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OneLife Network Newsletter April 28, 2020

What's new this week?

* One Academy... The Heart
* Latam Dealshaker Expo
* Merchant Shout Out
* Announcement of New Country Managers
* Events Calendar
* 10K Promotion - updates
* Super Split
* Immediate split honouring Dr. Ruja's birthday
* Dr. Ruja's Quote of the Week
* One Academy Quote of the Week
* "Captain's Corner

Latam DealShaker Expo

Report by Raúl Pazos: Latam DealShaker Expo

It is incumbent on us to remember that we are part of a vibrant and growing ecosystem. It demonstrates the importance of the human factor which makes us unique within the cryptocurrency industry. With teamwork, we can achieve so much. April 22nd was an extraordinary day for our OneLifers. It was the day our Latam Community held its first International Expo virtually, with extraordinary results, largely due to teamwork. This is an ingredient that has been essential in creating momentum for the expansion of businesses associated with DealShaker.

Our International DealShaker Expo demonstrated a solid system as a means of buying and selling online, with the presence of 90 merchants from 7 countries namely, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, and Ecuador. The ONE Cryptocurrency again confirmed its real economic value as an efficient and effective payment method, attesting to the buying power of the OneCoin. It gives encouragement and validation to those who chose to participate as merchants, customers, or both.

When we look at the analytics in respect of the participation and traction generated as a result of this event, we claim success in building trust and community security. The data tells the story:

• Virtual assistance of 2400 members
• More than 5000 likes

This is a demonstration of our success and proves our commitment to serve our community and to help improve the quality of life therein.

Thanks to the enormous commitment, and work of the Latin American leadership; the results were extraordinary (Julien Zervini, Luis Segura, the entire team of Latam DealShaker Managers).
We are here to make history under the same objectives.

‘Together for more’

Raúl Pazos
Executive Central Team & Manager Ecuador DealShaker
Member of Co- Captains Board

Merchant Shout Out

As an integrated part of the One Ecosystem, the DealShaker platform increases usability of the OneCoin. It encourages IMAs and Merchants to join the platform, to buy and sell products and services. We want to remind our subscribers of the Merchant Shout Out feature for Merchants who demonstrate high levels of motivation, performance, and customer service. Of course, it is expected that the Merchant will generate additional traction and publicity through this segment of the Newsletter.

Send us your stories and suggestions! We will give tribute to merchants with active deals, as our way of saying "Thank you!". All teams can send their shout out suggestions to:

Provide pictures and details on the location of the merchant, the type of deals offered, name of the merchant or business and why you think they are worthy of a shout out.

Our Merchant Shout Out for this week goes to Salisbury City Fruit Bowl in South Australia! Deals offered by this business include fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products. Sanitary and hygienic protocols are practiced, and the offer is an opportunity to keep your family healthy and build your immune system.

Thanks to Salisbury City Fruit Bowl our focus turns to South Australia, as we embark on a global learning adventure. For those of us who have not yet visited South Australia, there is a lot to look forward to as it offers a range of landscapes from the pristine waters along the coastline to the Flinders Range and outback. Sure, you cannot travel around as you once did but you can take yourself on a virtual tour.

Soon enough, South Australians can pair great scenery with sumptuous meals cooked using produce bought from our grocer, Salisbury City Fruit Bowl. Indeed, South Australia has a lot to offer and even more now that Merchants like Salisbury City Fruit Bowl has joined the community accepting Ones.

Announcement of New Country Managers for Uruguay and Chile

We wish to congratulate Mr. Andres De Vitta and Ms. Rominia Comba for becoming Country Managers of Uruguay.

We further extend our congratulations to Mr. Christian Duarte Mardones for his appointment as Country Manager of Chile.

“Captain’s corner”

My OneFamily

I greet you with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart! I hope that you experience the same joy. The week that passed was such a great one filled with excitement, momentum and events globally. During this rough global period, top leaders are holding very fancy and exclusive online events; please take notice in this newsletter and the next one to come. Many reports are being shared with the company and will be revealed to you.

