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PRICE INCREASE MOVED TO APRIL 11TH!We would like to announce that the 10% price increase, which was scheduled for April 1st, has been postponed for April 11th!

Because of the increased amount of package purchases due to the Split, some of our Members were not able to get their requested codes in time, therefore we are presenting the opportunity for Members to purchase all OneCoin Packages for their current value until April 11th!

Be sure to take advantage of our generous offer and upgrade your package now!

Dr. Ruja to be key speaker at OneCoin forum in Kazakhstan!

DR. RUJA TO BE KEY SPEAKER AT ONECOIN FORUM IN KAZAKHSTAN!Attention all Members, Dr. Ruja Ignatova will be making a special appearanceat the OneCoin Economic Forum in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on 9 April, 2016.

The event will take place at the Palace of the Republic on Dostyk avenue 56.

Make sure you purchase your tickets early, as places are limited! The ticket price is 15 EUR.

You can purchase tickets at the Palace of the Republic Ticket centre, or online at www.kassir.kz

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Qiwi.

For more information, please contact your upline or:

Phone: +7 (727) 291-54-92, +7 (727) 2915537

E-mail: admin@republicpalace.kz


SPLIT UPGRADE STRATEGIESThe split Barometer is rising again and soon a Split will happen! Every time the Split Barometer reaches 100% your Tokens split. With the right Split Strategy you are able to increase the number of your Tokens depending on the package you hold and the package you are willing to upgrade to!

How do you benefit most of the Split Upgrade Strategies at present?

As you all know, the Festival Package is no longer available, thus limiting some of your options. Instead OneCoin is offering you an exceptional opportunity – The Infinity Trader package. If you choose the Infinity+ option you will be able to significantly increase your Tokens, and in turn - your coins.

Which are the Split Upgrade Rules you should keep in mind?

  • Every account can split up to maximum of three times per account, except for Premium, Festival and The Infinity Trader packs.
  • With PREMIUM you receive 2 Splits per package. If you upgrade, your account can get up to FOUR Splits! All Tokens you receive in your Trading Account will also benefit from the reduced mining difficulty rate of 1 x Tokens - less than the normal mining difficulty!
  • With INFINITY you receive 3 Splits per package, maximum 6 Splits per account, depending on your upgrade history. However if you choose the second option of Infinity Trader, called INFINITY+ you will be able to get an extra Split for a maximum of 7 Splits per account, depending on your previous upgrade strategies. Remember that by choosing Infinity+, you automatically put your coins into CoinSafe for 2 years, thus earning 12% interest on your coins.

Note that in order to receive all Splits, you need to follow exactly all the steps as explained in EACH Split Upgrade strategy.

Which are the current Split Upgrade Strategies?

1. If you have a Starter package, it will split once. But if you upgrade to Trader, it will split once more. If you then upgrade to Tycoon – the account will receive only one more split, as every account can split up to maximum three times, except for the Premium, Festival and Infinitypacks!

However, if you upgrade your Starter directly to Tycoon, it will split two more times for a maximum of 3 times per account!

2If you have a Premium Trader pack you receive 2 splits with the package, equaling 600,000 Tokens! But with the correct strategy, whenmoving from Tycoon to Premium, you could benefit from additional splits, in all - up to 4 splits! With Premium, you receive the splits even if your Tokens have been submitted for mining – and additionally, profit from a low mining difficulty. Premium Trader is the only packagedesigned for miners and therefore the mining difficulty is always 1 Token less than the mining difficulty of all other packages. Make sure you check the “Automatically mining” box, before submitting Tokens acquired through the Premium Trader package for mining.

3Now you have yet another opportunity to take advantage of this coming Split! If you have a Premium, upgraded from Tycoon todayyou can take advantage of the Infinity+ Upgrade Strategies and depending on your Split history to receive up to 7 Splits! This is the best opportunity to substantially increase your coins at present:

  • If you have a TYCOON today you have a great opportunity to substantially increase your coins! The BEST STRATEGY for you would be to upgrade from Tycoon to Premium and then to Infinity+ before the first split on any of the packages to get maximum Tokens hence MAXIMUM COIN!

