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OneLife Network newsletter Sept 24th, 2020


*Soar Like an Eagle Promotion

* One Academy... One Heart

*Phases of Development

*Warning and Scam Alert

* Merchant's Shout Out

* Events Calendar

*DealShaker Learning Event Bangsaen, Thailand

*J. A.C: Japan Australia Canada - United to bring Usability on 3rd Oct

*Captain King Jayms and Team on National Television

* Dr. Ruja's Quote of the Week

* One Academy: Quote of the Week

*Operational Structure

* Captain's Corner

Warning & Scam Alert

OneCoin scam

Dear Members

Please note that some scammers are using OneCoin’s name and Logo for ICO Investment therefore we want to confirm to our community that this is a pure scam so please beware and stay away from such con artists and save your friends & family members too. If you find such suspicious activities just let us know so we can pass on the information to relevant authorities.

Thank you


Another OneCoin scam

Operational Structure
Based on the conversation with our Captain King Jayms, we at Corporate agree with the following format which he will be introducing to the Network along with the Co-Captain Board. The Company is therefore committed to strategically working with Mr. King Jayms to create an efficient One Ecosystem. We look forward to the unfolding of this plan within the next couple of weeks.

So, we have the following:

The Company

The Captain

The Co Captains Board

The Core Teams :>

1) DealShaker headed by Raul Pazos assisted by Cristi Calina and Thanh Duong

2) Onelife Core headed by Emil Blumer assisted by Luca Miatton

3) One Academy/Oneforex headed by Ivan & Michelle Mark (IMA) assisted by Michael Yeo

4) Communication/Legal headed by Muhammad Adeel and assisted by Stanislavs Gorins & Anita Jemeljanova

5) One World Foundation headed by Jonathan Hoyoung Park and assisted by Patrice James

Each team should have 12 IMAs preferably 2 from each continent.

ONE(Onelife) Quantum Group

Onelife Network

“Captain’s Corner”

We are outstanding, so we stand out, this is the story of ONE my friends. What an interesting week that passed by and an even more interesting one to come!! Allow me to share one of the most impressive posts I have seen in a very long time, coming from my OneLife brother HZ hailing from Algeria; HZ shared the following:

“You should know that data migration doesn't take minutes or even hours! This process is time-consuming and to some extent unpredictable. No one can say accurately the exact amount of time that will have to be spent on moving the old data. However, there are several factors that can affect this time and approximately assess it. Among factors influencing data migration time are:

- The amount of data being transferred.
- The extent to which the data will be transformed during the transition.
- The occurrence of any errors during the process.

So, friends, CHANGE IS IN PROGRESS. Just be patient and TRUST THE PROCESS.”

With that being said, we will be moving from zero to 100 very quickly!! I am so happy that the Company has allowed the Eagles Promotion mentioned earlier to take place. I see this as an opportunity for Eagles to Soar, and for the real believers to activate themselves. My words of encouragement to you all: be as fully inspired and confident in the process as I am. Every week we are growing stronger and getting closer to seeing this Company do exactly what the IMAs desire.

We have just seen the company’s approved Operational Structure rolled out, and with such an important structure being put in place, everyone ought to understand that there is only one Captain. There is no Captain of Asia, Latam or any other group of Countries or Continent. The only Captain is myself and alongside me are the Members of the Co-Captains Board. And, with the introduction of the Operational Structure we will create a system that leaves a legacy for Centuries. I am really looking forward to working and developing the system with the Leaders and delivering it within the next couple of weeks. Systems are what any successful business is built upon. Anyone can achieve their desired success once they plug into the system.