Personally, one of the many impactfull segments was a meeting I had this past Sunday with the team from Somalia led by Sayid Abdi since he read a quote that echoed within me. Henry Ford said, " Most people spend more time and energy going around problems instead of trying to solve them". The reason it resonates with me is because I immediately related it to OneLife. I believe people spend so much time and energy trying to recreate a process that has already happened, and the magic which occurred to give birth to this company, instead of realizing that they are wasting time and energy on attempting to recreate, they should focus on building upon what is already here.

We cannot tell untruths and ignore the issues that surround what we are a part of. As a group of committed people, we must push through problems together! There are many things that need to be fixed and will be fixed. I tell people all the time, "Whatever your excuse is today, make sure it sounds this good, two years from now. Because the child you raised will look you in the face and say, “Mummy, daddy, grandpa, grandma, how could you walk away from this successful brand?" So, whatever your excuse is for walking away from the brand, ensure it holds up in that moment and time to come. If your excuse is, "They were not professional enough" or "we expected certain things within a specific timeline" or "the systems were not working" - sorry, that will disappear two years from now. The reality is that a lot of persons hold on to false promises that were not made by the company. So, will you hold on to the lies or let go and grasp the truth of the company and set yourself free?

Friends do not let go of this opportunity. Please come into the ONE understanding. As you come into this One Ecosystem that will prevail, you will only rise to the top. My dear colleagues, I implore you with all that I am, to do more, focus more and build more. Add value by promoting that which is yours since you have an integral part in it, the OneAcademy.

Presently, the Level 1 understanding can be applied where reduction of interest rates to zero is a clear sign of recession. I am letting you know that people need to diversify their portfolios and take some of their eggs from the fiat basket and place them into the ONE education basket! As they benefit from the theoretical information as educated miners, they will also have a practical understanding through the DealShaker platform.

Love Onelife, work for your Onelife and let’s make it happen!
OneLife for more life folks,

OneLife Network Newsletter April 23th, 2020

What's new this week?

* The Co-Captains Board Role and Function
* Members of the Co-Captain Board 2020
* Announcement of New Country Managers
* One Africa 2020
* 10K Promotion - updates
* Immediate split honouring Dr. Ruja's birthday
* Super Split
* Captain's Corner

Co-Captains Board
The Co-Captains Board ("Board") is designed to uplift the Company and maintain the integrity and values it upholds. The Board consists of individuals from across the world.

The Board comprises of faithful, dedicated servants of the network who voluntarily shoulder the weight of the company, taking on challenges as they come. They are passionate pioneers willing to make sacrifices, as they build upon the foundation of our ecosystem, the OneEcosystem, which is the first of its kind worldwide.

The duties of the Board include, but are not limited to:

1. Organising and building teams across the globe, for the OneAcademy discussion sessions, conducted from Mondays through Fridays.

2. Assisting with the planning and executing of events and presentations.

3. Communicating the needs of the core teams as well as the needs of IMAs to the Captain.

The expectation is that members of the Board shall maintain high performance standards and there will be monthly reviews of the operations. The evaluation will be based upon assessments of the members' participation, transparency and integrity.

Any IMA with concerns and questions relating to actions and or compromising behaviour of any member of the Board should feel free to raise such via the following email address: cocaptaincompliance@dealshaker.tech

Members of the Captains Board

1. Cordel King Jayms & Patrice James
2. Muhammad Adeel
3. Michael Yeo
4. Sayid Abdi
5. Jose Sugawara
6. Emil Blumer
7. Henrique Machado
8. Tatyana Ivanova
9. Joaquim Amandio
10. Cristi Calina
11. Ivan & Michelle Mark
12. Mwambusya John Kabalebe
13. Luis Segura
14. Marco Vassanelli
15. Dorosi Cho
16. Stanislavs Gorins & Anita Jemeljanova
17. Mai Loan Nguyen
18. Thanh Duong
19. Raúl Pazos
20. Fred Fok & Sherry Gong
21. Julien Zerbini
22. Luca Miatton
23. Barbara Chukwurah
24. János Tasi

Announcement of New Country Managers for Russia & Ukraine
We offer congratulations to Mr. Yurii Sulyma for becoming the Country Manager of Ukraine
and we would also like to extend congratulations to Ms. Natalia Romanova for becoming the Country Manager of Russian Federation.


