian Greenwood (no 2). Read more

External connections: Mark Scott, David R Pike, Gilbert Armenta, Frank Schneider. Read more
Head of Sofia office: Irina Andreeva Dilinska, Veselina Volkova, Veska Ignatova, Fernando Rys (Hong Kong).

CEO OneCoin/OneLife (former): Nigel Allen, Pablo Munoz, Pierre Arens.

Consultant (former): Frank Ricketts (sold and merged OPN/SiteTalk into Onecoin).

red flag  OneDealer A/S in NorwayRead more

Front figures: Morten BjørgeThomas Myhrvold (former merchants DealShaker, Coltan, Monopera, Tredan).

red flag  OneLink | Read more

Front figures: Simon Le 

red flag  Opportunity Network* | Article 1

Front figures: Rune EvensenThomas Nordlund, Frank Ricketts.

* OPN Network (formerly SiteTalk) was sold and merged into OneCoin early 2016.

red flag  Ormeus Global -> IQ Chain | Article 1 | Article 2

Front figures: John Barksdale, (Fredrik Palmeus).

red flag  Orientum | Read more

Front figures: Nattchaphan Sornsirenan.

red flag  Plus Token | Article 1 | Article 2

Front figures: Several.

red flag  QubitTech | Read more

Front figures: Greg Limon (CEO).

CNMV in Spain is warning about QubitTech. Ukraine warns about Qubittech.

red flag  SiteTalk* | Read more

Front figures: Rune Evensen, Frank Ricketts, Sebastian Greenwood.

* SiteTalk/ OPN was merged into OneCoin 2015.

red flag  Skyway Capital/ New Economic Evolution of the World with abbreviation, NEEW/ EvoRich | Article 1 | Article 2

Front figures: Evgeny Kudryashov

Issued warnings in Estonia, New Zealand (FMA)*, Lithuania, Belgium, Greece (HMC), Germany (Bafin), Sweden, Spain. 

*The FMA recommended that the general public exercise caution before dealing with the New Economic Evolution of the World, abbreviation NEEW (formerly Skyway Investment Group, Skyway Capital, Skyway Group) and the websites www.tng-neew.com (the website) and www.mycryptounit.com and www.skywayinvestgroup.com. We believe NEEW has the hallmarks of a scam.

red flag  Swiss Coin | Article 1

Front figures: Manfred Mayer.

red flag  Unaico | Read more

Front figures: Rune Evensen, Kenny Nordlund, Thomas Nordlund, John Ng, Steven Morley, Haarek Andreasson, Frank Ricketts, Dan Andersson.

red flag  Up2Give | Read more

Front figures: Jerry Lopez

red flag  InnerQuest Global Ltd/ CrowdBridge Global -> Wantage ONE6 -> M Lange 2 AB -> World Wealth Club | Read more

Front figures: Anthony Norman (Owner of Wellmont Capital N.V.), Michael S. Wexler (managing director Wellmont Capital), Heresh Ariai (formerly CTO Sprinkle AB), Torben Pedersen (Valens GroupValens Holding AG, Valens Bank, Valens Pay Ltd, Valens FinTech Capital, Valens Clearing Ltd, Valens Legal Ltd, NovaMarket OÜ), Michael S. WexlerLinus Conny Söder, Thony Norelli (has changed his name to Bo Johansson, JoL Consulting Ltd), Martin Bylsma (CEO Wantage One), Matt Conelly (trader StFG).

Strategic partnership: Kenny Nordlund (Head of strategic partnerships and acquisitions), Udo Deppisch (Chief Network Officer).

Anthony Norman has also been involved in the pyramid schemes; SpinGlo (trade mark of Phoenix International Network Ltd), Synkronice (renamed to "Trig" in 2013) and Enwire.

Companies and subsidiaries below are either directly or indirectly connected to Anthony Norman. Some companies are active, dormant, liquidated or in bankruptcy (marked red).  