My friends, we are in the middle of creating history with this OneLife One Ecosystem. I want you to understand your full potential and responsibility with our Brand. I share with you the following revelation: the third world is not poor. You don't go to poor countries to make money. There are very few poor countries in this world. Most countries are rich. The Philippines are rich, Brazil is rich, Mexico is rich, Chile is rich, the entire continent of Africa is VERY RICH!!!! Only the people are poor, but there are billions to be made there, to be carved out and be taken. There have been billions for 400 years. The capitalist European and North American powers have carved out and taken the timber, the flax, the hemp, the cocoa, the rum, the tin, the copper, the iron, the rubber, the bauxite, the gold, the diamonds, the slaves and the cheap labour have been taken out of these countries. These countries are not underdeveloped. They are overexploited, and with our ONE ECOSYSTEM we level the playing field and have the potential to bring overexploiting to a slowdown if not an END!!!! So stand tall, hold your faith in the project, do the actions we have to in order to bring the success to the company and most importantly bring new OneAcademy students into the Light and out of the Financial Darkness they are in.

Your humble servant and Captain,
King Jayms

This is only an excerpt from the newsletter!


OneLife Network newsletter Sept 16th, 2020


* One Academy... One Heart
*Links to the Legends of the One: Corporate Presentation
*Phases of Development
*New Platforms: Important Information
* Merchant's Shout Out
* Events Calendar
*Global Online DealShaker Expo Asia and Australia 26th September
*Important Announcement
*Captain King Jayms and Team on National Television
* Dr. Ruja's Quote of the Week
* One Academy: Quote of the Week
* Captain's Corner


Dear IMAs,

We would like to update you on the recent Company activities regarding the OneLife platform migration and the new OneLife system.

Currently, the system is in the process of migrating the information from the old platform to the new OneLife platform. At present, most of your account data might not be visible, such as: bonuses, BV points, wallet balances. These will be available as soon as the procedure is completed, the process of migration is slow due to the large amount of data generated through the years by our valued members.

The profiles of the users have been migrated and as shown in the presentation of the New System your profiles (personal information) will now be merged into one. All your accounts are being added and are accessible from this profile. The credentials (username and password) of this new profile are taken by default chronologically. This means that the username you need to login with, is from the first account you registered in the OneLife system.

For your passwords we are using a high-end external security system and they are not migrated - you need to reset your password using the “Forgot your password?” option. After you reset your password, you need to login with the first username that you registered with your email (even if the account is frozen you still need to use this username).

We are expecting the DealShaker platform to be fully functional soon, however, in order to effectively use it, all your balances data must to be migrated and this will take time.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, however we are all looking for a smart and smooth transition!


Announcement of DealShaker New Country Managers:
Indonesia, Czech Republic, Rwanda, Ethiopia

We wish to extend congratulations to:

MR. JEMAL AMAN ALIYE for his appointment as Country Manager for Ethiopia

We would like to inform our Global OneLife & DealShaker Communities that any and all types of Pre Launching or Crowd Funding projects are prohibited from being advertised on our platform and the Company reserves the right to review any remaining projects approved by the previous Compliance Department.

We have noticed that there are a few cases where Private Sellers are offering their projects outside of the DealShaker Platform, but claiming to be approved by OneLife Compliance which is absolutely misleading, misguiding and demonstration of a form of cheating towards our OneLife & DealShaker Communities.

We would like to request that our OneLife and DealShaker Communities stay away from such projects and not make any payment to such persons whose deals are not active on the DealShaker Platform.

Please note that only ready to hand over projects or off the plans projects will be approved on the DealShaker, exceptions maybe granted to certain Merchants who are funding their projects from their own pockets and are not receiving any part in cash, however, accepting partial payments in ONEs in advance will be permitted.

As a buyer it is your responsibility to read the full Terms & Conditions of active deals on the DealShaker Platform before you purchase anything, and please make sure you contact the seller via the DealShaker Platform, if you have any question or doubts and require clarification.

The Country Managers can always report to the Members of the Captains’ Board if they find any suspicious projects, or notice someone offering illegal projects within the OneLife Community, outside of the DealShaker Platform. so that prompt and appropriate action can be taken to protect our members.

We have received a few complaints from our Members in the Philippines, that someone is trying to sell their project to the OneLife Community which is not advertised on DealShaker, therefore, we are requesting the OneLife Community in the Philippines to stay away from such projects because we never approved any such projects.