“Captain’s corner”

What is happening in your country? What is evolving in your life? I am penning this as I am stuck in traffic, but I cannot help but think of the organisation that I am a part of and how humbling it is.

Let me share this thought with you: Be the change you want to see! It is as simple as that. Nothing else needs to be said and no further clarification is required.

Be the change you want to see! It does not matter where you are or the situation you are in, just be the change you want to see!

Most people have become accustomed to complaining. They are either aggravated or stressed out, crying or completely drowning in their emotions. It is easy to stay on that level, instead of lifting themselves above it all and rising to the occasion by being the change they want to see!

Some people say the organisation has no leadership. I have no issue with that. However, be that leadership! Others have a list of things they want the organisation to do. However, is it not necessary for them to be the change they want to see? Some say there are things that need to be done differently. But if you apply the concept of being the change you want to see, then, do the things you believe should be done differently with your team within the organisation, and you would now be a living and breathing example of the change you want to see. Don’t be afraid of this. Welcome it!

Create the situation you desire to be in. Do not be a complainer and runner. Instead of leaving a problem unresolved, solve it.

Simply put, that is the thought for the day. Sometimes, you must be that change first, because everyone wants change. We all want things to be done differently and situations to improve. How many of us are willing to do the work that is required to make the change? We must want to do the work. The interesting thing is, there is work to be done! So, I implore you to get to work! Get active! This is a very serious mission that we are on friends.

This is for those who are part of the OneLife family and those who want to be part of this family. Wherever you come from, activate thyself in your sphere. Be that positive change where you are by impacting your environment with action instead of talk.

These are my humble thoughts. I will be happy if you can listen, learn and apply. Do not cry about it: Be about it! Do not talk about it: Be about it!

Be about what? Be about action! I am your humble servant

King Jayms,
Trust the Process

OneLife Network Newsletter April 15th, 2020

What's new this week?

* Fake News about Euronext Exchange
*Warning of Simon Le's new copycat coin
* CLA - Banned
* 10 K Promotion - updates
* Development of Co-Captains Board
* Immediate Split with Wire Transfer
* Super Split
* "Captain's Corner"

False news about Euronet Exchange

Dear OneLife Community,

Our Company is not launching the ‘Euronext Exchange’, as shown in the video circulating.
Please ignore all media sent to you “as part of a 2020 OneCoin Global Campaign” as this is false news. We assure you that any legitimate campaign will be brought to you through trusted sources: the Company’s official newsletter on the OneLife website www.onelife.eu,  your DealShaker Country Managers and your Captains.

We recognise that the intention of the video is purely mischievous and to create confusion and distraction among us. We should see it as flattering that others should go through such efforts for us.

Let us encourage you to maintain your focus and continue to grow your business with our new 10K promotion.

We stand as one - ‘One Life for More Life’
‘Together for More’


The company has taken the decision of zero tolerance for any individuals or entity promoting or involved in activities that are in direct conflict with our OneEcoSystem. After much negotiations with Mr. Simon Le to prevent or dissuade him from resigning, we have come to understand that his reason for leaving is to focus on a project that he is spare heading and leading.

This project is in direct conflict with everything the OneEcoSystem and brand stands for. This has forced us to take the position of zero tolerance against Mr. Le and any of his associates, particularly since the project is an attempt at cloning our system. Added to this, the intent is to mislead our members into joining his new (copycat) coin. We deem his actions to be a direct conflict of interest. We are warning that such actions will prompt us to freeze accounts that violate our Terms and Conditions.


