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Oxford-educated, "Forbes coverage" and covered in jewels ... Dr. Ruja Ignatova promised to revolutionize the financial world (and make you very rich!) With his cryptocurrency, OneCoin. Millions believed in her and invested about $ 5 billion !!! But crypto experts and law enforcement agencies believe that EVERYTHING IS A FRAUD! After being arrested by the FBI, her brother, Konstantin Ignatov, has now pleaded guilty to bank fraud and money laundering, etc. As for Dr. Ruja Ignatova? She has not been seen since the autumn of 2017 ...

Yle received documents revealing: "Finns invested at least 40 millions in EUR in the virtual crypto-fraud, OneCoin."

Mark Scott found guilty to commit money laundering and bank fraud!
Konstantin Ignatov (in court):  -"I knew I was working for a fraud"

Konstantin Ignatov was arrested on March 6 in the United States. He admits that OneCoin is a scam and admits 4-point crime. Together, these constitute a penalty of a maximum of 90 years. Konstantin Ignatov has entered into an agreement with the United States - to cooperate fully with the US authorities. Download the agreement, som Konstantin Ignatov signerat. FBI deklarerar att alla är föremål för utredning som verkar inom OneLife Network. I Sverige anger två myndigheter, Skatteverket och Spelinspektionen, att OneCoin är ett pyramidspel. OneCoin regleras genom Lotterilagen (SKV). En ny spellag gäller i Sverige fr o m 1 januari, 2019. OneCoin får ingen licens i Sverige, eftersom verksamheten är ett pyramidspel. Finansinspektionen varnar för OneCoin.

Followw the case in USA on Courtlistener: Konstantin Ignatov | Mark Scott | Sebastian Greenwood | Ruja Ignatova | Action Class against OneCoin | David R Pike |

* Note! The main case 1:17-cr-00630 is called 'United Stated vs Scott'. This is probably due to the fact that Mark Scott's OneCoin money laundering litigation proceedings were not initiated until mid-2018. Konstantin Ignatov's official case number is 1:17-cr-00630-3.

BBC soundsBBC Sounds podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen investigates worldwide the cryptocurrency fraud OneCoin - and its missing founder. The podcast has had a great impact all over the world and is among the hottest podcasts. Reporter is Jamie Bartlett.

Episode 1: "Dr Ruja" (190919) | Episode 2: "Bitcoin killer" (190919) | Eposide 3: "More than a coin" (190926) | Episode 4: "Miss Onelife" (191003) | Episode 5: "What dreams may come" (191010) | Episode 6: "The Überflieger" (191017) | Episode 7: "In Plain Sight" (191028) | Episode 8: "The technology and the dream" (191104) | Episode 9: "Follow the money" (200806)

OneCoin - Tidsresa 2014 till 2019


September, 2020

OneCoin lacks source code for migration of old data!

From the newsletter: "We would like to update you on the recent Company activities regarding the OneLife platform migration and the new OneLife system.

Currently, the system is in the process of migrating the information from the old platform to the new OneLife platform. At present, most of your account data might not be visible, such as: bonuses, BV points, wallet balances. These will be available as soon as the procedure is completed, the process of migration is slow due to the large amount of data generated through the years by our valued members."

The truth is that all OneCoin platforms (websites) has phishing warnings from CloudFlare. When not being able to surpass, OneCoin had no other choice but to change domains and layout. As said above, the new website for OneLife Network is ready but lacks of data and is not fully operational. The migration is not possible unless getting source code and databases from third party. This means they now want to buy source code and databases back from previous partners. One is in fact already contacted but has refused to play along since OneCoin is considered a fraud. All according to Konstantin Ignatov from court doc posted in November, 2019 (trial against lawyer Mark Scott who laundered money for OneCoin). 

Despite all arrests (2018) and trials in USA (2019) and upcoming trials of Sebastian Greenwood ("no 2" in OneCoin who was arrested in late 2018) OneLife Network is still promoting the scheme. The previous "captain", Simon Le, quit and his co-captain, Cordel "King" Jayms, took over his role and continues to promote the scheme as nothing has happened. Recently it was revelead that "King" Jayms, some years ago, was found guilty as a felon for armed robbery. A little over a year ago a video was posted on social media and blogs showing Cordel "King" Jayms shooting with a machine gun "pretending" he was killing OneLife haters, as he told everyone on the video. Chocking to watch and this is a person appointed by the OneCoin company itself. One can only wonder what kind of culture lies within the company OneCoin? This is not the first time, beside money laundering, fraud, bribe etc, the dark side of OneCoin is revealed; kidnapping, threats and even murder was also commited in OneCoin's name. 

OneCoin members data spread open on the Internet!

OneCoin is now 6 years and still has not launched an exchange as promised years ago and still struggles with poor technique and their IT systems despite billions of Euros gained from members investments. Recently Anonymous Collective revealed that all members data was downloaded and spread on Internet - personal information such as; names, usernames, phones, addresses, city, emails, ranks, BV points and more. A clear breach of GDPR.

August, 2020

OneCoin introduces new fees to raise more Euro into the company!

Company Inform!


Dear Members,
We would like to politely inform you that the following fees will be introduced from 01/08/2020:
1) KYC review with priority - EUR 8 / per account
If you want your KYC to be reviewed with the priority you can take advantage of this service. In this case, your documents will be reviewed within 72 working hours of receiving the payment.
2) Reactivation of account with outdated KYC - EUR 30 / per account
All OneLife members who have not logged in to their OneLife accounts for the past 12 months are charged and must upload their KYC documents again in the provided KYC section. If you cannot upload your KYC documents for some reason (for example: forgotten transaction password) and you need assistance from our customer's support team you should pay this fee. After the documents are Uploaded and reviewed within 72 working hours, and in case the KYC status is set to Approved, members will receive their OneCoins in their OneCoin accounts accordingly.
3) Change of email - EUR 30 / per account
All customers who cannot change their email addresses by themselves are subject to this fee. Once the fee has been paid and the necessary documents below have been provided, the email address will be changed by the Company:
*Support Pin which will be generated in your account settings. Please select My Profile --> Security and click on the provided blue button ''Generate support pin''.
*A copy of a document that could serve as a Proof of ID (copy of passport or ID card) for the KYC verification procedure
*A copy of a document that could serve as a Proof of address for the KYC verification procedure.
Please note that fees may be paid for several accounts per bunch.
If you have additional questions, please contact our support team via support@onelife.eu!

Best Regards,
OneLife Team

Credit card Beesy24 developed by Italy and linked to OneCoin has been stopped - "captain" King Jayms furious!