We urge you to be very vigilant

Thank you

“Captain’s Corner”

Emotionally Spent

I know many of you, including myself, may at times feel emotionally spent, overwhelmed, anxious and nervous. This week has been for me, one of the most challenging weeks mentally. It reminded me of that period around December when we had the phishing issue, where there were much uncertainty surrounding the network due to the rumours and lies which were being spread. NEVERTHELESS, WE ARE HERE TODAY AND IN THE DRIVER SEAT WAY BETTER THAN ANY OTHER TIME BEFORE. SO PLEASE HAVE NO FEAR AND IF YOU DO, LOOK AT IT THIS WAY- F-ace E-everything A-nd Rise!!!!

The reason why I have had that range of emotions this week is due to the unnecessary fighting for positions of power in different markets, certain demands being made that are not necessary and especially the ungratefulness I have witnessed. So many people want to question and have a say about issues throughout the Company when NONE knew the word Cryptocurrency before they became part of this Company. When NONE had any understanding of Blockchain before the Company, yet all are experts today. What I have noticed however, is that every ‘expert’ who left the organisation have FAILED WITH ABSOLUTE FAILURE thinking they had enough knowledge. Please my OneFamily let us humble ourselves and Trust the Process!!!

Nevertheless, the facts are facts, and we are here today because of the praying people within this network. Our own acts have not caused us to reach where we are, but the prayers and believers who had faith, while others were casting doubts. I had to remind myself that prayer is the only thing that would see us through. This time, too, shall pass.

Anyone speaking foolishness and sharing the idea of 'not working' or 'have a work slowdown' is misunderstanding the idea and concept; and has yet to fully grasp who we are as IMAs and what is our role. What is the work that we, as OneLife IMAs are called to do? It is spreading awareness of a financial system which has been causing problems for decades, having bound people for centuries and causing them to lose buying power and wealth. This is all due to the system which was designed to be flawed and favour only a privileged few.

I ask that you apply yourselves in learning and growing and stop being disrespectful towards the Company by questioning their every move. Be reminded, that it is this same Company which has set your mind free and placed you in the position you are in today.

No one is bigger than the Brand! That includes me, King Jayms. I am replaceable and so are you. If you have that mindset, it will assist you in being humble, which is necessary. I have seen leaders and IMAs who have left from December till present, including our former Captain who is now involved in his second venture or merged venture whatever they want to call it. I have seen people leave this promise land which we have and enter into so called ‘greener pastures’ that turned out to be ‘manure’. It is amazing to me that some think they are smarter than the person who left before, so they will leave more strategically. And some persons who think that they are smart enough to question the authority which has been given to me by the Company. I am no God; I simply have a role to play and my main role is to bridge the vision and share the exact truth and direction the Company heads. Without comprising the truth!!!

All I have to say is that I am grateful to be a part of this organisation and I shall remain humbled; God spare my life. I share an emotional plea to you IMAs who only focus on the money and when it slows down you are ready to quit; please focus on new, innovative ways to build your business and if you cannot live on this business as your income because of financial challenges, get a part time or full time job. (As Jim Rhon says building MLM part time is magic) Do what you must do to live comfortably, there is no argument with that. But do not, at any point, believe that you need to degrade, disrespect, insult or try to crash this concept because of your personal shortcomings; or do another MLM and distract others from this brand. You have your own personal issues and may be trying to pass the blame on to the Company instead of looking at yourself in the mirror and answering to the call. Do yourself that favour of learning. It is my humble suggestion.

So, colleagues, I leave you with this: I am ready, and I hope you are as well, ready to rise up and be the cornerstone of this structure which we are building. Thus, no matter what weather, challenge or storm comes our way, we shall not be shaken, stirred, or confused. We ought to hold steadfast to the vision and the mission and know that it is only together that we can achieve, aspire and have more. I love and appreciate every one of you who are adding value in any way. I thank you and suggest strongly, that you keep the fire burning, focus and build your business. And I am certain the Company loves and respect the faithful trusting IMAs.

Your humble servant and Captain,
King Jayms

This is only an excerpt of the newsletter!



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