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OneLife Network newsletter July 7, 2020


* New Blockchain Packages Levels 1 & 2
*Lucky Training Draw
* The Legend of the One: Bucharest Romania
* One Academy... The Heart
* New Payment Method
*Announcement of DealShaker’s New Country Manager
* Merchant's Shout Out: Japan and Canada
* China Merchants - 3.15 Inspection and Fidelity Certificate
* Vietnam DealShaker Fair Sunday 12th July
*Deal Shaker Caribbean ONEline Shopping Adventure 15th July
*Global Online DealShaker Expo 25th July
* Events Calendar
*Deutschland/Germany Online DS Expo 09th Sept
* Dr. Ruja's Quote of the Week
* One Academy Quote of the Week
* Lucky Training Draw Special Awards
* Lucky Training Draw Super Promotion
* Captain's Corner

Announcement of DealShaker’s New Country Managers:

Ethiopia and Rwanda

We wish to extend congratulations to:

Mr. JEMAL AMAN ALIYE for his appointment as Country Manager for Ethiopia
Mr. RWAMUGEMA JEAN PAUL for his appointment as Country Manager for Rwanda

“Captain’s Corner”
Do you feel it in the air? Do you understand, or are you wondering what I am speaking about? I want to make a very bold and serious statement. I wanted to save this message for our Romania event. But, let me give you a sense of what I will discuss at the event.

I heard someone mention the words “new generation” regarding us in OneLife. I want to correct that immediately. Please, all active leaders and everyone personally involved in growing the business, since the most important part of the network, is for us to develop individuals, merchants and enroll new students into our One Academy/new IMAs in our organization. Because “if we are not growing, we are dying”, which is a favourite quote of mine. For us to be fully alive, we need to grow.

We are not “new generation”. Let me help you understand exactly who we are: we are the quantum leap generation! We are the ones who are going to take this opportunity within the next 18-24 months to leaps and bounds like never seen before, where no IMA has ever reached.

This is the new opportunity for us my friends. I am letting you know that if you have not yet made a personal purchase of the Blockchain course, do this with IMMEDIATE EFFECT and utilize the value of the 50/50 option. Do this so you can see yourself having the success you deserve by focusing and building the OneLife Network. I assure you that within the next 18-24 months, you are going to be the Hero and Legend of your family, once you decide to take yourself and business seriously and treat it as a professional opportunity, you will be your family’s Hero and Legend.

Let us just dig deep and understand where we are as well as the timing, which is most important in any business. There is no greater time to make it happen. OneLife for More Life, people! Build, build and build some more. OnesOut

Wishing you amazing success,
Your humble captain and friend,
King Jayms

This is only an exctract from the newsletter!


OneLife Network newsletter June 30, 2020

What's featured this week?

*Lucky Training Draw
* The Legend of the One: Bucharest Romania
* One Academy... The Heart
* Claim Your Award
* New Payment Method
*DealShaker’s New Country Managers
*Merchants’ Shout Out – India, Pakistan and Qatar
*DealShaker: Crazy Delsito Weekend
* Online Global DealShaker Expo 25th July
* China Merchants - 3.15 Inspection and Fidelity Certificate
* Events Calendar
* Dr. Ruja's Quote of the Week
* One Academy Quote of the Week
* Lucky Training Draw Special Awards
* Captain's Corner

Special Notice for IMAs to update Accounts
Dear Members,

We would like to inform you that within the next 4 weeks (until 30/06/2020), EVERYONE MUST update ALL their IMA accounts with the telephone number that they currently use. IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE IMA ACCOUNT, YOU MUST INCLUDE THAT CURRENT PHONE NUMBER FOR EACH OF YOUR RESPECTIVE ACCOUNTS. This information is needed in order to migrate ALL your accounts to our new OneLife system. Each IMA’s phone number will be used as a unique identification key connecting all your accounts should you have more than one. As a result, when a member logs in to one of his/her profiles using the phone number, he/she will have access to all his/her other accounts in one place. That is why it is extremely important to fill in your CURRENT PHONE NUMBER in each account located in “My Profile” by clicking "Edit" in the "MAIN INFORMATION" box.

Announcement of DealShaker’s New Country Manager:
Burkina Faso and Gabon

We wish to extend congratulations to:

Mr. MOUSSA KONE for his appointment as Country Manager for Burkina Faso and Gabon

“Captain’s Corner”

Ah feel good (duh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh) I know that I would...so good …so good.

Oh man!!! colleagues, friends, and family - and haters of OneLife too - I wish you long life! Trust me, right now I am ecstatic, elated, thrilled and everything else associated with enjoyment and excitement!! Why would I say such, you may ask? Well, I had a sneak preview of the Blockchain Level 1 and Level 2 educational packages to come. I must say with everything inside of me, this is the most fantastic product that could have ever been released by this company thus far!
This is inclusive of the Level 1 financial education, which has been the gold mine of our business. Currently, many people are saying that they want Blockchain education. Guess what? We have it now!! but we do not have it offered in the normal manner provided by regular educational institutions. You see, those universities and other educational institutions which sell their education have some knowledge on Blockchain - no denying that - but the information we have comes with free tokens that can be mined to generate OneCoins. As such, the theoretical/academic knowledge gained can be translated into practical experience; thereby providing a mixture of theory and practical, which is clearly the best of both worlds. Who else has that to offer?

Let me say to you “you are all blessed and highly favoured to even know about this Company, be a part of us and grow with us”. The exponential growth that we desire and require to fulfill the goals of the company happens NOW!!! The timing is splendid, because the event, the Legend of the One, is so nearby, and we are already getting these delightful releases from the company! I will expound later on the details on the release of the Blockchain courses and the 50/50 opportunity. If you wanted to so-call "cash out", now is the best time to do so. If you are not buying 50/50 packages and bringing in IMAs, you have missed the mark of how you can “cash out”. You have missed the fact that in buying these packages and selling to others, you are placing yourself into a strategic position for wealth legacy. I am talking about money that cannot finish! Because we will make it become a form of payment which is accepted across the globe. Thus, you would be able to walk into any country and tender our ONEs because we aim to become the reserved cryptocurrency of the globe. But it all begins with building our organization.

I want to encourage you with everything inside of me to focus and build your business and do not deny yourself by not getting people started today at this very moment! Listen to what is up, the release of the Blockchain courses will be done this coming Friday. Friends get your money together! If you want more information, tune into the webinar scheduled for this Wednesday and see the Co-Captains as they are having meetings across the world discussing this further.
Wednesday you will get a sneak peak of the contents of the course. Tune in, people!! Make it a date and do not be late!! We only have spaces for 500 people.

On Friday there will be a special webinar. Get ready to buy! Get ready to buy! Oh, how I love OneLife, because it leads to more life!

Blessings to all, I love and highly respect you all!

Your Humble Servant

King Jayms

This is only an extract from the newsletter! 


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