OneLife members lost approximately 500 000 EUR!

During the evening, I attended an extra-familiar Italian webinar led by our Captain King James. The reason for the meeting was that Beesy24 issued a global offer for a Mastercard. When Beesy24 recently sent out a link for registration to another ecosystem (Spectrocoin ) so the company acted immediately by blocking Beesy24 from DealShaker and demanding that they deliver what the members paid for.Beesy24 did not meet the company's requirements and therefore blacklisted Beesy24 from DealShaker. OneLife management and they in turn asked the company for the green light for the project.

Marco Vassanelli has marketed Beesy24 Mastercard globally and therefore Marco has been dismissed as Italy's Country Manager with immediate effect.
What has emerged is that Beesy24 used the OneLife ecosystem and its members for the purpose of marketing its brand. With their deals on DealShaker, they created huge traffic to their online site in order to sell their products.
The company will itself provide information regarding this in the next OneLife News.
Personally, I have no other information so can not answer any questions.
I myself will demand that Beesy24 pay back my 100 € and I think we should all do it. I can guarantee you that I will continue to be very careful in my review when a new Merchant wants to register on DS here in Sweden. I do not want to know of any attempt at fraud as our concept is based on trust.

Country Manager for Sweden,
Ola Fabiansson

The so-called captain, "King Jayms", reacts with rage in a video about the knowledge of what happened to the credit card Beesy24 in Italy.
About the card (copied from Internet;

The Bessy24 MasterCard is your access to the usability of your ONEs. Buying this card gives you the ability to SPEND your coins for whatever items or goods available from all merchants worldwide where Mastercard is accredited.

€100 - CASH to be paid to Bessy24 Merchant .
€100 - ONE (2.36) paid through Dealshaker Platform.

Please note that payment above is only for the purchase of CARD with no cash load inside. What you have availed in this transaction is the accessibility in using your ONEs to purchase from stores worldwide using this Mastercard.

Upon accepting this card, another process will follow that would allow to top up your card with load from the combination of the following example amount.

€250 - CASH to be paid to Bessy24 Merchant .
€250 - ONE (5.88) paid through Dealshaker Platform.

From the payment above, your CARD will be loaded up with a total of ​€500 value that you can spend on anything which accepts Mastercard. The 5.88 ONE is loaded as €250 value in your card along with the other cash and this demonstrate usability and exchangeability of your coins.

After spending the amount, another chance of loading up your card with ONE will occur again. The amount of ONE you load up may increase after initial test on small amounts."

July, 2020

OneCoin owe its members 650 million Euros!

In a leaked letter between Simon Le and Veska Ignatova (siblings Ruja's and Konstantin's mother), it was revealed that the company OneCoin owes its members the equivalent of 650 million Euros.

For several years, members have been denied the right to withdraw their deposits, earned through bonuses, from the Cash Account. The reasons are several, one of which is - the company Onecoin has simply been emptied of money by representatives.

We already know more about these cash flows, including through Konstantin Ignatov's recognition and testimony in US court. Simon Le and King Jayms have both stated that the theft of funds occurred. This must have been done by both representatives (as well as former employees) of the company and players in the network, OneLife. In addition, it has previously emerged that funds have been confiscated by authorities. We also know that money has gone to settlements, investigations and legal costs as well as payment of lawyers who have engaged in money laundering on behalf of OneCoin etc. How much it is about is unclear, but it is about many billions of kronor. The remaining funds have probably been picked up and moved to a "safe" place by the current representatives of the company OneCoin. Was current income from DealShaker, package sales and income in the form of various types of fees, etc. disappears is unknown at present.

Overall, the "loss" of funds has resulted in the company refusing to pay out bonuses. No withdrawals have been made from Cash Account of members' accounts for at least 2 years.

As part of bringing in new healthy money to the company Onecoin (possibly to be able to pay off the growing, outstanding debt to members), they are thinking of creating a new blockchain (version three in the order) containing 250 billion ONE.

The company OneCoin will soon start selling new training packages to members. In the meantime, everyone is lured with an offer to buy existing packages in 50% ONE and the rest in Euro.

Several years ago, they did in a similar way. In the end, the company stopped this, when they realized that they themselves lost on that deal. They indirectly gave away their own coins that did not generate any income in Euro. A member who bought packages earlier and received tokens, won these for ONE. If the company thus offers the purchase of packages with 50% in ONE, this also means that a member loses x number of ONE from previous package purchases. To then get new ONE in the package you now buy. Who wins or loses on the deal depends on which package you buy and must be calculated.

In normal cases, the value of the coin would be reduced (by dilution) when you give away coins (ie charge in the same currency as a member then gets back in the package you buy). For example, over 10,000 Power Packs were sold over a period of time and resulted in a similar dilution effect. However, without the value being affected at all. Onecoin received a lot of criticism and therefore chose to only sell the said Power Pack via top managers and not through the shop. All to hide from the investigating authorities.

We have known for a long time that the value is set internally by the company itself and is not controlled by any market or supply / demand. The ONE coin is not registered publicly. ONE can also not be exchanged for another currency, ie no stock exchange trading is possible. OneCoin has been talking for several years about opening an exchange, but these plans have been dashed every time. The reason is OneCoin does not get a license which is the requirement for currency trading.

Thus, the whole scheme is interpreted as enticing with this "new" payment method to bring sonic capital to the company in the form of EUR, since the company is in urgent need of fiat currency.

Once again, we can state that the company OneCoin considers its own cryptocurrency - "The ONE" - as the world's largest reserve currency, because it only wants to have paid in Euro, ie fiat currency. Even today, no global, regional or local event within OneCoin-OneLife, bazaar or expo has taken trips, entrances, banquets, trainings related to these, etc ... in the currency ONE. You always charge in Euros. One may wonder, why this choice of currency?

Veska Ignatova has in a later reply to Simon Le denied that the company OneCoin owes members any money.

Simon Le (April 1, 2020): "It was mentioned to us that currently, the company has a Cash Account liability of approximate 650 million Euro. This Cash Account is their deserving bonuses earned through their hard work in promoting and selling company's product. Our networkers have been not be able to withdraw cash for more than 2 years through Backoffice withdrawal. Many people have waiting to cash out these bonuses as their income for their livelihood as well as operation funding for OneLife and DealShaker events, business traveling, etc. Even understood that the company agree to set aside 50% of new sales for cash withdrawal purposes, however, how to take care the huge amount like this in the current situation?"

Veska Ignatova (April 6, 2020): "We are not in agreement with the points you raised in your reply, especially as, the cash out figures you mentioned in that response stem from baseless allegations against the company."