This upgrade strategy is valid also for those of you, who have Premium today that was previously upgraded from Tycoon. You also can benefit by upgrading to Infinity+ to get extra Splits on top of your current 4 Splits and receive in all 7 Splits per account!

So, TYCOON to PREMIUM to INFINITY+ equals 7 Splits per account!

  • The second upgrade strategy with Infinity+ gives an extra Split if you have Festival today that was upgraded before from Tycoon to Premium to Festival. If you have taken advantage and upgraded from Tycoon to Premium to Festival before, now you can upgrade your Festival pack to Infinity+ and get an extra Split on top of your current 6 Splits! Thus you will receive in all 7 Splits per account!

So, TYCOON to PREMIUM to FESTIVAL to INFINITY+ equals 7 Splits per account.

With Infinity+ you receive +1 extra split for a total of 7 Splits in all per account IF you have followed the Split Upgrade strategies required to receive this extra Split as explained above.

Which Tokens go into mining and which Tokens split?

Remember that cryptocurrency cannot split and therefore all Tokens you already submitted into mining cannot split either. All other Tokens in your account that were NOT submitted for mining can split.

So, what you can do is wait for the first split before submitting your Tokens into mining.

Example: You currently have a Trader pack, let's assume with 5000 Tokens. They split, so you have 10 000 Tokens. Then you put them into mining and receive OneCoins for them. Then you decide to upgrade to Tycoon. But these 10 000 Tokens that are now already submitted for mining cannot split, because cryptocurrency cannot split.

What are the rules ONLY for the AUTO-MINING packages: Premium, Festival and Infinity?

All Tokens in Premium, Festival and Infinity accounts, regardless whether submitted or not for mining will split – that was a new rule, a latest change that OneCoin made in order to benefit members.

You can hear more in the Split Announcement made by Dr. Ruja Ignatova on January 19th, 2016. Watch the announcement on the OneCoin YouTube Channel.

We mined the first OneCoins in January 2015. In June 2015 the first coins got traded at €0,50. Compared to €0,50 in June, the coin increased its value over 11 times up to €5,65 in March 2016! Since July 2015 three serious must-have packages were launched - the Premium, Festival and Infinity. Thus all members who realized where the coin is heading in the future and wanted as many coins as possible, got the exceptional opportunity to upgrade and maximize their Tokens, hence their coins.


EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR WITH DR. RUJA IGNATOVAAttention all Members! This week we are giving you the unique opportunity to tune in to the EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR, brought to by OneCoin Founder and CEO herself - Dr. Ruja Ignatova!

Day: Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Time: 16:00 CET

Place: https://onecoin.clickwebinar.com/stateofthenation 

Be sure to tune in to find out all the latest news and exciting updates about OneCoin from the person who made it all possible. Visit the OneCoin Webinars YouTube Channel or OneCoin Webinars website for more information.

Cryptocurrencies - The future of global economics

CRYPTOCURRENCIES - THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL ECONOMICSCryptocurrency – soon to rule the world

We hear it every day – free markets, global trade, unlimited opportunities, digital trading; we are getting more and more involved in the interconnected digital world. New circumstances require new methods – the appearance of cryptocurrency less than 10 years ago might have seemed as one of those impossible, crazy ideas, but today there are more than 200 digital currencies in existence and their number is growing.

Each of us knows the story of a person, who got famous for seizing that strange, unthinkable, absolutely mad idea back then, which afterwards changed the world completely and put him on top of the world. Ideas are constantly changing; people who dare to take the risk and think outside of the box today, are the leaders of tomorrow.

Technologies offer a vast array of new opportunities, but 90% of them don’t live long enough to see wide publicity. What makes the difference between them and the really successful ideas is the combination of the right timing and the appropriate innovation.

Why the cryptocurrency is the right kind of currency?