Our Company must at this time inform the Onelife community and its users of the DealShaker platform, that the CLA company (Comercializadorav Latinoamericana de Automotores) from Mexico, are BANNED with immediate effect, from undertaking ANY type of negotiations or transactions worldwide,including ANY deals related to the construction or sale of houses as part of its own portfolio or any other company with which they are associated.
The CLA has used the DealShaker platform irresponsibly as follows:

1. For not delivering a single vehicle anywhere in the world, despite developing
agreements with third parties that raised the money and promised the sale of 100% one vehicles.

2. The misleading manner in which the DealShaker logo and name, as well as the ONE cryptocurrency was used.

3. Defying the company’s policy by collecting money from third parties using the
DealShaker business structure.

4. Compromising the DealShaker brand and the economic interest of Onelife
users, by promoting businesses not authorised by the DealShaker company.

5. Creating confusion in the use of ONE cryptocurrency worldwide.

The Global Community is warned that the usability of the ONE cryptocurrency can only be done through the DealShaker platform, that the policies of this platform are global and that there is no global exchange platform that to date allows anyone to buy or sell our ONE cryptocurrency.

We are pleased to announce, that the creation of the Co-Captains Board has already started. At this time, it's in the development phase.  We will therefore, announce in next week’s newsletter the names of the individuals, who will form this Co-captains Board and we will identity some of the roles and responsibilities.

Immediate Split with Wire Transfer 

Please be advised, that anyone buying a package via bank wire transfer, can write to the company in order to receive the split immediately, instead of waiting for the split barometer to reach 100%.
In honor of Dr Ruja's birthday, the promotion will end on May 30th, at midnight (Sofia time).

In consideration of the commitment from all our IMAs, we are pleased to inform you all that the next Split will be a SUPER SPLIT.

“Captain’s corner”

Friends and OneFamily global, it brings me great pleasure to speak to you in what matters most: our future. Forget all the negative, adverse, discouraging things that you have heard. I am here with your best interest in mind, to provide you with the information that you will need to chart a course for success. Together, our future is bright and will be built around absolute integrity, truth and strong concepts. We will teach what we have been mandated to teach and do what we are required to, and that is speaking the truth maintaining our value of transparency and our purpose in developing people and nations.

For me, I believe that the upcoming event carded for August in Romania will be one of the greatest launching events that the World of OneLife has ever seen or experienced. This brand that we are celebrating will become a household name and be part of an everyday culture. I am letting you know that the systems we are working on are being created to make your life easier, faster and functional. The systems are quite lucrative in the marketing and fintech industries, and would dominate in any cutting edge areas of technology. I am excited, persuaded, energised and ready!

As I close this message I am reminded by my team member Eric on his YouTube channel RED about FEAR!!!!!

We can see it in many different ways in our life it’s about how we respond to it that matters most.



Or, the latter, which I prefer


To me, we can face all these challenges and rise way beyond the limitation that is in the minds of others. Tune out the noise and keep focus on the ONE.................We are destined to be 💪🏿

Together for more.

OneLife Network Newsletter April 8th, 2020

What's new this week?

* New Captain
* Educational packages with COVID-19 SPECIAL PRICE
* Promotion
* "Captain's Corner"

King Jayms is the new Captain 

The OneLife Family is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Cordell King Jayms as its new Captain, replacing Mr. Simon Le who is stepping down as Captain.

Mr. King Jayms is a highly experienced, successful and well-regarded MLM leader. This position and its responsibilities will highlight our most popular fundamental principles for MLM success written thus far.

However, Mr. King Jayms isn’t only an MLM leader, but a visionary who will lead this project to the right direction.
It is well known that we cannot expect people with small ideas and ideals to understand, accept, or appreciate big visions. 

Innovators like Mr. King Jayms are outliers at their very core visionaries with determination, passion and dedication, who are highly motivated to see success in their undertakings.
We have a vision and not a mere dream, because to be a visionary leader, the future must be your home.

We are also developing a Global Leadership Co-Captain Board to work alongside Mr. Jayms.

We look forward to continuing this journey to success with Mr. King Jayms who represents the conviction, the vision, the passion and the drive of all who want our success in this industry to be indelibly written.


These are difficult times for all of us, where humanity is battling with the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We, as a Company and as a Family, that includes over 3 679 927 members from all over the world, cannot be indifferent to the needs of our members.