June, 2020

OneCoin forbids all transfer of coins until September!

"In line with the changes of the Terms and Conditions, from today 17 June 2020, the transfer of accounts between IMA-s is prohibited. This action is necessary because of the frequent thefts and misuse of accounts, as well as due to the upcoming migration to our new system. If a breach of these General Terms and Conditions is established, the Company keeps its rights to sanction the IMA by freezing or permanently terminating their accounts.

Please note that the coin transfer will be available again after 01 September 2020 via personal wallets in the customer`s accounts."

The company OneCoin charges in the currency Onecoin when buying packages!

OneCoin again dilutes the value of the currency by introducing a new payment method. They now charge 50% in Onecoin for the purchase of OneAcademy packages. The package you buy includes OneCoin, the same coin you bought for thus. Previously, OneCoin sold training packages through payment with the coin, Onecoin. This was stopped when they realized that they did not earn anything from the business. The company paid indirectly and not the member. "In the next few days, a new payment method will be implemented for the purchase of educational packages. The price of the codes will be paid 50% with ONEs (at current price EUR 42.43) and 50% with a bank transfer as follows. .. ". 

Fred Fok and Dorosi Cho are deprived of roles!

"Co-Captains Board Monthly Review
We would like to inform the OneLife Family that Mr. Fred Fok and Ms. Dorosi Cho are no longer part of Co-Captains Board."

May, 2020

OneCoin forces all members to give up their phone numbers!

"We would like to inform you that within the next 4 weeks (until 22/06/2020), EVERYONE MUST update ALL their IMA accounts with the telephone number that they currently use. IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE IMA ACCOUNT, YOU MUST INCLUDE THAT CURRENT PHONE NUMBER FOR EACH OF YOUR RESPECTIVE ACCOUNTS. This information is needed in order to migrate ALL your accounts to our new OneLife system. Each IMA’s phone number will be used as a unique identification key connecting all your accounts should you have more than one. As a result, when a member logs in to one of his/her profiles using the phone number, he/she will have access to all his/her other accounts in one place. That is why it is extremely important to fill in your CURRENT PHONE NUMBER in each account located in “My Profile” by clicking "Edit" in the "MAIN INFORMATION" box."

Fred Fok and Sherry Gong are deprived of roles!

"We wish to advise that Mr. Fred Fok and Mrs. Sherry Gong have been removed from their Country Manager position for China."

Dr. Ruja Ignatova's yacht will be raffled off for the August event!

The newsletter calls the campaign "Lycky Draw 2020". It takes place between 13 May and 15 Aug. 7 prizes will be awarded. The campaign includes 100,000 tickets. In order to achieve higher prices, it is required that the minimum number of coupons is sold. No information about purpose, recipients of money, or about what happens if less than the required number of tickets are sold. In addition, the yacht, which is the first prize, worth 20 million, will be owned by none other than Dr. Ruja Ignatova. How things are with the floors, which are also raffled off, there are divided opinions. They are probably also owned by Dr. Ruja. Since an arrest warrant is in her possession and that confiscated funds have been made during the ongoing investigation against Onecoin and its representatives, no one knows if neither the boat nor the apartments can be confiscated. The terms also say "For the Grand Prize of the Yacht and all other prizes to be drawn as a Lucky Draw prize, a minimum of 100,000 coupons must be sold in Fiat & in ONEs." There will probably be no repayment, which the company Onecoin normally never does in other contexts either.

Italy offers cards - order at your own risk, says the Captain!

Posts abound about a card you can order and which can be accessed via the Italian network. Many are skeptical and even King Jayms, as the current Captain, says clearly; "Moreover, the past week we saw the Italian offer, coming from Country Manager Marco Vassanelli, with an exciting opportunity through an International Debit Card. Feel free to purchase 1 of the 20,000 cards available. -"But know that you do so at your own risk."

April, 2020

Simon Le, Master Distributor oand "Captin" resigns!

After a period of rumors that flourished online, the network has now been reached by the definitive news that Simon Le is resigning. In the newsletter on April 15, OneCoin-OneLife states the reasons. Normally, one has to take all the news with a pinch of salt for obvious reasons. In any case, OneCoin says that Simon Le has chosen to go his own way and enter a competing business. This is not accepted, the company OneCoin believes. For now, Simon Le's former co-captain, King Jayms, has been named the new captain of the OneLife Network (announced on April 8 in the newsletter). We'll see how long he lasts.

From documents published on CourtListener, we can now state that "pretrial", concerning Sebastian Greenwood, is now scheduled for June 3, 2020. He was arrested in October (2018) in Thailand. He moved to the United States after a short time. He has been under arrest there ever since. It has been relatively quiet around his fall. In the documents published so far, he is named "No. 2" in the OneCoin sphere after the founder, Ruja Ignatova.

March, 2020



February, 2020



January, 2020

Cloudflare warns of phishing on all Onecoin sites!

January 9. Before Christmas, OneCoin had major problems with its websites. The registrar EurID stated that the pages had been shut down due to an investigation into illegal activities. All the while OneCoin and its self-proclaimed "leader" in OneLife claimed that the pages were shut down due to technical problems. The main page onelife.eu was then still up. After a while, it seemed as if onecoin.eu was up and running again. After New Year, the network went out and informed everyone that the pages were now up again. They cheered and pointed the finger at the authorities. On January 9, information came again that pages issued phishing warning on (Cloudflare). This time, all the company's pages were affected, including pages the company itself had chosen to put out. CoinCloud is the only one without warning, which was completely down. Phishing concretely means that there is a great risk of theft of passwords, bank and not least personal information on the mentioned pages. As Cloudflare, a player OneCoin has been hiding behind for many years, is a warning instance, you should take great care and preferably avoid the pages below.

OneCoin pages flagged with "phishing" warning by Cloudflare are; onecoin.eu, onelife.eu, oneworldfoundation.eu, onecoinofc.eu, app.onelife.eu, support.onecoin.eu, dealshaker.com, oneacademy.eu, onecoinico.com, sales.onecoinico.io, onecoinofc.com, xcoinx.com, oneforex.eu, goldvault.co, onecoincloud.eu (off).

