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ONECOINCLOUD TO BE LAUNCHED IN THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBERDo you remember one of our very exciting announcements during the event in Macao – OneCoinCloud?

We are happy to inform you that OneCoinCloud will be launched in the beginning of November!

What is OneCoinCloud? Why should you join?

With OneCoinCloud you get a combination of military-level protection solution for storing your sensitive data and the opportunity to browse privately the Internet in one simple, brilliant application that you can install on your computer or mobile device.

The app can be downloaded for computers, both Mac (OS X) and Windows as well as for mobile devices, both iOS- and Android-based.

Why OneCoinCloud?

OneCoinCloud is a unique cloud-based offer for users who are looking for a storage solution with client-side encryption functionality.

All CoinCloud packages provide a military level protection for your data, because the user creates the encryption key and therefore only the user can lock and unlock files. The encryption guarantees that the provider has zero-knowledge of your files.

The OneCoinCloud creates an encrypted drive on your system and therefore ensures that no one but you has access to the stored files. Use the Lock button for additional protection, ensuring that even if your computer or mobile device is lost, no one will ever be able to see your encrypted content!

What can you do with OneCoinCloud?

In one simple, brilliant app both businesses and private persons get the opportunity to store files securely and browse privately the Internet from any location in the world!

OneCoinCloud provides additional storage on your computer or mobile device, where you can store, access and manage your most important, sensitive files at any moment.

Download and install the CoinCloud app on your computer or mobile device.

Choose among 3 OneCoinCloud packages:

  • CoinCloud FREE, giving you client side encryption with zero-knowledge privacy250 MB encrypted storage with high security for one year!
  • CoinCloud, giving you client side encryption with zero-knowledge privacy15GB encrypted storage with military-level protection for one year! On the top of that OneCoin gives you FREE 500 Tokens! All that for only 530 EUR!
  • CoinCloud PLUS is the best offer, giving you client side encryption with zero-knowledge privacy, military level protection, 100GB encrypted storage, a highly secured browser and a VPN connection for one year! Additionally you receive FREE 3000 Tokens! All that for only 3030 EUR!

OneCoinCloud provides:

  • Additional storage on your computer or mobile device, where you can store, access and manage your most important, sensitive files at any moment
  • State-of-the-art client side encryption, meaning that the encryption process is done on your computer or mobile device and the plain text files never leave your device
  • Dedicated VPN connection on the top package, CoinCloud Plus, allowing the user to access restricted websites via encrypted tunnel from any location in the world
  • Secured browser with CoinCloud Plus, which allows the user to browse securely and privately

We will announce more details regarding subscription and incentives for OneCoin members in the Newsletter on Monday, November 2nd.

 More details will follow during the State of the Nation webinar this week on October 29th, 2015:

Day: Thursday

Time: 11 pm Hong Kong time

Place: SIGN UP


OVER 1200 ONECOIN MEMBERS WARMLY WELCOMED DR. RUJA IGNATOVA IN KIEVOver 1200 OneCoin members warmly welcomed Dr. Ruja Ignatova and the OneCoin Team with flowers, gift and a cake on October 21st in Kiev, Ukraine.

Many got autographs from Dr. Ruja on her book in Russian "Learning for Profit" that sold out during the event. As you all know, the profits from the book's sale are used to support local charities. In this case, the funds will be given to a charity organization in Ukraine, supporting children.

We were happy to present our Ukrainian and Kazakhstan members with the latest OneCoin developments in the OneAcademy, OneCard, CoinVegas, OneCoin Cloud and more!

We congratulate all our leaders from Ukraine and Kazakhstan, who celebrated the OneCoin success with Dr. Ruja Ignatova & the OneCoin Team in Kiev!

We were very happy to recognize the achievements of many Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds & a very special Diamond on the Stage! We wish all of you good luck & a greater success in the future!

Best Regards,

The OneCoin Team


THE ONE WORLD FOUNDATION – DONATE NOW!One World Foundation needs your support to continue its work and to realize 3 additional projects in India, Thailand and the Middle East. We would like to raise funds for Dalit children in the poorest regions of India, to facilitate “travelling” libraries in Thailand and to sponsor the education of girls in the Middle East. What is more, we would like to grant scholarships to the Hilltribe students in northern Thailand.

By joining our efforts, you will help us create more educational opportunities and change the lives of hundreds of children. If you would like to become a part of our causes and DONATE, please do it through your bank or OneCoin account in the backoffice > One World Foundation > Donate: http://www.onecoin.eu/backend/owf_page/ 

Join Us! Together We Can Change The World! Open Your Heart And Donate More Than Money!

What projects and causes OWF participated in during 2015?

One World Foundation has been very active during 2015. We have already participated in 5 charity projects, in a number of initiatives and causes across the Globe.

