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CoinSafe option receives official Sharia-compliant certification

COINSAFE OPTION RECEIVES OFFICIAL SHARIA-COMPLIANT CERTIFICATIONAt an official ceremony in Sofia, Bulgaria, OneCoin received official recognition for the CoinSafe product’s Shariah Compliance. The OneCoin team received the certificate from the CEO of the AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics Muhammad Zubair Mughal and Dr. Zareen Roohi Ahmed. The meeting was attended by the companymanagement team, who were also informed about the opportunities such recognition opens for expanding into the Islamic market, which is a key step in OneCoin’s development.

OneCoin founder and visionary Dr. Ruja Ignatova also commented that she is extremely satisfied and proud of the memorable achievement and sees it as yet another step toward banking the unbanked and providing financial services to everyone around the globe.

Islamic finance is one of the fastest-growing financial areas, which presents a financial system governed by the principles of Shariah law. According to this financial system, money is simply a medium of exchange. Each unit is equal in value to another unit of the same denomination and you are not allowed to make a profit by exchanging cash with another person. This system do not allow benefiting from lending money or receiving money from someone, i.e. receive interest.

Three months ago, in order to improve its services for OneCoin users in Muslim countries, the company implemented changes to its Coinsafe option, which allowed people from those countries to use it without overstepping the boundaries of the Shariah law. That was the first step in the meticulous process for making the entire company concept Shariah compliant.

“I was an honour for us to certify the Coinsafe product, which is the first Shariah compliant savings product, associated with cryptocurrency. We spent almost 2 months finalizing the certification process, because cryptocurrency is a very new concept in the financial industry. First of all we had to understand the blockchain technology, what the Islamic guidance on digital currencies is, as well as many other aspects. We believe cryptocurrency can play a great role for providing financial services to the lower levels of society and overcoming social inequality. We are currently on the road to guiding other OneCoin processes toward becoming Shariah compliant as well”, stated Mr. Zubair Mughal.

Dr. Ahmed on the other hand pointed out that the great thing about OneCoin is that it is accessible for people of all backgrounds and cultures. “It is great to know that the company is listening to the needs of all of its members. OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency to introduce a Shariah compliant product which reassures all of it's members that the service is compatible with their beliefs. The majority of the unbanked population of the world is Muslim, therefore it is essential that OneCoin complies with their needs”, she added.

Prepare for the Super split!

PREPARE FOR 0HE SUPER SPLIT!Following the launch of the new OneCoin blockchain we have decided to present a fantastic opportunity for all our Members – the next Split will be a SUPER SPLIT!

That means that all promotional tokens will split TWICE next time – so a total of X4 tokens after the split! If you have 1000 Tokens, after the Super Split you will have 4000!

Please note that the Super Split will still count as only 1 split – not as 2! If you are entitled to two splits for example, you will receive the super split – and still have one to go. The offer is valid ONLY for new packages or upgrades activated AFTER OCTOBER 1st!

So don't miss your chance to get this special offer and increase the amount of promotional Tokens, that will give you access to the OneCoin mining pools. Visit your Backend and get your packages now! Should you need any further clarification regarding the Super Split feel free to contact our Support Team.

Special bonus for UPI card payments!

https://www.onelife.eu/media/images/350x200_75645_2_5_million.pngDon't miss our Special Promotion for all package codes paid via China UnionPay accounts! For every purchased package, each Member IMMEDIATELY receives 5% cash back to their cash account! For example, if you decide to pay for a Tycoon Trader package, worth 5500 EUR code, you will receive 275 EUR back to your cash account right away! Be sure to take advantage of this promotion soon, as it will ONLY BE VALID UNTIL THE NEXT SPLIT.

The next stage of evolution! New CEO, the merchant network and so much more!

The grand network event Masterming on Saturday was nothing less than spectaluar!

The OneLife team is proud of the whole organization, effort and love that the Network leaders have invested into pulling off this massive OneFamily gathering. The IMPACT Arena in Bangkok was visited by nearly 12 000 people and the event was live streamed and viewed online by thousands more all over the world.

This was for sure a great surprise for everyone who didn't get the chance to attend the event personally.

However, let's do a wrap up for everybody who did not get to see the grand event neither on site nor online.

Jay Samit Speech

We were very thrilled to see one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation (and author of "Disrupt You"), Mr. Jay Samit on the event stage on Saturday. His speech was nothing short than revelating, putting the whole digital disruption and cryptocurrency in context, drawing the big picture of a new financial system and the future of shared economy. He emphasized on the importance of getting outside your comfort zone in order to bring positive change.

"You can be as successful as you choose to be. Opportunities are before you. It begins with introspection...Overcome what's holding you back...Start each day by saying these two things - First: the future can be better ...and Second: i have the power to make it so!...You must Commit to livelong learning. Read.Learn.Grow...Understand how the landscape is changing and seize the next Big opportunity! "

And speaking of the next big opportunity - from today on, OneLife IMAs will now be able to develop and grow a Merchant Network! Yes, you got that right - the OneLife Backoffice will now have a new addition to its portfolio of products and services - the long anticipated M.A.B. (Mobile Application Builder) is now a fact!

