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OneLife Network newsletter Jan 20th, 2021

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*Captain King Jayms and Team on National Television
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With the remarkable training which took place on Sunday, I am so elated that we had key people tuning in to receive the information. Everyone is now ready to rock Eagle and become Diamond, so they would not miss the Diamond trip!

At the training, I read the “Recruiter's Creed” from my mentor, Mr. Brian Carruthers. I want to post this Recruiter's Creed right now because I am not sure if all of you understand that this is the focus. This Recruiter's Creed will guarantee you the success you want and the value from your coin you desire. Implementing and using this Recruiter’s Creed will help us to deliver on all the fulfillment of the One Ecosystem. I implore you to not just read it, but let it become a part of you while you become a part of it. Every morning you must read it and let it push you.
The Recruiters Creed

I know that to gain the freedom I truly desire; I must recruit daily. Freedom will never come from my Labors alone. I agree that I must attract and build a team of like-minded, ambitious go-getters who also want leveraged income to create freedom for their families.

I recognize that in order to attract other people to my business, I must become more attractive. Every day I need to put my best self forward, and constantly improve. I need to be absorbing good books and audios every day, because that which I feed my brain will come across in my conversations. I promise to read or listen to personal development at least 10 minutes every day.

I demand of myself a focus on being a better listener and talking less. I know that I need to stop convincing and start solving. Recruiting is all about them, not me. I am genuinely interested in learning about people’s lives, and helping them to see a solution to make their lives better.

I have a precise plan, a proven system, that I commit to following. I will not look for new ideas, but instead I will remain 100% coachable and do what my mentors have taught. I know that because the system has already worked for many, it will absolutely work for me too.

I will always lead by example. I cannot expect others to do what I am not doing myself. I will prospect at least two new people every day. I will not go to sleep without having done so. I know this is not a trivial commitment, but rather a requirement for success. I will do my two a day, and therefore I will create an army of others doing the same. THIS will create momentum in my business.

I live by a code whereby I always tell the truth. I do not need to tell false stories, because the truth about my opportunity is good enough. Time will always promote or expose everyone, so I always look forward to being promoted for all the good that I represent.

I will sign my name to this formula, and I will read it aloud every day. I believe in my heart that the daily repetition of this creed will cause its truths to grow roots in my soul and shine into the world constantly through my daily words and actions. I am 100% confident that I am building my empire through this formula.


See yourself doing the victorious daily discipline of 2 a day. 2 a day! It's simple: talk to 2 people every single day and let us explode and blow up. It's all about the One Ecosystem adding more to your life. Next week I will share with you the dream flu shot!

One EcoSystem is more to your Life….
Your humble servant and Captain,
King Jayms
Ones Outs

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OneLife Network newsletter Jan 14th, 2020

*OneLife Core Team 90-Day Game Plan: 17th Jan 2021
*Your Greatest Opportunity To Become A Diamond
*Eagles December Qualification Extended to 15th Jan 2021.
*Wonder Wheel: Continues to 31st March 2021.
*50/50 Payment for Educational Packages Continues
*One Academy... One Heart
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*Merchant's Shout Out
*Scam Alert: Beware of Property Scams
*One Academy: Quote of the Week
*Dr. Ruja's Quote of the Week
*Captain King Jayms and Team on National Television
*Captain’s Corner

We are happy to announce that our Block Explorer has been turned on. This feature would enable you to see hash to hash transactions and is currently available internally, to our OneLife network only. However, we will assess over a period of time to determine if the option should be made available for outside networkers to view our Block Explorer.

Please note the following formula as a breakdown and explanation of the Block Explorer and how it works:

One 42.50 € - Price

Difficulty 86400000 TH - Time that it takes to turn tokens into coins

Block Height 3075534 - The block height of a particular block is defined as the number of blocks preceding it in the blockchain

Total Txs 698318 - Total number of transactions for the period

Market Cap 10625000000000 € - Price * Volume

Volume (24h) - 646457377.13 - How much coins are traded for the past 24H

Change (1h) - what is the change between this hour and the previous one

Change (1 day) - what is the change between this day and the previous one

Change (1 week) - what is the change between this week and the previous one

The new blockchain is designed especially for our (One coin) needs and it can be adapted to our requirements.

Currently, the setup is producing 1 transaction per second, but this transaction can be with unlimited amount of coins.

This format is better for the initial migration because we are processing billions of coins to the network and the entire balance from the old platform is coming as one transaction to the user’s account in the new platform.

If we increase the number of transactions per second, we need to decrease the allowed amount of coins per transaction and in the end, we will have slower migration.



What is the Brand that I am always speaking about? Many times, you hear me mention that the Brand is bigger than me and you. Even though we ARE the Brand, the Brand stands regardless of who leaves the organization. Many people get confused and use the Brand's name thinking that they are the superstars of the Brand.