January 14. After a full year, exactly on the day, the company increases the difficulty level. Throughout 2019, OneCoin, like the last 2 years, has had a very turbulent year with arrests, prosecutions (verdicts fall in Feb 2020), lots of technical problems, fired network tops, resignations of top managers and master distributors and not least resignations of representatives and fired employees (most) in Sofia. Veselina Valkova (who took over after Konstantin Ignatov was arrested in the US on March 6, 2019, starts her own competing business in Estonia together with her companion, Habib Zahid, former Master Distributor)

Member development has been low since the peak year in 2016. Also in 2019, member recruitment was very low for obvious reasons. Not least in Europe and Scandinavia, but also in most places globally. As a result, parcel sales decreased at the same rate. The DealShaker platform is slow. This has been realized because the coin cannot be sold on an exchange. Among the last meetings in Sofia during the autumn / Christmas 2019 with the siblings Ignatova's mother, Veska, it was announced that no exchange will take place. You do not get any licenses. This meant that a large number of the 50 or so leaders who were present chose to drop out and stop promoting the business. On some plastics you run expos and bazaars instead, ie small marketplaces live.
Since only the company extracts all the coins themselves, it is difficult for members to understand where the difficulty level comes from. Nevertheless, the company OneCoin increased this today and now stands at 425. This also means that the value will be 42.45 EUR. This can be calculated using a simple mathematical formula that has been used for many years. An algorithm that Ruja Ignatova herself created as early as 2016 and which causes certain parameters (brakes) to strike at a certain number of coins mined. After 50 months of extracted onecoin, a first so-called time-lag to at difficulty level 300. The value thus increased only after 10 days instead of the same day, which has never happened before. It remains to be seen when the value of the coin goes up this time and above all - will the degree of difficulty take another year before the next increase? Or even longer? What we do know is that everyone who bought Onecoin for EUR during an ICO in the autumn of 2018 should now have received their last coins on January 7, 2020, after 3 "mandatory discount period" (mandatory discount period). Since no member or buyer of Onecoin during the said ICO can sell the coins on an exchange (stock exchange), we will see how the outside world will react to this fact. Preliminaries will fall for Mark Scott (risks 50 years on 2 points) and Konstantin Ignatov (risks 90 years on 4 points), on February 21.

January 18. Reorganization of the network. A first Global Network Leader Meeting (GNLG) and Country Manager Meeting was held by Simon Le and King Jayms in Sofia on January 18, 2020. About 50 attended. One of the topics is something they have chosen to call OneLife Core Team. Can be a variant of IC (inner circle) as a governing body for the Global Leader Group, which was created by Frank Ricketts in the autumn of 2017.

January 20. After just over a month, the newsletter has returned. The latest came on 17 Dec and on 20 Jan came the first of the year. After the meeting on 18 December in Sofia, many leaders chose to quit and are stated in the letter from 16 January. One of the reasons is that no exchnage comes into place. The reason why no weekly newsletters have arrived may be due to OneCoin firing most of its employees at the end of 2019.



January, 2019

Onecoin.eu shut down and Veselina Valkova quits!

1 december. Several websites linked to the company OneCoin have been shut down (due to investigations into legitimacy, says EURid). Browse her onecoin.eu, oneacademy.eu, oneworldfoundation.eu and more. extinguished. Onelife.eu is still up and running. Here are all the links.

5 december. The company OneCoin announces via official extra mailing that Veselina Valkova and Habib "Ur Rahman" Zahid are no longer part of the company OneCoin. Read more 

18 december. The company announces that Mark Nishiyama and Sina Hunt are no longer participating in "One Community" (apparently a new term for OneLife Network). The reason, "they were trying to damage our reputation," OneCoin said in a Dec. 17 newsletter. While Mark was on his way home to Japan from a long stay and several meetings in Sofia, the announcement was made by the company.

In December, it emerged that almost all employees were fired in Sofia (what it looks like in Dubai is not known or for any local offices). It has been mentioned that only about 10 people remain working today in Sofia out of about 40-50 when they were the largest. The company has not been able to pay salaries for a long period and can be one of all reasons. It is also said that the Crypto Center will be renovated and will be ready in January. Why the company chooses to invest in this center is unknown, when it has obvious more important problems. Not least the launch of an exchange (exchange) and surprises many members when the news of their center came.

It is also rumored that a "new version" (meaning a brand new one, as there is no blockchain) of a blockchain will be procured and that the new "captain", Simon Lee, will have gone over to Russia to negotiate.

During meetings with the company, it has also emerged that "they want to sell the entire network". A pure sale has been announced. A purchase price must have been mentioned (15 USD / member or a maximum of 10 million USD for the entire transaction). Potential buyers must be famous people, closely linked to the company OneCoin. At meetings held in Sofia, it emerged that the siblings Ignatova's mother, Veska, now runs the company and held the said meetings. Why you want to sell the network has not been revealed.

(... It has long been known that the company is run as a family business. Ruja Ignatova has disappeared without a trace since she booked a flight to Austria and Athens on October 25, 2017, after learning that an arrest warrant had been issued for her (the knowledge came after a interception of her boyfriend, Gilbert Armenta, who was already collaborating with the FBI at the time) Konstantin Ignatov was arrested on March 6, 2019, at Los Angeles airport in the United States. Constantine later signed a binding agreement and is now helping the US investigate OneCoin further, for fear of his life he may be included in the witness protection and will probably have to change his citizenship (and possibly his name). beginning of 2020 (probably 21 Feb.) A lawyer hired by OneCoin, Mark Scott, has previously been found guilty of 2 counts, money laundering and bank fraud, which can result in 50 years. eb, 2020 ...)

About 40-50 self-appointed leaders were present in Sofia. The last known meeting was held on 18 Dec. After the meeting, several leaders, including 2 people in GLG Sweden, Peter Hjelte and Arto Ylitalo, chose to resign from their assignments in GLG and as Franchise (Peter Hjelte). Both chose to step straight into a competing business (since November 20, a registered company owned by Veselina Valkova, formerly responsible for the business of Onecoin in Sofia, and her boyfriend, Habib Zahid, former Master Distributor for OneLife Network). The reasons say they are, among other things, the events in the USA and that no exchange has taken place and not least the lack of a blockchain. Throughout the time they have been part of GLG Sweden, they have called other defectors "traitors and" haters "and actively blocked and opposed" non-believers "(not least via social media), frozen their accounts and acted as police for the company (GLG has according to agreement a police, supervisory function towards the members). Something that everyone in GLG has signed an agreement on. It is not clear at this time whether they themselves have received frozen accounts or whether anyone has reported them to the company.

GLG was formed in the autumn of 2017. 3 people were included from the beginning in GLG Sweden - Arto Ylitalo (Eskilstuna), Peter Hjelte (Norrköping) and Rolf Östlund (Gävle). Rolf Östlund is still there, but has always been in the background and has not been a significant front figure. Added last year was Roberto Virgili (Gothenburg). He was expelled immediately, probably due to judgments from Sweden with millions in debt. Ola Fabiansson succeeded him and seems to be the one who remains along with Rolf Östlund in the current situation.