So, what is the M.A.B.?

The M.A.B. is a platform that was specially created to provide value to merchants by giving them access to an easy to use digital platform, which helps them build their own mobile application from scratch. The best thing about the M.A.B. is that it doesn't require any programming skills. The software has a customized, user friendly, intuitive interface which has all necessary functionalities pre-programmed and ready to use. In short this product is fit for public figures, entrepreneurs and business owners with small and medium business worldwide, looking for an affordable way to expand their market.

With a mobile application any merchant, service provider or forward thinking entrepreneur can reach a whole new, unexplored customer base. Let's get that right -this is a smart deal for merchants in developing or emerging markets and even for those in mature markets, who are keen on technology - everyone can add value through having an app . For the OneLife Network this only means entering a much bigger market with untapped opportunities to expand and grow the network community, as well as to take advantage of the additional network reward opportunities.

The honorary guest - Dr. Ruja Ignatova chose the Mastermind stage to present a historic milestone of the OneCoin Cryptocurrency development - the launch of the new blockchain.

The New Blockchain

On a stage, before thousands of viewers, the Cryptoqueen herself launched and mined the first block of the new blockchain live. The hall was quiet with anticipation until the genesis block appeared on screen for the entire global audience to share this special moment together, applauding in excitement, celebrating the success of their mutual effort. Dr. Ruja warmly acknowledged the global OneLife Family and didn't miss to express her appreciation for everyone who embarked on this journey in the past 2 years of the creation of the company. "I believe we are a really special Network. And that is because we REALLY act as a one, as a family. " she said while addressing the planned strategic steps for the upcoming months.

With a powerful speech on the future of the OneCoin cryptocurrency and the Network, Dr.Ruja Ignatova has announced another big surprise - the newly appointed OneLife Network CEO - Mr. Pablo Munoz (if you want to know more on his background check out the article in our News section).

OneLife New CEO

Our new CEO has an impressive track record in the Network Marketing industry, coming from the beauty and cosmetics giant AVON

Mr. Munoz kicked it off by sharing his inspiration with Dr. Ruja Ignatova giving a tribute to her leadership and brilliance, promising to work relentlessly to achieve all set goals. He spoke from the heart about his professional drive and dedication to the cause of the Network:

"When Dr. Ruja asked me to join OneLife i never had to think about it, it was a no-brainer. She inspired me to come and join a company that has done what noone else has done before. It took up for the computer more than 20 years to get to where OneLife is today. It took social media around 5 years to get where we are today. How could I not join this revolution?! We have incredible tools. We have amazing leadership...We KNOW how to dream big!...This is the most amazing wealth creation opportunity that I have seen...OneLife is about changing more than one life at a time! We change lives at the speed of light!...I am going to work for you. I am going to work relentlessly to make sure that we achieve our goals!"


The rest of the event went nothing less than extraordinary with Thailand seeing its first Black Diamond, represented by the beautiful Ms.Natchaphan Sonsirinun. We hope that her example inspires and empowers thousands of women to go after their dreams with determination and persistence! The OneLife team wishes Ms. Natchaphan Sonsirinun all success, courage and drive to push her team to achieve any goal that they set their mind to.

Finally, one of the main event organizers - ditinguished leader and one of the Four Brothers - Staffan Liback has put a worthy end of the event by announcing yet another great surprise - the 1000 city tour (follow OneLife Events for information on how you can organize and promote events, or buy tickets for the next event near you).

Yes, the Mastermind event held many historic announcements and marked the beginning of a new era. The OneLife exclusive club has just got better.

The OneLife corporate team wishes everyone a Happy second Anniversary!

The OneLife Team

"OneLife is about changing more than one life at a time! We change lives at the speed of light!" -OneLife Network CEO - Mr. Pablo Munoz

Historic Announcements at the Mastermind event in Bangkok

Over 11,000 people flocked to the one of the biggest events in the OneLife Network’s history – the MasterMind, which took place at the Impact Arena in the Thai capital Bangkok on Saturday to witness an amazing show and some truly groundbreaking announcements by the OLN, most notably the switch to the new blockchain, doubling all current OneCoins, and the introduction of the Network’s new CEO – Mr. Pablo Munoz!

The organizers issued additional Silver tickets, which were sold at the event entrance to respond to the high demand by the OneLife members eager to hear the new developments around the Network. However, the great surprise was the unannounced onine live-stream of the event, which was exclusively organized for all the members who could not attend the MasterMind in person.

The grand event included speeches and presentations by world-class speakers, such as Global Master Distributor Sebastian Greenwood, Top Earner Juha Parhiala, Crown Diamond Pehr Karlsson, Asian Ambassador Ed Ludbrook, distinguished network leaders - the Steinkeller Brothers, Kenny Nordlund, one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation and author of "Disrupt You" Jay Samitand the next major figure for the future of the OneLife Network – the newly appointed CEO Mr. Pablo Munoz!

The main talking point of the MasterMind was of course the speech by the guest of honour at the event - the one and only Dr. Ruja Ignatova. In front of the packed hall she presented the new blockchain live, which was switched on under thundering applause from the audience.

