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KYC PROCEDURE IN ONECOIN EXCHANGE FROM NOVEMBER 30TH, 2015A fast growing company with worldwide operations, OneCoin needs to adjust its policies in accordance to changes in regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. In a world, where not only people but also more and more businesses use cryptocurrencies to trade daily, transparency becomes an important issue.

Therefore, due to the latest changes in regulations, OneCoin can allow only members with COMPLETE and APPROVED KYC procedure to SELL coins on the One Exchange. To get an approval of KYC on the Exchange, please include the following information and upload photos in jpg or pdf files:

  • ID – could be your ID card or Passport with your picture and the names registered in your OneCoin account
  • Proof of Address – you must give us a proper proof of your address, meaning that we need to see a UTILITY BILL that has your name (the same as the one on the passport or ID card) and the address you filled in beforehand

Note that member KYC approval may take up to 4 weeks. Any discrepances with regards to unmatched names in your OneCoin profile, your Passport/ID card or Utility Bill will mean that your KYC will not be approved.

The new KYC policies in the Exchange will be enforced from November 30th, 2015.

Therefore to be able to SELL coins from Monday next week, you will have to go to backoffice > Profile > KYC and upload ID and Proof of Address documents as requested. 

In case you have MULTIPLE USER NAMES in OneCoin, remember that to SELL coins from each of your user name accounts, you will have to be KYC APPROVED on each of them separately. That means that you should upload KYC documents to the accounts of each of your user names.

For any questions regarding KYC procedures in the Exchage, please contact: support@onecoin.eu

Best Regards,

The OneCoin Team


SPLIT BAROMETER GOING UP TO 100%? WHAT IS YOUR SPLIT STRATEGY?Have you checked the Split Barometer recently? Take a look at the Split Barometer as it is on the rise again, reaching 90% today! 

Update your Split Strategy and get the most from this Split:

  • Starter package splits once. If you upgrade to Tycoon, it will split two more times!
  • If you have a Tycoon, you receive 2 splits.
  • If you have a Starter package, it will split once. But if you upgrade to Trader, it will split again once. If you then upgrade to Tycoon – the account will split only once more, as every account can split up to maximum three times, except for the new Premium Trader pack!
  • If you have a Premium Trader pack you receive 2 splits, equaling 600,000 Tokens! But with the correct strategy, when moving from TYCOON to PREMIUM, you could benefit from additional splits, in all - up to 4 splits! With Premium Trader, you receive the splits even if your Tokens have been submitted for mining – and additionally, profit from a low mining difficulty. Premium Trader is the only package where the mining difficulty will always be 1 Token less than the mining difficulty of all other packages. Make sure you check the “Automatically mining” box, before submitting Tokens acquired through the Premium Trader package for mining.
  • Now you have yet another opportunity to take advantage of this coming Split! If you have a PREMIUM todayupgrade from PREMIUM to FESTIVAL pack, our latest limited-time offer, and receive +2 more splits on the top of those you've got with the Premium!
  • However, if you have a TYCOON today you have the best opportunity to increase substantially your coins! The BEST STRATEGY for you would be to upgrade from TYCOON to PREMIUM and then to FESTIVAL package before the first split on any of the packages to get maximum Tokens henceMAXIMUM COIN!

Good Luck! 


MEET DR. RUJA IGNATOVA AND THE ONECOIN TEAM IN BANGKOKWe continue to travel around the world to meet all of you, who are interested in OneCoin and the future of payments! This week we will be in Bangkok, Thailand! So, come and join us!

On November 26-27th, 2015 you will have the rare chance to meet Dr. Ruja Ignatova, Sebastian Greenwood, Juha Parhiala and the OneCoin Team in Bangkok!

Learn more about the future of the financial world and the opportunities you have with OneCoin from our Founder and CEO, Dr. Ruja Ignatova!

Get the latest updates about the latest OneCoin products and the high level security system from our Master Distributor, Sebastian Greenwood! Learn all about the things that will allow you to secure your system in the competitive online era!

Learn more about the huge growth of OneCoin worldwide from Juha Parhiala, the 2nd highest earner in global MLM business around the world from total of 5,000 businesses!

Special guest is Dr. Suwit Maysintree, The Deputy Minister of Finance in government of the Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan Ocha!

Besides watching all presentations, the ticket gives you access to the Gala Dinner and all entertainments! There are only 1000 seats left so get your ticket today!


REGISTRATION: from 12pm to 13.30pm

VENUE: Impact Arena Hall 9 2 floor, Muang Thong Thani 

NOTE: All revenue from ticket sale after 30% deducted for expenses will be donated to One World Foundation (For Thai Children)

Book your ticket in contact info: http://coinonline24.com/phone/contact-us.html

CONTACT INFO: www.coinonline24.com 
What's app id : +66881424456

See you in Thailand!


ONECOIN EVENT IN STOCKHOLM (SWEDEN)On November 14th, 2015 you will have the rare opportunity to meet Dr. Ruga Ignatova and OneCoin at the “Scandic Infra City” in Stockholm (Sweden).

Learn more about cryptocurrency and the future of payments with the CEO of OneCoin, Dr. Ruja Ignatova. 

Keep in mind that there are a limited number of seats! The event is organized by the local OneCoin network, so for more details – please contact them.

Place: Scandic Infra City, Kanalvägen 10 194 61 Upplands Väsby Stockholm

Time: Starts at 12.00 – 16.00. Be in time!

Get your ticket here: https://www.lyyti.fi/group/OneCoin_Norden_7433/se

Ticket Price: 42 EUR or 400 SEK

Take advantage of the unique chance to meet with Dr. Ruja Ignatova - the CEO of one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies globally, OneCoin!

See you there!


ONE WORLD FOUNDATION – THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS!Since the very first time we received a Thank You Letter, we were happy to read about the achievements of the people we reached. Thanks to the personal involvement of Dr. Ruja Ignatova with every project we support, we have had the chance to bring a positive change in the lives of children around the world. 

The praises for the projects we were engaged in warmed our hearts and motivated us to continue our work. Thank you for the stories you are sending to us. 

We were happy to find out that our efforts to improve the lives of children and teenagers in China have been successful. The training sessions "You Are Special" with students from the orphanage or welfare centre helped them realize they were special and have taught them to treat others nicer.

We believe that this is a great beginning for a young person to expand his/hers horizon and to build better relationships with others. We hope that this fantastic idea - to boost self esteem and teach people to build better relationships, could be adopted by other organizations and teaching centers. Well done, ChinaHeart!

Join our projects and donate now to ONE WORLD FOUNDATION to continue our charity work: 


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CoinCorner.se does not promote Onecoin-OneLife Network and it's affiliate pages!

Especially after USA government started an investigation against OneCoin some years ago. Several front figures in OneCoin and associates has been arrested, put to trial and are waiting for sentences. Due to Corona pandemic sentences and trials has been postponed several times.

CoinCorner.se has since start posted all newsletters and official announcements from OneCoin-OneLife Network. However, after the arrests and trials in USA only excerpts from these official newsletters are posted on this page releveant for visitors and all members considered as victims. Follow the newsfeed.

Since early 2019 a victim support page has been created and gathering relevant information from the ongoing cases in USA. A summarize has also been posted, called "Qryptoqueen". One can also follow OneCoin timeline and view statistics

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