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Why OneCoin is a ponzi scheme

OneCoin claims to be a cryptocurrency that is going to be bigger than Bitcoin. Its promoters call it the future of payment. In reality OneCoin is a global scam estimated to be worth over 15 billion USD.

OneCoin, and its sister company OneLife, is the brain child of Ruja Ignatova. She presents herself as a trustworthy business women and has constructed an online presence to support her credibility. The facts from her past tell another story. She has since disappeared after an arrest warrant was filed against her in the United States (late 2017).

With over 200 arrests (2020) linked to OneCoin across many different countries, the evidence against OneCoin, OneLife and Ruja Ignatova is mounting. Despite this, people still choose to promote this scam and continue to deceive others, even their own families. Victims or perpetrators, these people need to be called out and encouraged to stop their activity.

Charges against OneCoin

In the official court case documents from the USA Department of Justice on February 6th (2018) they detailed their charges against Ruja Ignatova. They have provided further detailed information about Ruja's charges regarding her financial crimes she has committed within her multi billion dollar ponzi fraud scam OneCoin.

Ruja Ignatova's charges are:

1. Conspiracy to commit wire fraud
2. Wire Fraud
3. Conspiracy to commit Money Laundering
4. Conspiracy to commit Securities Fraud
5. Money Laundering

Ruja Ignatova has not been seen since October 2017 when she vanished (she became aware of the FBI charges being brought against her by the USA for her OneCoin fraudulent crimes and activities). She currently still is at large and is now a wanted fugitive in the USA. Ruja Ignatova when caught and convicted faces up to 90 years in jail for the charges.

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Report OneCoin scam to USA

The USA Department of Justice is requesting OneCoin investors who feel they have fallen victim to the OneCoin scam to report and contact them by email at USANYS.OneCoin@usdoj.gov

SDNY Victim and Witness Coordinator
United States Attorney's Office
One St. Andrew's Plaza
New York, New York 10007

Victim and Witness Service

OneCoin Victim Support Groups

OneCoin Victim Support Group on Facebook

OneCoin OneLife Opportunity on Facebook

OneCoin on BehindMLM

OneCoin on Onecoincon.com

OneCoin victim international support group on Telegram 


Latest updates!

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¤ OneCoin DeepFake video of Ruja Ignatova posted on Youtube (210726)
¤ Frank Schneider’s appeal delays extradition to US (210725)
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¤ Ukraine govt denies cooperation with OneCoin & OneLife (210526)
¤ Entry of default recorded against OneCoin, Ignatova & Armenta (210519)
¤ Sheik Saoud sold Ruja Ignatova a Ponzi bank license (210518)
¤ Kuwait linked OneCoin & Ruja Ignatova to “terrorist groups” (210517)
¤ Lawsuit reveals OneCoin ‘Cryptoqueen’ holds 230,000 BTC worth $13 bn (210514)
¤ Top OneCoin earner, Juha Parhiala, dead (210513)
¤ OneCoin crypto tracks lead to the United Arab Emirates (210512)
¤ OneCoin scammer Muhammad Zafar (“Dr. Zafar”) arrested in Pakistan (210511)
¤ OneCoin money launderer Frank Schneider arrested in France (210501)
¤ OneCoin promoter Ivonne Ortiz (Ecuador) sentenced to 5 years prison (210205)


Court docs and links

Manhattan U.S. attorney announces charges against leaders of OneCoin, a multibillion-dollar pyramid scheme involving the sale of a fraudulent cryptocurrency. Read more

Available to read transcripts on CourtListener (Mark Scott trial): 2053 pages

5th November 6th November 7th November 8th November 12th November 13th November 14th November 15th November 18th November 19th November 20th November 21st November

Please find below the links to the official USA Department of Justice OneCoin court case official documents.

 Name  Docket  Comment  Note
 Mark S. Scott  Case  Sentencing Sept 8, 2021  1
 Konstantin Ignatov  Case  Adjourned to Nov 12, 2021  2
 Ruja Ignatova  Case  Remains at large  3
 Sebastian Greenwood  Case  Pretrial conference Sept 10, 2021  4
 David Pike  Case  Guilty plea hearing Sept 8, 2021  5 
 Gilbert Armenta  Case  Sentencing July 14, 2021  6
 Grablis vs Onecoin Ltd  Case  Ongoing case  7
 Frank Schneider   Case  Arrested in France on April 29, 2021  8
Note 1 Mark Scott was found guilty on two (2) counts for OneCoin $400 million money laundering. Released on bail after the conviction on Nov 21, 2019. Mark S Scott was denied new trial on March 23, 2020 (file #244). 