According to previous information, the requirement to be part of GLG is a ranking at least, Diamond. In the case of Sweden, only 2 have held such a ranking, but the mentioned people have nevertheless been recommended in the GLG back road and are based on personal relationships rather than merits.

GLG was formed by Frank Ricketts, a consultant hired by the company OneCoin, in the autumn of 2017. The reason was that many self-appointed leaders chose to stop promoting OneCoin-OneLife in the spring and early summer of 2017. This caused all downlines in the network to lose their contact surfaces. These "holes" were closed by new "leaders" taking over. As compensation, these new "leaders" took over the previous leaders' accounts and thus positions.

Peter Hjelte has also had the assignment, as Franchise Sweden. Shared with his wife Maria Hjelte. An assignment Peter undertook after the first choice, Joachim Hjerpe (Gothenburg) resigned after reading the, according to himself, fuzzy agreement during a booked meeting with Konstantin Ignatov in Sofia on December 9, 2018. Peter Hjelte says in a letter have earned a maximum of SEK 10,000, as a Franchise, because his registered company says something completely different. As a Franchise, you receive bonuses for all trading in each jurisdiction and through fees for registering, for example, merchants (information that Peter himself has published). How much revenue is involved in total, we leave unsaid. OneCoin never reports turnover figures, other key figures or annual reports, least of all in fiat currency (EUR). Neither do revisions of their alleged blockchain (they stopped revising already in Aug 2017). What we do know is that very large amounts have been taken out of the company for a long time by both representatives and employees, which has affected all members and not least employees who have not been paid and are now also kicked out on the street by OneCoin.

No newsletter on 23 December.

Members: ~ 3.66 million (December 9)
Value 1 ONE: 29.95 EUR (January 14)

November, 2019

Trial against Mark Scott begins in USA!

November 4. Wonder Wheel has been consistently extended time and time again throughout the year. Now the last date is set for November 10 at 23:59.

The trial against Mark Scott begins today. Mark Scott is the lawyer from the USA, who is alleged to have helped the company, Ruja Ignatova and Sebastian Greenwood to launder money on behalf of OneCoin. After Ruja ignatova disappeared without a trace in October 2017 on her way to Athens, her brother, Konstantin Ignatov, soon took over the helm of the company. Nothing in the newsletter mentions that Konstantin Ignatov's trial will begin soon (7/11). Konstantin Ignatov was arrested on March 6 this year after a recruitment trip to the United States on the initiative of Simon Lee. The prosecution of him in the United States will begin within a few days, almost on the day 8 months after he was arrested by the FBI at Los Angeles airport.

November 5. Announcements on Facebook claim that OneCoin has finally started calculating interest (for those who started CoinSafe starting in early 2017) and who have been promised to be transferred to all affected accounts for a long time. Not least this applies to all members who converted their coins via CoinSafe to OFC during two campaigns, spring (breakpoint 15/3) and autumn (breakpoint 31/10) 2017, before the planned IPO in the second quarter, 2018. An IPO that never got rid of when Ruja chose to flee justice in October, 2017, which meant that the IPO was stopped the same month. According to the terms, all coins would then be converted back to the same exchange rate they were converted to. For those who converted through CoinSafe, interest was included. An interest rate that the company could not handle automatically, but was forced to do manually. The reason for this technical shortage has never been announced by the company OneCoin, but is because the company's systems are corrupt. In addition, a lot of technology disappeared during the great German investigation in early 2018 and which never came back. On the one hand, equipment was hacked by former IT partners. On the one hand, you do not have systems that are connected. Probably also affects the fact that the company lacks a blockchain and thus is forced to handle the technology in another way. May also be due to the lack of coins (despite the fact that the required number of coins should have been extracted to transfer coins in real time, including interest, to the members concerned). The company is hermetically sealed, which means that not everything can be determined or even deduced. The company believes that it has a transparent system and approach, but in reality this is clearly lacking.

November 7. We learn that Konstantin Ignatov, as a witness during the trial of Mark S Scott, admits 4 points - bank fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, money laundering - which can give a maximum penalty of 90 years. This came as a shock to many in Onecoin-OneLife and was quickly wired out around the world. Nothing had been said about this before and everyone thought he would deny everything. The confession had been made several months after the arrest (probably sometime during the summer).

Konstantin's own words when he testified in court against Mark S Scott: - "I knew I was working for a fraud".

As Konstantin has now admitted a crime, no prosecution will be initiated against him, but the verdict will be determined by the judge probably at the end of February 2020 when the verdict against Mark Scott will also be determined. Konstantin's sister Ruja, also the founder and owner of OneCoin, is still on the run from justice.

November 18. Completely empty newsletter. No news, but a repeat of last week.

Finnish TV (YLE / MOT) reviews OneCoin through a series of reports and articles. The first section shows that the Finns, who were among the first to join, invested around EUR 40 million between 2014-2016. Watch the clip here.

November 25. Completely empty newsletter. No news at all, but a clean replay from last week.

More media are now addressing the OneCoin scam. Major newspapers such as Aftenposten and Expressen. Media channels like BBC Sounds (podcast, 8 episodes), YLE Areena, Nexus and others. Still after almost 11 months, no exchange has been launched. A demo was shown in May. It was repeated in September. Then an exchange would come at the end of October. Now we are soon in December and it is completely quiet.

November 29. The company's website Onecoin.eu has been shut down. No official statement or announcement has been made to the members in any form.

October, 2019

OFC bundles - coins will be released!

October 7. OFC bundles - "On October 8, 2019, the next 30% of the coins will be released. The remaining 20% ​​of them will be held for another three months and will receive 15% more coins."

October 14. The wheel of fortune has been extended once again - now until 20 October.

DealShaker expo is by definition an event with more than 50 merchants. If an event has less than 50 merchants, it is called 'a local bazaar'.

October 21. The wheel of fortune has been extended again. Now between 22 and 31 October.

October 28. The company informs "Please be informed that for the period 01 / 11-10 / 11 2019, all users who have an account in joint ownership (Power Pack) can distribute the coins only within their network structure. Make sure that the person who distributes the coins among the users has a written agreement "must be signed by all co-owners with the respective amounts that apply to each of them. If conflicts arise among users and / or someone files a complaint, the person responsible will be the one who is registered in the system as the account owner."

September, 2019

Hearing postponed again - 90 000 OneCoin documents submitted to the court! 

