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Dear FX Traders,

One of the hottest contests for the OneLife members has reached fever pitch! Thousands of people have joined the OneForeX 10 K Challenge, trading day and night, competing for the big prizes that are awaiting the five traders with the largest gains. Our dedicated team makes reports on a daily basis and collects all the statistics, so that we can make an overview and see the flow of the contest. Here are the latest OneForeX 10 K Challenge updates the team would like to share;

So far, during the contest, we saw a turnover of hundreds of billions of euros! A big contributor for this impressive number was one of the contestants who was able to generate a turnover of more than EUR 100 million for the first half of the challenge. With such volumes and such a pace, it is highly likely that we see trillions until the end of the competition!

Here is another example of a great performance during the challenge - the lead was taken by a trader from Vietnam who made an enviable return of 50% just for the first few hours. The biggest moves were made by GBPJPY and EURJPY. Good FX profits were achieved in EURUSD which as our analyst team suggested in a previous report started a down move. EURUSD was also the preferred instrument for more than half of the participants.

The biggest single trade FX profit was made by a participant from China who was able to pass the 5000 EUR mark with just one trade. There are a few traders who currently are above the 10000 EUR mark but their positions are still open.

When the standings were updated in 07:00 am GMТ a trader from Vietnam was in the lead with 26749.4 EUR. This is 16749.4 EUR in FX profit for just two and a half days! Dear all, please bear in mind that this is a virtual money competition and people are trading more boldly because there is no actual risk. It is unlikely that such profits could be made in real environment.

So, what to expect next?

In the current standings report we can see that many people are actually with similar results. The leaders are constantly changing in our Top 10 Chart. There is no single well-pronounced leader who would be impossible to dethrone. This will make the competition even more interesting because somebody could make a big surprise and take the lead in the last minutes of the contest. So keep an eye on the standings here https://oneforex.eu/en/standings#top10 .

We remind you that the competition ends this Friday. After that we'll carefully inspect all trading results and at the beginning of next week will announce the winners.

Good luck to all and may the best trader win!

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