Why are we suspicious towards new things? It is humanly intrinsic to be afraid of the unknown. One respects his ancestors’ heritage and rightly so, as these are the tools and means that enabled them to survive. It is only natural to be compelled to follow in the same track. As early as the Middle Ages, man had created a financial system suited to his environment and life conditions. Our ancestors needed middlemen and security, because crossing the seas with goods or money brought risks. The first “bank-notes” were a personal document issued to traveling merchants by bankers at both sides of the ocean, which secured the trading between the Old and the New world. The first bank to begin the permanent issue of banknotes was the Bank of England in 1695. Initially hand-written and issued on deposit or as a loan, they promised to pay the bearer the value of the note on demand. Standardized printed notes ranging from £20 to £1,000 appeared аround 1745. Fully printed notes that didn't require the name of the payee and the cashier's signature first appeared in 1855. Nowadays, government-issued banknotes are only abstract exchanging tools. So why do we consider the material papers as trustworthy, but denounce the digital currency as too abstract?

The cryptocurrencies are universal digital currencies, which are used primarily outside existing banking and governmental institutions and areexchanged over the internet. It is a medium used to exchange goods or services just like any other currencies - USD, Euro, Yuan, Peso and others, it only happens to be in digital format. In other words, they have no physical value tied to them.

As we spend more and more time online, it is a natural consequence to transmit all aspects of our life, including economical, online. It is easier, but the process of integration costs more. Today the expenses on bank transactions and revaluation are a growing expense.

The digital currencies circumvent the traditional middle man – the banking system. This ensures cryptocurrencies are free of taxes and charges. The process of creating and trading with cryptocurrencies is transparent and easy to follow. The value of a digital currency is typically determined by supply and demand as traders buy and sell the currency on the public exchanges. All of the miners are in the Internet, the system is created so it doesn’t allow inflation.

Why now is the right moment to start dealing with cryptocurrency

Society has progressed enough to have its own instruments of social and economical interaction. Internet is one such tool. The enormous potential of the worldwide net is yet to reveal its true potential. We are still beginning accept the idea of virtual connectivity. The trading with digital money is still free and no big monopoles have entered “the game”.

The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin and it appeared in 2009, less than 6 years ago. It was created by an anonymous person known as Satoshi Nakamoto and is still the most popular cryptocurrency. It's also the basis for every other crypto-coin that's popped up since. Currently, over 350,000 locations accept cryptocurrencies and the market is growing. It is only a matter of time for digital currencies to be welcomed as legal tender by governments, banks and corporations. For example, the computer giant has an online shop, where Bitcoins are accepted. This will lead us to the next evolutionary step of banking and financing. Its universal nature, clear purpose and transparent genesis make it increasingly popular among traders and trustworthy among customers.

It is a revolutionary change that cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any authority. It is us, who rule the trading and the market. Unlike banks and online services, such currencies are decentralized, with no single governing body overseeing and verifying transactions. It is a product of “peer to peer” relation; it is a child of the direct economy, similar to primal, pure economical exchange. Cryptocurrency and its processes of moving money is faster, more efficient, less expensive and more secure than any other means on the planet.

Internet is the tool and we have to educate ourselves. We have to involve and embrace the new. No matter what the change is, the formula is always the same - the brave ones do something unthinkable today, which makes them the leaders of tomorrow. So why not us and why not now?

OneCoin family reaches 1.7 million members!

ONECOIN FAMILY REACHES 1.7 MILLION MEMBERS!In just over a year, OneCoin has established itself as one of the leading companies on the cryptocurrency market, and we are now proud to announce we have reached two major milestones! In addition to passing 1.5 Million Members worldwide through our own network, the OneCoin Family is now over 1.7 Million strong, following the strategic acquisition of Univerteam!

The deal was a major step toward our expansion in Latin America and establishing OneCoin as a cryptocurrency leader in yet another key global market! Following this tremendous achievement, we would like to thank all of you, who are already part of our Network, and are confident we can continue making history together! More and more people are taking advantage of our unique offers and we assure you that we will keep on presenting the best possible products and opportunities for all of you!

We take pride in being the first centralized cryptocurrency on the market, and implementing OneCoin Founder and CEO Dr. Ruja Ignatova’s vision ofbanking the unbankable, and offering quick, safe, borderless transactions to everyone. In addition, we focus on providing education, helping people understand the benefits of cryptocurrency and how to work with it. Since our launch in late 2014 we have become the fastest growing company in Network Marketing history, with more than a billion Euro in sales and will continue growing stronger!

Keep up to date about the latest news and upcoming events by subscribing to our newsletter or visiting our website!

