OneLife Network - Map members top 20 countries

Data last updated June 30, 2020

OneLife Network - Pie chart Top 20 countries


OneLife Network - Line chart average monthly development members globally

The chart begins with point 1, November 2015, followed by next month and so on. Last month is June 2020.

OneLife Network - Bar chart annual development members


Revised June 30, 2020

OneCoin - Bar chart historical value ONE


Value is fixed on DealShaker (-10 cent)

OneCoin - Table chart historical increase difficulty


OneCoin started its business in Oct 24, 2014. Mining of OneCoin initiated Jan 19, 2015.

OneCoin - Table chart historical splits


OneCoin started its business in Oct 24, 2014. Mining of OneCoin initiated Jan 19, 2015.

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All statistics are derived from the output presented on the company's own official website!

However, it should be pointed out that statistics should always be read with some caution. The company has some backlog on registered / activated accounts. The company has chosen to present all statistics for member development via counters, tables and newsletters etc. And on different sub-pages. It then becomes clear when checking that an error margin exists and that must be taken into account.

It has long been debated among members whether the counter at OneLife.eu is correct or not. In the sense of counting the number of registered accounts or activated accounts. It has been announced from the company or its representatives that the counter only indicates the number of activated accounts at least Starter. Rookie is a free account that only provides access to an overview of the online office, but does not, for example, provide any training packages or tokens for any extraction of the digital currency, OneCoin. Therefore, you probably only specify accounts that have activated packages at least Starter. It has been estimated over 28 million registered accounts (most frozen accounts, said not in use) in the system (autumn 2017). However OneCoin never reveals any data. Some say there are only between 700-900 000 members depending on how you count.

The average number of members in average per day and month to the left!

The graph shows large differences for certain months. These are simply because the company has incorporated global networks on four occasions; OPN, UniverTeam, BNG and WeShare. All in all, these averages affect the dayly counting for the current month.

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OPN: ~480 000
UniverTeam: ~120 000
BNG: ~75 000 (10 000)
WeShare: ~75 000
Bonofa: ~ 60 000
Congligus: ~10 000