This week, Today, I hope to clarify to us all, this subject of the Brand. You see, I had a very interesting week, and had conversations with many, including colleagues in Trinidad. They opened my eyes to understand that too many people are affected and infected by the Company’s past, and they allow past successes to hinder their future successes.

In reflecting on a book, I read a while ago, Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore. He speaks about crossing that chasm and jumping through stages that most people expect to be normal steps of progress when referring to prior successes. However, we cannot and should not do this. I hope that today would mark the day where there is full closure when it comes to who we are.

As we go forward to market this Brand, we are developing in so many ways, you would not believe your eyes when you start to see the story unfold. First and foremost, the Brand is One Ecosystem. From now on, when you are having a conversation with someone to join DealShaker, OneAcademy, OneForex or OneLife, do not approach each segment as separate entities. Do not confuse yourself and discuss “the umbrella and all the functions”. There is no need to explain every function of the Ecosystem with a new individual from the onset. What you can discuss is that we are creating a society and they need to join our One Ecosystem which surrounds the One. “One Ecosystem is the Brand that I always refer to and it is exceptional, it is needed, and it is a community that you should and must join”. I am not referring to you, the existing members, but this is a reminder for you to find new members that deserve to be a part of our project.

We must respect that we are exiting the Innovator's Phase. There are five Phases when it comes to technology and the concept of its growth and development. They are the: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority and the Laggers. I want you to take pride in knowing and understanding that the first stage which you and I are a part of is ending and we are crossing over into a new chasm. This is going to bring people in abundance if you so decide to personally grow in the concept of who we are. You will be able to tell people exactly what we offer and sell and why we sell it. Remember that we are a solution to the existing problem in the world. That solution is no longer losing buying power by deflation of currency or being confused about the lack of transparency because we now have Blockchain Technology which can reduce fraud and duplicity. The solution is cost efficient transactions using peer to peer payment systems that’s what we offer comrades. OneFamily, our One Ecosystem has been totally demystified as of today. Do not be confused about the Brand, it is the One Ecosystem. Is the Ecosystem complete? NO not as yet, this is what we are working on together as a country that we are. The system will get completed however each of us need to do our part.

The stage of Early Adopters its where we will find people with the ability to match new technology with strategic opportunity and the ability to buy into the vision of the company. This is where we are going to get Educated Miners because we are going to sell them the correct story, friends. The Educated Miners who come in will be the people who will take the company to the new sphere of the Early Majority. Many people act as though this Cryptocurrency Saga is finished, and they fail to realize that it is now starting. The start is even more upon us when Regulations set in. But, for this Regulation, we have to build the Brand and in building it, we have to push the One Ecosystem.

We are currently organising the OneEcosystem.life training website which will be launched in the not-too-distant future. Materials and opportunities to learn, grow and develop via the Eagle Program would be available. I am hoping you understand that this is a new, new organization. It is not what you have known before and it is not for you to sit back and wait on outcomes which you expect due to the old days. New days are what we are forging, and new experiences are what we are going to create.

In the book, I remember when he spoke about the D-Day analogy regarding the ally forces’ long-term plan to take over the mainstream markets of Europe. But, to get that control, there was a step-by-step method for them to accomplish the mission. Friends, sadly, we have never had a step-by-step mission as it relates to building our One Ecosystem regarding MLM leadership. The company always had a step-by-step approach; however, the leadership and company never saw eye to eye to agree to push in the same direction. Now is the first time this has occurred, where you can be confident that as the Network grows the Company grows and vice versa. I would like you to note we all have a “TASKS” on hand.

T - for Talents that are our natural gifts and strengths.
A - for Attitudes that represent our paradigms - our ways of seeing, as well as our ways of being.
S - for Skills that are our proficiencies or the things we can do well.
K - for Knowledge that represents our learning, insight, understanding and awareness.
S - for Style that represents our unique approach and personality.
(Taken from the book Speed of Trust)

The end in mind here is to develop our TASKS and to match them to the tasks at hand and our biggest TASKS is building our ONEECOSYSTEM. We need to create the best possible alignment between our natural gifts, our passions, our skills, knowledge, and style along with the opportunity to earn, to contribute, to make a difference. The same is true of our Company and You the IMAs who lead we cannot simply rely on what had been successful in the past and fail to respond to the needs and challenges of the NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY. And the biggest challenge in the globe right now is understanding we provide, we sell and we embody full understanding with our One EcoSystem so be proud and help people join our Brand our Country our ONE!!

OneEcoSystem is more to your Life.........

Your humble servant and Captain,
King Jayms

This is an excerpt of the newsletter!


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CoinCorner.se has since start posted all newsletters and official announcements from OneCoin-OneLife Network. However, after the arrests and trials in USA only excerpts from these official newsletters are posted on this page releveant for visitors and all members considered as victims. Follow the newsfeed.

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