The OneCoin founder and visionary celebrated the mining of the first block in front of almost 11,500 people in the hall and thousands more watching the live stream. She continued to speak about the future of the Network, the advantages of the new blockchain and the new merchant platform which will be available in OneLife backoffice from Monday, October 3rd, 2016 before formally announcing the appointment of the new company CEO – Mr. Pablo Munoz.

Mr. Pablo Munoz boasts an impressive track record of over 20 years in network marketing. As a proven business leader with extensive experience in direct-sales management and achieving success, Mr. Munoz is joining the OLN at a time when his expertise will greatly benefit the Network’s growth.

The great news for all OneLife members was that with the new blockchain launch the doubling of the coin balance of all existing members became a reality and now all members are able to see their new ONE balance in their backoffice. The new blockchain now aims to give OneCoin the opportunity to become the Number 1 cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and also allow a growing merchant network to facilitate its business and benefit from the increased value of the coin.

As of October 3rd, 2016, OneLife IMAs will be able to buy and distribute the latest addition to the OneLife products portfolio - the M.A.B. An innovative mobile application builder, fit for use by public figures, entrepreneurs and business owners, allowing them to build their own customized mobile application from scratch with no programming skills required. The M.A.B. is easy to use and maintain and will provide a solution for millions of businesses to expand their market and reach new customer base in a non intrusive, targeted and personal way. The M.A.B. package will also bring network benefits for the IMA distributors and an additional max out reward.

Another exciting addition to the OneLife network is the OneSiteTalk extra feature, which will give members the chance to take advantage of discounts from nearly 7000 online stores. Last but not least all viewers in the hall and online had the chance to hear what the next big steps for the company are. The attendees also had the amazing opportunity to see some of the most famous performers in Asia on stage, including the Wonder Girls and Mimi Lee.

Contact: OneLife Press Department

Notifications on "Mastermind" event in Bangkok Oct 1st, 2016

Updated regularly!

Onecoin - The One!

¤ Stand out statements from Dr. Ruja (Live Speech from Bangkok)
¤ OneCoin is now officially the No 1 cryptocurrency company in the world
¤ 70 countries present at Bangkok sold out event of 10,000+ attendees
¤ New blockchain of 120 billion coins is successfully launched (4.30 pm local time) 
¤ First transaction was witnessed live today on oct 1st 2016 at 4.30 pm Bangkok
¤ New blockchain will mine 50,000 Coins per minute
¤ Updated OneLife website is active
¤ OneLife-OneCoin now operating in 194 countries
¤ 14 million user accounts
¤ 2,5 million active users with packages
¤ 350 millionaires, 450 diamonds rank, 50,000 + people with rank
¤ Merchants app going to be going live from 3rd October 2016
¤ Merchants application will have 2 packages, 5000 € and 1000 €
¤ No transaction fee charge for merchant transactions (first year)
¤ By bringing merchants a user can max up to 70 000 € per week in bonuses

Goals for 2017-2018!
¤ 10 million users
¤ 1 million Merchants
¤ 25 € predicted value of Onecoin
¤ Company going public (exchange) in 2nd quarter of 2018
¤ OneCoin will be the only global and secure crypto currency in the World

¤ One Coin Forex is to be launched approx in 2 months
¤ Dr Ruja presents new CEO for OneLife Network, Pablo Munoz

Pressrelease: "With almost 30 years of experience Pablo Munoz comes directly from one of the planets biggest directsales company, Avon, where he jobbade som Senior Vice President and President, North America. Ännu en stor ledare, som ser framtiden i OneLife och OneCoin!"

Breaking news: OneLife Network - New appointed CEO - Mr. Pablo Munoz!

The OneLife Network is proud to make one of the most important announcements in the company’s history – as of October 1st, 2016 Mr. Pablo Munoz has been appointed as CEO of the OneLife Network! News were announced in front of over 10 000 people at the Mastermind event in Bangkok, Thailand by no other, but the former Network CEO Dr. Ruja Ignatova, who is well known to be the founder and visionary of the OneCoin cryptocurrency.

Dr. Ruja also stated that her decision to delegate this important position to Mr. Pablo Munoz and to take a step back from the network marketing business is driven by the need to focus on improving and further developing the OneCoin cryptocurrency. She will however keep playing an important role in overseeing the managerial decisions and other business dealings related to the OneLife Network, to ensure the best for the entire OneFamily.

Mr. Pablo Munoz is an incredibly promising addition to the management team of the Network and boasts an impressive track record of over 20 years in network marketing. He’s been a Senior Vice President for North America at the global cosmetics giant Avon, as well as Group President of the Americas region for Tupperware.

Prior to that Mr. Munoz spent five years at the Sara Lee Corporation as Executive Director. His early professional career was dedicated to the Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. and Abbott Laboratories.

As a distinguished and accomplished business leader with extensive experience in direct-sales management, Mr. Munoz is joining the OneLife family at a time when his expertize will greatly benefit and impact the Network’s growth. Mr. Munoz holds a Master of Science degree in Management and Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering.

Stay tuned for an extensive interview with Mr. Pablo Munoz next week, which will be published at the OneLife Blog!

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