Unicredit: The blockchain can revolutionize financial services

UNICREDIT: THE BLOCKCHAIN CAN REVOLUTIONIZE FINANCIAL SERVICESThe global banking and financial services leader UniCredit has published a whitepaper towards the end of February that explains the blockchain technology and its potential applications in the banking framework, the Econotimes reports.

Titled “Blockchain Technology and Applications from a Financial Perspective’, the report has been authored by Matteo Biella and Vittorio Zinetti and comes months after UniCredit joined the R3 blockchain Consortium.

According to the paper, cryptocurrencies can be perceived as a threat from a financial institution’s point of view. However, the underlying blockchain technology has the potential of reshaping the current financial services technical infrastructure.

“A large participation into blockchain applications will maximize financial industry advantages. Furthermore a relationship with fintech environment based not only on competition but also on collaboration will bring great advantages to both financial institutions and fintech start-ups”, it said.

It says that the “post-Bitcoin phase” has opened new opportunities, noting that several financial institutions have already started to study and experiment with blockchains and a large number of related startups have been funded.

“Venture capitalist investments in the blockchain industry show an increasing trend, considering that in 2015, investment summed up to 462 m$ until Q3, compared to a total of 230 m$ in 2014”, the paper said. The paper further explores various use cases of the technology such as interbank payments, know your customer (KYC) process, trade finance and post-trade lifecycle.

Read the full text of the paper HERE.

OneCoinCloud upgraded!

ONECOINCLOUD UPGRADED!We are delighted to inform you that we have improved and upgraded the functionality of our CoinCloud packages! You can now download the latest applications for Windows, OSX, Android and iOS from our website!

Please note that if you are already a user, you now have the opportunity to upgrade your package (from CoinCloud Free to CoinCloud, or from CoinCloud to CoinCloud Plus). It is also compulsory to verify your e-mail account prior to use. All current user accounts have been automatically verified with the registered e-mail addresses. For more information, visit the FAQ section at www.onecoincloud.eu.

OneCoinCloud is a unique cloud-based offer for users who are looking for a storage solution with client-side encryption functionality. All CoinCloud packages provide a military-level protection for your data, since only the user can lock and unlock files. In one simple, brilliant app, both businesses and private persons get the opportunity to store files securely and privately browse the Internet from any location in the world! OneCoinCloud provides additional storage on your computer or mobile device, where you can store, access and manage your most important, sensitive file s at any moment.

EU proposal could reshape European cryptocurrency policy

EU PROPOSAL COULD RESHAPE EUROPEAN CRYPTOCURRENCY POLICYRecently the European Commission (EC) announced plans to apply the EU anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations (the Fourth AML Directive or 4AMLD) to digital currency exchanges and possibly wallet providers. This move is a part of the EC’s broadening action against terrorist financing, CoinDesk reports.

But while this news comes as no surprise, another EC proposal, far less publicized and somewhat overlooked, has the potential to revolutionize the current state of affairs in digital currency regulation in the EU.

Hackneyed idea

The intention to embrace digital currencies by AML/CTF regulations has been expressed many times by the EU institutions – for example, by the European Banking Authority in 2014, and by others after terrorist attacks in Paris in February and November 2015.

It seems that the latter tragic event finally prompted regulatory action from the Commission's side. It is interesting that the intended changes (details of which will be revealed in the second quarter of 2016) will be probably made to the 4AMLD, even though it has been adopted as recently as May 2015 and the EU member states still have time to implement the new regulations.

This was not an unexpected course of events, as many other jurisdictions have either introduced (including the US and Canada) or considered introducing analogous regulations (such as the UK and Australia).

Such measures have also been recommended by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an inter-governmental body that is mainly in charge of setting AML/CTF international standards and assisting in their implementation.

Breakthrough proposal

Besides a plan to extend the scope of the 4AMLD to cover digital currency exchanges, the EC briefly presented another regulatory idea, which was not even mentioned in the press release.

It seems, however, that its consequences (if implemented) would be far-reaching. The EC announced that it will consider applying the licensing and supervision rules of the Payment Services Directive (PSD; a new version of which, 2PSD, has been adopted in 2015) to digital currency exchanges in order to "promote better control and understanding of the market".