Note 2 Arrested on March 6, 2019 (USA). Charged with one (1) count. Konstantin Ignatov made a 5k1 plea deal with US authorities later same year. 

On Jan 28 (2020) Konstantin Ignatov agreed signing an appearance bond surety of $500,000. The $500,000 was paid by Ivan Iochkolovsky (aka Ivan Yochkolovski) and Draga Lambreva. As per the terms of Ignatov’s filed appearance bond, he is required to;

  • appear at all future court hearings
  • surrender himself for sentencing
  • surrender his passport
  • remain in home incarceration in the Southern District of New York with location monitoring

Note 3 Ruja Ignatova (5 charges) - wanted, but remains at large.

Note 4 Sebastian Greenwood was arrested in Thailand in Nov 2018 and later extradited to the United States. Charged with five (5) counts. OneCoin co-founder, Sebastian Greenwood, pre-trial teleconference live recording on May 27, 2021.

Note 5 In OneCoin DOJ case, there's been a filing of a superseding indictment (file #220) against David R. Pike on February 6th, 2020. David Pike is indicted for one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud. David R. Pike was arrested in Florida on August 30th, 2018. On September 12th Pike was released on a $500,000 personal recognizance bond, plus strict travel restrictions.

Note 6 Gilbert Armenta. Indicted with 5 counts - conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering (three counts) and conspiracy to commit extortion. Armenta was arrested in Connecticut and bail was set to $5 million dollars. Armenta pled guilty to all five counts. In December 2019 the DOJ informed Armenta they would not be providing him with a Section 5K1.1 letter. 

Note 7 Class action Grablis vs OneCoin - case is ongoing.

Note 8 OneCoin money launderer, Frank Schneider, arrested in France on April 29, 2021.

Here are two recordings of Ruja Ignatova that was obtained from the court trial US vs Mark Scott. The voice recordings of Ruja Ignatova to her lover Gilbert Arment.

To listen to both of the voice recordings click the soundcloud recording one and recording two.

Courtlistener - Konstantin trial

Finns invested at least EUR 40 mn...

BBC podcast - The Missing Cryptoqueen

This excellently produced podcast from Planet Money regarding the multi billion dollar OneCoin scam, Ruja Ignatova highlights about the OneCoin victims Ruja Ignatova lied to and who are now left devastated within it.

This is a shorter yet still powerful version of The Missing Cryptoqueen BBC smash hit podcast series regarding OneCoin.

Huge thanks to Planet Money, Jamie Bartlett and Georgia Catt for helping continue in raising further awareness about this horrendous fake crypto scam OneCoin.

Listen to the Apple podcast OneCoin The Cryptoqueen.

Listen to the full 9 part episode BBC podcast series The Missing Cryptoqueen.

BBC: Cryptoqueen - How this woman scammed the world, then vanished.


BitCoin News: Onecoin victims join petition seeking establishment of crypto fraud compensation fundPetition no 0421/2020 by Jonathan Levy (US) on the need to set up a crypto assets fund for crypto crime victims.

Petition Summary
The petitioner indicates that the victims of crypto crime are defrauded of thousands of millions of euros annually. He points out that the European Parliament has already called for measures to regulate crypto assets and observes that, to date, no crypto asset funding has been set aside to compensate the victims of directly related criminal activities. The petitioner is therefore seeking the introduction of a regulatory scheme to compensate victims. He is acting on behalf of the victims of crypto crime (fraud, piracy and extortion) illegally targeting or making criminal use of crypto assets. Victims have attempted to recoup their losses in different ways such as legal proceedings in national courts, criminal complaints to national authorities, bank transfers, credit card reversals and block chain tracking. None of these remedies has been successful owing to the multi-jurisdictional nature of the crypto-currency transaction. Similarly, the petitioner notes that neither the Commission nor the European Ombudsman have declared themselves competent in this matter. He urges the European Parliament to act directly to help the victims of crypto-active crimes as part of its EU strategy for the creation of a genuine single market for digital financial services.


Will OneCoin survive?