September 2. The company informs for the first time about CoinSafe (manual). "Here you are able to find the short manuals on how to access all educational courses in OneAcademy including the Legal and OneForex packages."

September 6. Hearing (trial) for Constantine has once again been moved forward. This is when Mark S Scott and his lawyer submitted about 90,000 documents to the court. The date has now been moved forward another 2 months. Konstantin has then been arrested in the United States for 8 months without charge. Sebastian Greenwood (No. 2 on OneCoin) is also under arrest, but there is no mention of his case.

September 23. "Recently, it has been noted that several merchants have begun to engage in fraudulent practices outside the Dealshaker platform, which poses a high risk to money for the participants. The agreements in question concern the sale of gold, real estate, motor vehicles and other products with high value."

August, 2019

Merchants commit fraud on DealShaker!

On August 5, the company announced the following: "Recently, it has been noticed that several merchants have started conducting fraudulent practices outside the Dealshaker platform, which poses a high risk to money for the people who participate. The agreements in question concern the sale of gold, real estate, motor vehicles and other high-value products."

Same Fees Date - "To facilitate the process of getting DealShaker franchisees on board, they will be granted a 3-month free period without a sales fee. The sales fee will be mandatory from October 1."

The same mailing - "Merchant Approval Procedure and Offers for DS Expos (DealShaker expo) is by definition an event with more than 50 merchants. If an event has less than 50 merchants, it is called 'a local bazaar'."

The same statement - "Selling Shares of DealShaker Franchisee Company" - "Selling shares of the company holding the DealShaker franchise may result in the immediate replacement of the person selected by the Company as the franchisee. Such a sale is considered a fraud, especially when the seller misleads the buyers that shares in the company holding the franchise are tantamount to buying shares in the DealShaker company itself."

The company clarifies - "If you sell your old possessions that you do not want and need anymore - you are a private seller. If you buy products with the idea of ​​selling them later - you run a business and you must be registered as a company, according to Amazon" T & C, for example.On the contrary - according to DealShakers Terms, both categories are defined as individual sellers.If you are an entrepreneur with a private company, the offers you upload are typical of your business and they are run as a regular profession, you must create a trading account as a registered company."

Wonder Wheel is further extended. Now until the 11th of August.

On August 12, the company announces that - "We have noticed that some franchisees have not approved any merchants or offers. The list includes: Tanzania, Iraq, Nigeria (access problems), Angola and Mozambique, Rwanda and Burundi, Ghana, Morocco, Great Britain and Wales and Turkey, Spain."

The company further states - "If you do not give a reasonable explanation for their absence of seven days, further action will be taken. The responsible individuals have their franchise agreement terminated." New Franchise is - "The 5 new franchise countries are: Greece, Serbia, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia."

August 12 Newsletter. "As a token of gratitude for the hard work and fantastic effort, OneLife and DealShaker have some special surprises for all new merchants, first offers and their sponsors: A new merchant will be awarded 100 tokens for merchant profile approval. "Trade approval is granted to 100 merchants to the merchant. INCREASE IN TOKENS. The sponsor of a new trade approval on DealShaker will be granted 500 tokens instead of 100 as it has been until now."

The newsletter on August 19 announces the company - "Exchange preparations in 3 steps". The company announces; "It is time to start preparing for the launch of the stock exchange. In order to use the platform's correct function and its correct use from all users, we want to highlight certain topics of interest."

In the same mailing - "The 5 new franchise countries are: Czech Republic, Malawi, India, Uganda, Cyprus".

Wonder Wheel is further extended. The campaign is now running between 27 Aug and 10 Sept.

The company has since 3 Dec 2018 campaigned for a reduction of Tokens by -45%. In the autumn of 2017, 20% tokens on all packages were removed. We can now state that the Company has chosen to remove the latter campaign completely from the newsletter. Since 19 August, this listing no longer exists. Aug 26

You will find the latest information articles 'Coins for merchants' and updates regarding the centralized blockchain on Onecoin.eu.

July, 2019

MDP step 2 iniated, Franchisers and fraud!

On July 1, the company will for the first time publish a manual on how to gain access to the education academy, OneAcademy, including Legal and the Forex packages.

"Please be informed that the 2nd stage of the mandatory discount period began from 8 July 2019. During this step, 30% of the coins will be released. Step 2 will continue until 7 October 2019."

The wheel of fortune is further extended, now to 14 July.

On July 22, the newsletter Compliance Update will be announced, but nothing concrete is linked to where, who or when. The text may therefore be considered general. "Here is some useful information on how important it is to have a written contract."

Warning for Fraudulent Conduct by Franchisees; "Please be informed that the DealShaker Franchisee model is Intuitu personae (because of the person). This means that any sale of shares from DealShaker Franchisees by current franchisees is completely unacceptable and they are NOT approved by the parent company."

The wheel of fortune is extended again, now until July 24.

In July 29, the company announces in its newsletter "Approval procedure for traders and offers for DS Expos."

Furthermore ... "DealShaker expo is by definition an event with more than 50 merchants. If an event has less than 50 merchants, it is called 'a local bazaar'."

On July 29, the company clarifies the meaning of individual logged in users and merchants and the differences therein; "If you sell your old possessions that you no longer want or need - then you are a private seller. If you buy products with the idea of ​​selling them later - then you are running a business and you must be registered as a business, according to Amazon. T&C, for example, according to DealShakers T&C, however, both categories are defined as individual salespeople. registered company." The wheel of fortune is extended once again, now to 11 August.

June, 2019

Hearing postponed again, OneCoin returns to old  DealShaker platform!

On June 2, the company announces in a press release that all investigations that the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate has previously processed against the business have ceased. On May 2, the authority confirmed that no processes exist, it states.

Once again, a new date has been set for another hearing by Konstantin Ignatov, now set for July 19.

On June 3, the company announces; You return to the old trading platform, DealShaker. New process for placing offers and fees on DealShaker is presented.

The wheel of fortune is extended once again, now until 18 June.

May, 2019

CoinCloud shut down, weekly exchange summaries!

Between April 25 and May 10, the company will reintroduce Infinity packages. The package provides 300,000 tokens, 3 splits and costs 27,500 EUR. The package can be combined with other packages and then gives 4 splits in total and Wonder Wheel (% more tokens).

On April 22, the company announces that the OneCoinCloud packages are no longer offered. All packages ordered in 2019 will be refunded. In early May, the company wants to draw everyone's attention to the negative effects of the ongoing business involving modern recruitment patterns in the new Dealshaker platform directly linked to the Dealshaker Franchise.

From May 10 and next fridays, the company will start to provide summaries of reports for the upcoming exchange platform (10/5 will be published week 1).