As one of the World’s leading Cryptocurrency Companies, we are extremely aware of the negative financial impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy. At this point, it is crucial that people are exposed to good financial literacy.

OneAcademy's Mission has always been to create the World's next financial experts by providing innovative educational materials. Currently, our company is in more than 190 countries and our educational courses are available in 20 languages.

We work with people from all spheres of life, all over the world, and truly appreciate the uniqueness of every individual. Education is something we really endorse and value.  We would like to support our members and do our utmost in order that our educational packages reach the maximum number of people. To this end, we have decided to reduce the prices of our packages as follows:

* The price of all educational packages (except Starter, NewLife and NewLife Plus packages) is now reduced by 25%

* The price of NewLife and NewLife Plus packages is reduced by 20%

* The price of Starter code remains the same, because this educational package is included in Get Started 10K Campaign.

Please take note that all other promotions are currently invalid, except the new Get Started 10K Campaign (you can find detailed information about it in our official news feeds).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please bear in mind that to purchase an educational package with a bank wire payment method, you will need a Pro Forma Invoice. Regarding this please contact the ACCOUNTING department of the company via email invoice@onelifecorp.eu.

Please be informed that anyone who buys a package via bank wire, can write to the company to receive the split immediately, instead of waiting for the split barometer to reach 100%.
Promotion is limited until Dr. Ruja’s Birthday, which is 30th May.

“Captain’s corner”

OneLife for more life to every single IMA reading this message.

Friends, I want to wish you tremendous success and many happy returns, because now is the time to be excited more than ever before! Yes, you would have read that Simon is no longer burdened with building this organization. Consequently, much thanks and love go out to Mr. Le and he will be missed! 

Nonetheless, we must acknowledge that we are not bigger than the brand! As long as the brand stands, which is the specific intent of the company, we will go the distance. It is my personal conviction that the company’s team is doing everything within their power to grow and become better for us all. They have illustrated this on numerous occasions, with what they have said and have backed up their statements with action. I am of the firm belief, without a shadow of a doubt, that we will attain great success as IMAs. I absolutely believe this with every fiber of my being.  However, the speed with which it happens may remain a contentious subject to some. I prefer slow, steady and progressive than fast, painful and catastrophic advancements! 

The mission will be accomplished, although I am not in a rush to make it happen, given the industry and environment we live in today. I know the company has every intention to help us succeed and achieve the overall vision that it upholds. I am a strong believer in what we have to offer as IMAs and a network, and an even stronger believer in the vision that the company has shown us as it continues to guide us along. 

So, please trust and believe that now, more than ever before, is the time for us to help people see the reality of what we have. You need to know, that regardless of which coin you go to or start, they all need what we already have. That is, a community of persons who have some level of ownership of coins. But greater are those who understand what they have. Hence, if you understand the ownership, process and branding of cryptocurrency and its entire concept, then you truly understand that we are destined for greatness. Thus, no matter who and no matter what, the brand is standing strong because this brand is the reason why 99.9% of people are involved in cryptocurrency today: point blank, period! 

I do not take the OneAcademy for granted, nor do I take it lightly and that is why I am imploring you: this is the time to sell this product! There are so many new things that are on the horizon and yet to come and they are bound to blow you away! 

Get excited! Get positive! Share and care! Believe in the OneLife for more life! 

Your humble servant and Captain

King Jayms


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Especially after USA government started an investigation against OneCoin some years ago. Several front figures in OneCoin and associates has been arrested, put to trial and are waiting for sentences. Due to Corona pandemic sentences and trials has been postponed several times.

CoinCorner.se has since start posted all newsletters and official announcements from OneCoin-OneLife Network. However, after the arrests and trials in USA only excerpts from these official newsletters are posted on this page releveant for visitors and all members considered as victims. Follow the newsfeed.

Since early 2019 a victim support page has been created and gathering relevant information from the ongoing cases in USA. A summarize has also been posted, called "Qryptoqueen". One can also follow OneCoin timeline and view statistics

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