PSD is one of the cornerstones of the EU single market for payments. It sets out rules for regulated payment services and contains a catalogue of such services. Firms which render payment services have to comply with many regulations, including licensing and supervision rules, which now the EC apparently also intends to apply to digital currency exchanges.

Such a plan seems to be sensible. It is clear that there are two legal acts in the EU that would be well-suited for regulating cryptocurrencies: PSD and another related directive, the E-Money Directive (EMD). Works on the new '3EMD' are now under way, so some changes could be introduced there as well.

Revising basic assumptions

What matters, however, is what the current PSD regulatory methodology looks like. A crucial piece of the PSD is the definition of "funds", which so far has included only cash, bank (scriptural) money and e-money (regulated by the EMD). Cryptocurrencies do not fall into any of those categories – a fact confirmed by the European Central Bank (ECB) and others.

It follows that, for the EC, digital currency exchanges would be best covered by some provisions of the PSD, although in the current form it does not apply to digital currencies at all. It therefore appears that regulatory change might have to be much deeper than merely adding a few provisions extending the scope of licensing and supervision regulations on digital currency exchanges.

New regulations would probably have to revise some of the basic assumptions and concepts of the PSD, including definitions of "funds", "payment transaction" or "payment institution".

How should stakeholders react?

It is difficult to evaluate the EC's plan, since at the moment it is extremely general and vague. However, very likely it will open the door for the introduction of cryptocurrencies to the EU payment services regulations.

Various proposals may emerge afterwards, from cautious and restrained ones to those proposing comprehensive and broad regulation. Firms that may be affected by any regulatory change should monitor developments closely and be ready to react.

Via www.coindesk.com


NEW MEMBERS IN THE UK JOIN WITH A STARTER PACKIn line with recent events, new members joining OneCoin in the UK will have to purchase a Starter packagefirst, after which they will be able to upgrade to other packages.

All UK members will still have a 14-days cancellation right after purchasing the package. The cancellation period is valid only for the Starter package. Additionally, all members with a Starter package get access to all OneCoin opportunities, including the first level of OneAcademy.

OneCoin completes acquisition of UniverTeam

ONECOIN COMPLETES ACQUISITION OF UNIVERTEAMThe OneCoin Network, a global leader in cryptocurrency mining and trading, announced the acquisition of Brazilian company Univerteam on Friday. The deal will allow more than 120 000 people from Latin America, and particularly Brazil, to gain access to the unique products OneCoin has to offer. They will join the 1,4 Million Members worldwide, who are already part of the OneCoin Family. As a global company, operating mainly in Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa, OneCoin is now aiming to expand into the strategic South American market, with this deal being а major strategic step in that direction.

Latin America is a very important market for us, and our partnership with Univerteam will allow thousands of people there to take advantage of the uniqueopportunities we offer”, said OneCoin CEO and Founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova following the completion of the acquisition, adding that OneCoin’s vision is to continue pioneering the next generation of cryptocurrency to create a new payment system for the world’s 2 billion unbanked and for a range of more cost effective financial services, such as remittances.

OneCoin is also the first centralized cryptocurrency on the market, providing quick & borderless transactions, accessible to everyone. Another key elementthe network focuses on is education, helping people understand the benefits of cryptocurrency and how to work with it, offering advantages such as making payments directly, without the need of expensive intermediaries. Contrary to bank transactions, OneCoin offers faster, cheaper and easier way to send and receive money worldwide.

Its commitment to growth has led to fast expansion due to its innovative business concept and business strategy. Since its launch in late 2014, it has become the fastest growing company in Network Marketing history achieving more than 1 billion Euro in sales and thousands of OneCoin Associates are earning full-time incomes.

Univerteam, on the other hand, are a direct selling multinational company formed by a team with extensive experience in the technology sector and entrepreneurial leaders, which represents a multiplatform of digital products and advanced technology.


DR. RUJA TO VISIT NORTHEAST CHINA IN APRIL!Mark your calendars for April 23, 2016!!

Dr. Ruja Ignatova will be a Special Guest at the OneCoin Grand Ceremony at the indoor Stadium of Harbin International Exhibition Center. OneCoin is ready to welcome up to 50 000 people, so make sure you book your team's tickets in advance!