On May 23, the CoinCloud service will end and everyone is encouraged to migrate their data before then. On the same day, the company announces that; "Please be informed that due to recent technical issues the New DealShaker should no longer be used. All merchants should transfer their deals back to the old DealShaker which is currently being upgraded by our IT Team. We are sorry for the inconvenience! Stay tuned for further updates regarding the DealShaker platform. ".

Wonder Wheel is further extended, now to May 10.

Wonder Wheel is further extended, now until May 24.

On May 24, a hastily convened meeting was held in Sofia between ropes for the company, franchisees and others. It emerged that they had broken off the collaboration with New DealShaker and its team. In notices, both accusations and denials appeared from the company and the team. At the time of writing, no one knows what really happened, but the company urges all merchants to return to the old platform and terminate their agreements by sending an email. When old DealShaker can be launched is nowhere stated.

On May 27, hearing two was to be held with Konstntin Ignatov. No information emerged. On May 29, a notice flourished on Facebook, where it emerged that Konstantin appeared on May 28 instead and then pleaded not guilty to the accusations of money laundering. New date set for June 6.

April, 2019

Hearings postponed time after time!

A meeting between the parties will take place on 22 April. It is argued that a desposition is desired. The hearing is initially set for April 26, but will be moved to April 27. The hearing is said to have lasted for 4 hours. Following a request from the DOJ continuance), as well as the approval of the defense, the next hearing will take place on 27 May. In April, the Company announces the strategy for exchange in a number of sub-goals along the way (parties 1-4).

February and March, 2019

Konstantin arrested, conversion of OFC iniated!

On February 27, Konstantin Ignatov travels to the United States to organize a DealShaker meeting with tops in the United States. On March 6, he was arrested at Los Angeles airport by the FBI. Great media attention takes place all over the world and at the same time creates great concern in the network. He is being held indefinitely, according to confirmed information from US authorities. The company later confirmed in a press release that Konstantin had de facto been arrested and called on the media to remain calm. On March 12, it is noted that the conversion of OFC to ONE (the first 20%) for all affected members has begun unconfirmed. Wonder Wheel returns once again, now between March 22 and April 5. The reduction of tokens has not yet entered into force and now no date is set for the reduction. 

January, 2019

Still no exchange in sight for OneCoin!

The new DealShaker is not yet available for currency exchange, despite the fact that it has been running since mid-November 2018. There are no licenses and APIs are allowed to be announced from various channels. Login has bothered a lot for members. Trade is said to be able to be carried out, but with few players. All merchants are asked to enter all deals again. Now on the new platform. No currency exchange is possible, which lowers interest in this new trading platform. ICO ends on 7 January, however, without the exchange starting on 8 January as planned. All buyers of OFC bundles (ICO participants) now enter into a mandatory discount period (for 3 periods and 1 year, affected participants receive% of the ONEs converted from OFC). By January 8, 2020, 100% of converted OFCs will have been posted to the accounts of relevant participants (ICO). Any exchange (currency trading) starts no earlier than January 8, but was moved forward when the date is passed. Members will be notified in a press release / newsletter on 9 January that; everyone who converted in 2017 will have their OFC re-converted at the earliest, starting in March and ending in July (20% is posted per month). Compensation is said to be paid (as well as interest for those who converted via CoinSafe). No date has been set for future currency trading (internal and / or external) to members. The company announces that; "those who bought OFC during ICO are allowed to exchange at the earliest after all OFC has been converted". Exchange on the new DealShaker is made possible by the redemption of acquired coins via PayPal. Merchants are prioritized first and the PayPal account must be in place before the sale can take place, 100% for merchants. Those who bought ICO bundles will receive their OFC -> ONE at the earliest after 8 Jan. Participants in ICO will thus exchange currencies before members of the OneLife Network, who will have to wait until the end. Restrictions will probably also be introduced for currency trading. Information abounds that a "central bank" is underway (currency trading). No date has been set or has been communicated to members when any exchange will be in place (for security reasons). The company announces in several newsletters in a row that it intends to make a new reduction in the number of tokens when purchasing training packages by about -45% on average by the beginning of February. Wonder Wheel reappears and runs from 11 Jan to 20 Feb.


January to December, 2018

The year begins with an extensive OneCoin investigation!

The year begins turbulently with the launch of an extensive investigation by German prosecutors (investigators) together with Bulgarian authorities. Ongoing all spring. Attacks are being made on the head office in Sofia and a number of third-party players. The business is hit hard by confiscated, technical equipment. Many employees choose to quit and they also lose IT partners. The investigation comprises a total of 6,000 pages, including appendices. The company announces later in the spring that the investigation has been closed. No irregularities exist let the company announce via press release.

From the first quarter, OneLife Network Ltd. will start a leadership program entitled New Generation.

An "upgrade" of DealShaker is planned for the spring.

On April 1, the company approves driving licenses as a document for KYC through a short notice in the backend.

The consultant (for GLG), Frank Ricketts, ends his assignment at short notice on 30 June.

A new CFO is appointed to be responsible for payments and the "new" DealShaker, Duncan Arthur.

During the summer, Master Distributor, Sebastian Greenwood, disappears from the company and the founder's right hand. This means that numbers 1 and 2 are out of business.

During the summer, a new IT partner is hired as it was previously fired (Monchi).

A new Master Distributor will be appointed at the end of June, José Gordo.

At the end of August, two more new Master Distributors will be appointed, Simon Le and Habib Zahid.

The upgrade of DealShaker is scrapped and a completely new trading platform is built instead. Launch will take place after several launches on 16 November. However, members are not yet able to shop. The payment system, gateways, licenses and APIs are not in place and are being slowed down by Sofia. It is therefore intended to run the old platform in parallel (history cannot be transferred to the new one).

All packages over Tycoon Trader will be phased out between May and August (Premium and ILP). New training packages will be launched in September, laws and regulations regarding ICO.

The ICO was to begin in 2017 was stopped. ICO starts instead on 8 Oct and runs until 7 Jan (2019). Aimed at stakeholders other than members. The IPO was stopped in the autumn of 2017 (after Ruja disappeared without a trace). No official notification has been issued to members by the company that the IPO has been stopped (means that no OFCs are converted back, even though this is stipulated in the terms in case the IPO should be stopped).

The KYC process has caused members great concern during the year with extremely long processing times for support.

During the autumn, the company will present an external partner, Jumio, which will accelerate the KYC process for members. The process only takes place through the new DealShaker and has fees.