Company Company.nr.  Comment Note
247 Invest Ltd 12654648    
3L Consulting AB 556660-3519    
Angel Business Development Scandinavia AB 556872-2887   3
Angel Business Club   Anthony Norman, CEO  
Angel Equity International 09588279 Incorporated in Angel Business Club May 2015  
Angel Equity Club International Ltd 09660259    
Bakuhatsu.io   Rebranded from IQ5050 (owner Sprinkle). Brand: BankT   
Best of all Worlds AB 556810-7626   2
Blue Hills Capital 11352402
Cloned page: Warning 1 | Warning 2. Changed name to Blue Hills Investments Ltd. Formerly Epiqa Creative Ltd  
Blockhomes AB 559097-9968 By Sprinkle AB, address c/o MATTIAS ANE. Sålt till Raire Invest AB (likvidation, konkurs, Thony Norelli, VD) -> Pimboo OÜ (subsidiary)  
Bytemine PLC 11662602 Notice for compulsory strike-off, 2020-11-17. Matthew Steckel (Director), Eduard Will (Director), Anthony Norman (Secretary)   
Bytemine Technologies Ltd 13074533 Mining: Bytemine Token (BYTM). Phillip Nunn, Managing Director of the Crypto Division for Stockholm IT Ventures  
Cellpoint Connect AB 556637-2636 Formerly Cellpoint AB. Changed name to Real Point Investment AB (2014). Anthony norman, chairman 2009-2011  
Chardmore Global Ltd   Notice for compulsory strike-off. Anthony Norman significant control May 2020  
Crowd Guard Network Plc 09323174 Dissolved via compulsory strike-off  
Dragon Global Solutions Ltd 12259225 Anthony Norman, director on 24 May 2020  
Flock Members Club 559004-3914 Today Olbia Investment Partners AB, owner of M Lange 2 AB. alens Holding AG: s subsidiary Valens Bank Ltd., has acquired the Swedish entity Flock Members Club AB.  
Flock Ventures AB   Anthony Norman, co-founder, 2016-2017  
The Flock AB 556730-6153    
Fomex Enterprises Ltd  10630236 Dissolved via compulsory strike-off  
Humarine AB 556540-2004    
IC Intercredit UK Ltd 06593125 Dissolved following liquidation  
Merkant AB   Anthony Norman, co-founder, 199-2004  
Mindflite Capital AB 556901-9986 Formerly Sweden Africa Mines AB. Anthony Norman, chairman/CEO, 2016- 11
MindFlite Capital Ltd 12209723 Notice for compulsory strike-off 2021-01-05  
Mindflite Asset Management AB 556489-5265   8
MindFlite Assets Management Ltd 12209782 Notice for compulsory strike-off 2021-01-05  
MindFlite International AB   Tony (Anthony) Norman  
MindFlite Exchange Ltd 07541803 Dissolved via compulsory strike-off  
Mindflite Holding Inc    Anthony Norman, owner  
Mindflite Stockholm AB   See IC Intercredit UK Ltd  
M Lange 2 AB 559012-6669 Subsidiary to Olbia Investment Partners AB (parent company Olbia Hospitality Group)  
New Motor Media   Anthony Norman, founder 2011-2013 -> Wellmont Capital N.V.  
Norman E Solutions AB   Anthony Norman, founder 2001-2004. Sold to 3L Systems AB (556585-2497) in 2004  
Sanitized Pro UK Ltd 12205889 Previously Flock Ventures Limited, Anthony Norman significant control  
Scandic Assets Limited 11566560 Dissolved via voluntary strike-off  
Selected Access AB 556931-3926 c/o MINDFLITE CAPITAL AB   
Sprinkle AB 559126-8627 Ian Cassiman, CEO Sprinkle AB 5
Stockholm IT Ventures *   Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Evolution Global AS (owner, Erik Solberg), Anthony Norman, CEO, 2016-2019. Acquisition, Blockchain Trade Technologies Ltd.   
Stratevic Finance Group ** 556788-2807 Brand, BankT. License: Novamarket OÜ 9,10,12
The Sprinkle Group   Brands: SprinkleXchange, SprinkleTrade, SprinkleBit. Alexander Wallin, CEO.  
Trig Media Group AB * 556654-3707   7
Trig Entertainment AB 556781-3729 * Subsidiary.  1
Trig Social Media AB 556788–2807 * Subsidiary. Brands: Trig.com, Trig Money, Momentik by Trig, Trig eSports, Social-Commerce.co  
Viral Angels Equity Club 769626-6357   4
Viral Angels Credit Union   Warning Estonia (pdf), Anthony Norman, CEO, 2012-2014  
Wantage One AB 556669-3270   6
Wantage One Credit Union      
Wellmont Capital Group N.V   Formerly New Motor Media N.V.. Whitelabel crypto-fiat transaction provider PayGlobal Ltd. Anthony Norman, chairman, 2019-. Subsidiary Wantage One AB.  13
World Equity Expo Ltd  12911983 Site: equityexpo.com. Part of Blockchain Infrastructure Group AG (dissolved), Jörgen Andersson. blockchaininfgroup.com  
World Wealth Club      



* AB Startkapitalet ->  Mennta Sverige AB -> Mennta Sverige AB (publ) -> Mennta Sverige AB (publ) to Office Provider Sweden AB (publ) -> Office Provider Sweden AB (publ) to Radio Frequency Investment Group Sweden AB -> Radio Frequency Investment Group Sweden AB to Mobicard Media Group AB -> Mobicard Media Group AB to Trig Media Group AB*. 

Trig Media Group AB is parent company to Stockholm IT Ventures AB**.

** AB Grundstenen -> Trig Social Media AB -> Stockholm IT Ventures AB -> Stratevic Finance group AB9,10,12


1 Trig Media Entertainment (556781-3729), bankrupty 2018-04-25.

2 Best of all Worlds AB (556810-7626), bankrupty 2019-02-18.

Angel Business Development Scandinavia AB (556872-2887), liquidation 2016-04-06, bankrupty 2019-10-07.

4 Viral Angels Equity Club  (769626-6357) is ordered bankrupty 2019-11-13.
Answering 1: MindFlite Capital AB6. Answering 2: Anthony Norman

5 Sprinkle AB (559126-8627), bankrupty 2020-02-20.

6 Wantage ONE AB (556669-3270), bankrupty 2020-03-23. 

7 Trig Media Group (556654-3707), liquidation 2019-08-22, bankrupty 2020-06-25.

8 Mindflite Asset Management AB (556489-5265), bankrupty 2020-10-13.

9 Stratevic Finance Group (556788-2807), liquidation 2020-12-03.

10 Watch Out Consulting AB (556690-8405), suing Stratevic Finance Group9,12 2020-12-21.
Answering 1: Anthony Norman.

11 Mindflite Capital AB (556901-9986), bankrupty 2020-12-28.

12 Stratevic Finance Group (556788-2807), application för bankrupty 2021-01-07. Has been fined by Finansinspektionen 2019-09-18 and 2020-10-08.

13 In September 2019, a cooperation agreement and financing agreement was signed with Wellmont Capital Group N.V. and METALLVÄRDEN i SVERIGE AB (PUBL.). In connection with this, Wellmont signed a convertible debenture of SEK 4.5 million. Wellmont has however, could only live up to its commitment to a limited extent - only about SEK 1,716,000 was paid. The collaboration with Wellmont Capital Group was discontinued during the first half of the year (2020).


BlockChain Technology Capital Limited?? Officer KHAN, Kabir Kadim. (Dissolved)

More will follow...

Blockchain Infrastructure Group AG