In Harbin Dr. Ruja will present OneCoin and the future of payments. This is an amazing chance and a great honor to hear the inspiring OneCoin visionary that will substantially boost the expansion of the network. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to educate your teams at this exclusive event and receive first hand information straight from the OneCoin Founder and CEO herself!!!

Our CEO, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, has built an impressive, fast growing business that has already enriched the lives of over 1 400 000 people globally in just over a year. Come, share and celebrate our joint success and achievements next month! Let's make a difference and shape the future of payments together!

Contact your upline to get more information and event details.


SUPPORT ONECOIN FOR TOP DIRECT SELLING COMPENSATION PLANOneCoin has already established itself as one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the world and the One Network Family grows larger every day – including over 1,4 Million people worldwide. Now it is time to show that together we can prove OneCoin is not only one of the most progressive companies, but also has the best direct selling compensation plan!

Cast your vote HERE by clicking on the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page and selecting OneCoin-BG, followed by “Vote”.


THE PRICE OF PACKAGES MUST REFLECT THE GROWTH OF ONECOINWith all the opportunities offered by the company, OneCoin grows bigger and stronger with each passing day! Besides all the benefits that this development brings, we need to make sure that, among other things, the mining queue will not get longer, nor there will be over-subscription of the coin.

Bearing that in mind, from April 1st, 2016 we will increase the prices of all our packages by 10% thus aiming to maintain a stable price of the coin.

Example: After the new price increase, the Tycoon package will become 5.530 EUR . It will generate 5.500 BVs and contain 60.000 Tokens. All other product parameters will stay the same.

One of the most important things for OneCoin is to have a stable price and not allow a hype to occur.

So far we have had a very steep increase in the price of the coin – growing ten times over the past 12 months. By increasing the price of the package the coin price will be balanced and that will enhance the value of the coin in the long run. The increase of the price also means that for the same price, you get less Tokens.

That means that all members that have already joined the company and supported the brand had better conditions and still have the chance to take advantage of them until April 1st, 2016. The increase of package prices is part of the company's overall business strategy, meaning that in the future we will continue to review the prices of the packages every three months.


A NEW PACK IS BORNWe are proud to announce the arrival of a new member of the OneCoin Family!

On March 1st 2016 we launched the brand new INFINITY – the biggest and first ever package to offer the unique opportunity to choose between two different options, whichever better suits your needs.

The package offers a hefty 300 000 Tokens and BV of 25 000 for 25 000 EUR.

As soon as you redeem your INFINITY code, you will be able to select which option you would prefer - The Infinity or the Infiniy+. 

With the first option, INFINITY, you will receive 3 Splits per package and maximum 4 Splits per account. However if your account already has 6 Splits because of previous upgrade strategies, your account will remain with 6 Splits.

Option 2 is what we call INFINITY+, because it gives you MORE on top of Infinity. Again, the pack comes with 3 Splits per pack and maximum 4 per account. On top of that you get the ultimate PLUS OPTION! By choosing Infinity+, you receive the opportunity to take advantage of the EXTRA SPLIT by choosing the correct Split Strategy for your account and additionally, you automatically save your coins in CoinSafe for 2 years!

You can take advantage of the following UPGRADE STRATEGIES with INFINITY+:

  • Extra Split on top of your 6 Splits if: you upgrade from Tycoon to Premium to Infinity+.
  • Extra Split if you have Festival today that you already upgraded before from Tycoon to Premium to Festival. You can now upgrade your Festival pack to Infinity+ and get an Extra Split on top of your 6 Splits!

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CoinCorner.se does not promote Onecoin-OneLife Network and it's affiliate pages!

Especially after USA government started an investigation against OneCoin some years ago. Several front figures in OneCoin and associates has been arrested, put to trial and are waiting for sentences. Due to Corona pandemic sentences and trials has been postponed several times.

CoinCorner.se has since start posted all newsletters and official announcements from OneCoin-OneLife Network. However, after the arrests and trials in USA only excerpts from these official newsletters are posted on this page releveant for visitors and all members considered as victims. Follow the newsfeed.

Since early 2019 a victim support page has been created and gathering relevant information from the ongoing cases in USA. A summarize has also been posted, called "Qryptoqueen". One can also follow OneCoin timeline and view statistics

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