Since the investigation at the beginning of the year, the blockchain has lagged behind in the comparison between theoretical extraction and what the company itself reports graphically in the backend. No reason for the delay has been communicated to members. The company stopped its reports of the blockchain audit in August, 2017. This means that no one knows exactly how many blocks or ONEs have been extracted so far.

Members: ~ 3.5 million (Dec 31)
Value 1 ONE: 26.95 EUR (31 Dec)



January to December, 2017

Going public second quarter of 2018!

The IPO process will begin at the beginning of the year. The second quarter of 2018 is the plan to go public. Members can then buy / sell the coin.

Members were offered to convert their Onecoin to OFC during 2 campaigns, one in the spring and one in the fall. At IPO, the said OFC is redeemed for shares. Members thus become shareholders.

The trading platform, DealShaker, will be launched on 16 February.

Internal currency trading on Xcoinx is stopped.

IPO moves to fourth quarter (Oct 8, 2018).

March 15 Pierre Arens is appointed new CEO of Onecoin.

During the summer (July 14), a webinar, by the founder, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, announced that an ICO will be launched on October 8 of the same year (IPO will be stopped). Information about this will be published during the autumn and a page will be built for the purpose. However, the ICO is stopped (no reason given).

After the summer, the founder, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, disappears without a trace after a flight to Athens, Greece.

Early in the autumn, the number of tokens will be reduced by 20% on all packages.

During the autumn, the company will be reorganized. New management team Sofia is formed.

A consultant (Frank Ricketts) will be hired during the autumn, who will be commissioned to form a new leadership (network) and will be named Global Leader Group (GLG). Aim, to fill in the gaps after the leaders who chose to quit or were allowed to leave in the spring / early summer, 2017.

In early autumn, the company announces that it will reduce the number of tokens by 20% when purchasing training packages. The power pack, which has been sold for a long time, is being phased out. Instead, a new package is launched, the Initial Launch Pack.

Pierre Arens, CEO since March 15, suddenly chooses to terminate his employment for unknown reasons.

On December 4, the company announces via press release that Kari Walroos is no longer welcome as Europe's ambassador for the network.

Members: ~ 3.32 million (Dec 31)
Value 1 ONE: 20.75 EUR (31 Dec)


January to December, 2016

OneLife Network reaches its peak

On January 16, the company announces that it has incorporated the OPN network into its own, OneCoin.

In January, a new product is launched, CoinSafe, where members are offered to place their free coins (balance) against interest, there are 3 choices of periods.

At the beginning of the year, a MasterCard is promised to all members. You even hand them out at events. However, the campaign falls for unknown reasons and the card becomes nothing.

On February 8, the campaign ends with the Festival package.

On March 1, a new package is launched, Infinity, the largest and most expensive to date and which also includes 7 levels Finance.

At the beginning of March, it is announced that it has incorporated a network, UniverTeam, with 120,000 members (Latin America / Brazil).

In mid-March, they upgrade and improve their security solutions, One CoinCloud.

On April 11, the company will make a price adjustment of all packages by + 10%.

On April 28, they celebrate with pomp and circumstance the opening of their new office in Sofia.

From May 3, the company accepts Bitcoin as payment for the purchase of packages.

In May, it is announced that a new payment card will be introduced, the China UnionPay "One Net Upi" card.

During the month of May, a new package, Tripple 5 (sold for a limited time) will also be introduced.

In June, the company is divided into 3 business areas; OneCoin (the cryptocurrency), OneLife Network (the network) and OneAcademy (the education academy).

New website launched for OneLife Network in June.

In June, it was also announced that the network, BNG, had been incorporated into OneLife Network.

The launch of the company's first own product, OneTablet, will be announced in June in the newsletter.

In July, it will be announced that Sharia compliance regarding CoinSafe will be introduced.

At the end of August, two new packages will be introduced, Tycoon Trader and Ultimate.

On September 12, a new card, China UnionPay, will be launched.

On October 1, you switch to a faster blockchain. Extraction will now take place with 120 billion coins, where 50,000 coins are constantly being mined every minute. All members are compensated with twice as many Onecoin as they have in assets in their accounts at the current time.

In October, a new CEO of OneLife, Pablo Munoz, will be hired.

During the autumn, a new product will be presented, a Merchant App (Mobile App Builder).

In September, the company announces that the WeShare network has been incorporated into the OneLife Network. This means that 4 networks have been incorporated with 750,000 members from other networks. A total of 2 million members joined during the year, including the 4 mentioned networks.

Members: ~ 2.83 million (Dec 31)
Value 1 ONE: ~ 7.85 EUR


January to December, 2015

Blockchain launch and mining starts!

The blockchain will be launched on 20 January. Mining is started at the same time by the coin, OneCoin. The first 60,000 coins are mined (out of a total of 2.1 billion). Extraction for members will not start until 26 January. In January 2015, 4.29 million coins were mined.

On April 1, there will be a merge between OneCoin and Congligus (Steinkellers).

The cryptocurrency casino, CoinVegas, opens its doors on June 1.

On July 4, OneCoin officially opened the US market.

In August, the Premium package comprising 6 levels of Finance will be launched.

In the same month, it is announced that the restriction on sales on OneExchange will be increased by 20%, ie you may sell more per day. At the same time, a ceiling of a maximum of 1.5% sales per day of their free coins is introduced.

On November 30, the company announces - "Due to recent regulatory changes, OneCoin will only allow members with a complete and approved KYC procedure, to sell coins on One Exchange."

In early November, OneCoinCloud - a storage service and security solution - will be launched.

On 31 December, the campaign ends with the One Prepaid card.

During the year, 4 Crown Diamond, 8 Black Diamond, 27 Blue Diamond, 147 Diamond, 579 Emerald, 3404 Ruby and 17,910 Saphire leaders were created in their network.

In December, just over 435 million coins were mined. In December, 20.6% of OneCoins had been mined, compared with 0.20% in January.

Members: ~ 811,000 (Dec 31)
Value 1 ONE: 0.10 EUR (20 Jan).
Value: ~ 3.95 EUR (31 Dec)


January to December, 2014

OneExchange opens on October 24!

On October 24, OneExchange opens.

OneCoin integrates China UnionPay on November 24.

From 24 November, the company will set up a purchasing function for the mandatory accounts. If you have not ordered a change for the money in the mandatory account during the last 7 days, the system will automatically buy tokens for a member.

Oct 24: 3,000 members
Nov 5: 4,000 members
Nov 12: 5,000 members

On December 18, it is announced that a new Hong Kong office has been opened.

Members: ~ 30,000 (Dec 31)
Value 1 ONE: 0 EUR (no extraction started).