Due to our generous donation, a bridge will be built in the Tân Phú Đông rural district in South-western Vietnam which will help hundreds of children travel safely to school and arrive on time for their classes. They will no longer be prevented from learning due the lack of a safe route to school.

What is more, dozens of children with disabilities, affected by Agent Orange, will receive medical treatment, rehabilitation and enjoy courses and activities adjusted for their needs in the Tay Ninh Peace Village.

In order to help as many children as possible, One World Foundation has joined the cause of the Romanov Fund for Russia. Our significant donation will be used for charitable activities in the Russian Federation and the CIS region, where children with visual and hearing disabilities will be relieved. They will be given new opportunities to learn and develop thanks to the One World Foundation’s indispensable assistance.

One World Foundation is now the main contributor to a project called Morning Light. The Foundation is providing funds for the rent of a special needs training centre in an orphanage in north-west China, where 206 children will receive help to reach their full potential. This includes therapy, training for parents and family members in the local community as well as teaching academic subjects and life skills.

Last but not least, One World Foundation is one of the main sponsors of the international violin competition “Vasco Abadjiev”, held in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a truly prestigious and internationally unique musical forum where young musicians will have the opportunity to show their potential.

For more information and exciting news about our new projects, please visit the OWF website:  http://oneworldfoundation.eu/index.html.


DR. RUJA IGNATOVA GAVE A SPEECH DURING THE FOURTH EU-SOUTHEAST EUROPE SUMMITOn October 15th, the Founder and Owner of OneCoin, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, gave an inspiring speech about the Future of Payments at the Fourth EU-Southeast Europe Summit, held by the Economist.

Prominent Economist journalists and analysts, bankers, economists, politicians as well as businessmen from Google and Uber were among the speakers. The Summit entitled “Countdown to Stability and Growth” brought up for discussion financial, economic, geopolitical, technology and innovation topics.

In her presentation, Dr. Ruja Ignatova discussed the way globalization and technology changed businesses and people as well as the challenges and opportunities that businesses face in emerging markets. Dr. Ruja Ignatova was amongst panelists, discussing the revolution of the financial sector through cryptocurrencies and digital payments in modern economies during the second day of the Fourth EU-Southeast Europe Summit.

The Summit ended with a Gala Dinner, where Dr. Ruja Ignatova had the chance to meet with businessmen, politicians, bankers and economists from Southeast Europe.



On October 21st, you will have the rare opportunity to meet Dr. Ruja Ignatova and OneCoin at the “Ukrainian House” in Kiev (Ukraine) at 18.00h.

Learn more about cryptocurrency and the future of payments with the CEO of OneCoin, Dr. Ruja Ignatova:

  • How can you benefit from using cryptocurrency?
  • How does OneCoin change the world of payments already today?
  • What is the future of payments and transactions in a technologically advanced, global world?

The event will start with a presentation of OneCoin (18.00-19.00h) and then you will meet Dr, Ruja Ignatova (19.00-20.00h). All guests will be admitted but keep in mind that there are a limited number of seats! The event is organized by the local OneCoin network, so for more details - please contact them. 

Place: Kyiv, Khreshchatyk 2, "Ukrainian House", Congress Hall! Landmark - European area (formerly the Library Lenin) Art. Khreschatyk Metro / Independence Square, 300 meters from Maidan.

Time: Starts at 18.00

Take advantage of the unique chance to meet with Dr. Ruja Ignatova – the CEO of one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies globally, OneCoin! See you there!

Best Regards,

The OneCoin Team



On September 17th, 2015 the CFTC defined Bitcoin and all other legitimate cryptocurrencies as commodities, and put them all under the same regulations:


This is a great step towards making cryptocurrency more legitimate and tangible as well as more tradable.

OneCoin examines the new developments with our legal team – if and what licenses will be needed for the company to operate and respect all rules and new regulations. We also strive to register with the SEC in the next time.

Therefore until all matters are clarified, we need to temporarily suspend new registrations from the USA. OneCoin trading will be also restricted for this time period. We also kindly ask all our affiliates to not market the concept during events and through other media.

Please, stay posted for all new developments! We are looking forward to bring OneCoin to the next level!

The OneCoin Team

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CoinCorner.se does not promote Onecoin-OneLife Network and it's affiliate pages!

Especially after USA government started an investigation against OneCoin some years ago. Several front figures in OneCoin and associates has been arrested, put to trial and are waiting for sentences. Due to Corona pandemic sentences and trials has been postponed several times.

CoinCorner.se has since start posted all newsletters and official announcements from OneCoin-OneLife Network. However, after the arrests and trials in USA only excerpts from these official newsletters are posted on this page releveant for visitors and all members considered as victims. Follow the newsfeed.

Since early 2019 a victim support page has been created and gathering relevant information from the ongoing cases in USA. A summarize has also been posted, called "Qryptoqueen". One can also follow OneCoin timeline and view statistics

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