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  • Transfer of Unica Coin to OvidGlobal 3 June, 2020

    Customers can now transfer their Unica Coin to e-commerce platform Ovidglobal. Register or login here.

  • Duncan Arthur on Facebook 1 June, 2020

    Yesterday was the last day to mirror coin to UNI. The good news is that you can actually spend those things with OvidGlobal.io. And you can exchange them soon. Please don't ask me what the rate will be. I have no idea and that will be determined by the market. 

    The bad news (not for the holders) is that this is a real coin and someone is backing it to a degree. The things are by no means "free".

    The KYC was free to anyone who has shown a great degree of loyalty and I'm not ashamed to say these people were my priority in the whole process. As with any IT exercise we ran into issues we didn’t anticipate. Anyone who would make an effort was accommodated. 

    If you are in the process, you are taken care of. As you can imagine, there is a lot of back-log. This effort is to clean-up crypto after the many disasters of the last few years. We won't be repeating them and are determined to stay well away from people who caused them, They simply do not belong.

    We’re still selling tokens if you’re interested.
    The team behind this deserve a massive thank you

  • Register on OvidGlobal now open report! 1 May, 2020

    OvidGlobal is now open! Please register on OvidGlobal platform (e-commerce)

  • Follow up on the eComelize Police report! 30 April, 2020

    "eComelize has used Ovid and Bycoi registered trademarks even after being warned in a Cease & Desist letter, this reinforces the breach of law, in Delaware, as it is classified as ”intentional”. This a civil case and entails big fines.

    eComilize has stolen and repeatedly used addresses from Ovid, BYC and BCB Coinstrike, even after receiving several Cease & Desist reports. This is defined by international law as a severe breach against personal privacy and as being repeatedly used, the maximum fine is 10.000 euro per address. With some 185.000 personal addresses, this is regarded as a serious crime.
    eComelize has distributed BYC to its MLM members without authorisation. The coins were stolen. A serious crime.

    Thomas, Morten, Lloyd and Jan-Eric have tried to change, with an unauthorised password the share register in BCB Coinstrike Ltd, a profoundly serious crime that involved impersonating Duncan.

    Above mentioned are invoking a document that clearly stipulates that ONLY IF Duncan is deceased, a judge has declared him incapable or if the project does an IPO, then this document is valid. Nothing of these 3 circumstances have occurred. This is a profoundly serious matter and Company House rectified the situation quickly.

    The above mentioned have registered a company called BCB Coinstrike Holding Ltd. They cannot use the name without a written approval from Duncan. This is passing-off to deliberately confuse. UK Companies House will address in due time.

    The most incriminating and dangerous case for them is the sale of coins in a completely unauthorised manner. This is a severe crime both in UK and in Norway.
    - Illegal sales
    - Stolen coins
    - Not paying VAT and Tax in UK leaving the entities Gardor I and II liable
    - Not informed the UK companies
    - Not reported any result of sales

    UK-companies did not receive any funds from the sales

    - Not paying sales agent.
    - Above mentioned have decided on sales commissions without informing the companies
    - Above mentioned have put the directors of the UK companies in a terrible situation where it is up to them to show they did not know what was going on
    - Above mentioned have indicated that above mentioned have paid all funds to develop platforms.

    Please understand that these platforms are very amateurish build and development costs are far under 75.000 Euro.

    The directors of Gardor 1&2 are forced to report this under the law of “accessory under the fact” which is defined that a person who is aware that a crime has been committed must report or can face charges.

    For less than € 75.000 very professional platforms can be produced.

    Where did all the funds go?

    Why does Jan-Eric press Duncan for funds collected on PayPal when he knows that OneLife wanted the Jumio and his costs back? Which Duncan paid, approximately 140.000€.
    All the above illegal activities have been reported to Action Fraud and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and Duncan has been prompted to testify. He has already testified once and must appear very soon again." 

    Report misselling of BYC here

  • Meeting with Duncan Arthur 25 April, 2020

    Duncan Arthur answer questions about Unica Coin, OvidEx & OvidGlobal, his vision and stratey.

  • Buy Unica Token 24 April, 2020

    Take the opportunity to buy Unica Token. After the launching of the Ovid Exchange and launch of the coin the management will convert the token at any suitable time before the 15th of June, 2020. Should the coin exchange at a rate lower than Euro 0.20, the company will compensate the holder with coin to match their initial outlay. Read mor in the pdf file below. Thank you and welcome onboard Unica Coin®.

    Buy Unica Token here.
    The campaign ends 30 April.

  • Cease and Desist sent to Thomas Myhrvold 23 April, 2020

    Duncan Arthur has sent a 'cease and desist' letter to Thomas Myhrvold, Director of Coltan Technology Limited, shareholder of eComelize (registered in Delaware, USA) and board member of OneDealer AS in Norway. Read more 

  • Reporting mismanagement and selling of ByCoi 23 April, 2020

    Report mismanagement and selling of ByCoi in English and Swedish version.

  • Message from Duncan Arthur 20 April, 2020

    Anybody who receives a message to enter their private details for an entity called "monopera dot com" must please message Duncan as quickly as possible so that he can guide you to make a report to the UK authorities for a potential fraud attempt and breach of GDPR.

    Duncan Arthur is called to a meeting and make a statement about last years report concerning illegal actions by eComelize and OneDealer AS in Norway (report sent to Police fraud department in UK).

    Reported to the Police in UK: Thomas Myhrvold, Morten Bjørge, Lloyd Moore, Jan-Eric Nyman.

  • Duncan Arthur informs 20 April, 2020

    Hi all,
    Some answers to common queries on the support page;
    1. BYC mirroring we're looking into
    2. If you had more than one account for mirroring, you'll have to mirror more than once
    3. OC don't match 1-for-1 for UNI past 10,000
    4. The e-mail confirmation might not arrive immediately.

  • Unica Coin Team informs 15 April, 2020

    Due to the high attention of people around the world towards UnicaCoin, we have to add more functions to be more convenient for you to do your financial transaction.

    In order to avoid any affect to customer's use on UnicaCoin.io website, we need to update the system from 12PM - 9 AM the, London time.

    Due to the amazing interest of people around the world in UnicaCoin, we are adding more functionality for your convenience. From 24h00 to 09h00 GMT (London) these changes will be made. Please schedule accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • Communication regarding BYC mirroring 14 April, 2020

    Dear BYC holders,

    I have received a number of communications that for whatever reason, BYC holders were not always able to mirror their BYC to UNI.

    Because of system issues, I cannot simply extend the time frame. I can however promise that a measure will be taken in the near to medium future to address, so far possible, the concerns of those that missed the deadline. This applies also to holders who were mis-sold BYC without my knowledge or permission.

    Duncan Arthur

  • Version 5 of Unica Coin website guide 9 April, 2020

    Version 5 of Unica Coin website guide is now published. Read more

  • More languages for tutorials 13 April, 2020

    Tutorials in several languages for Unica Coin website are now published. Read more

  • Version 5 of Unica Coin website guide 9 April, 2020

    Version 5 of Unica Coin website guide is now published. Read more

  • Buy Unica Token 6 April, 2020

    We are pleased to inform you that you can buy Unica Token on the Unicacoin.io platform. You can trade different crypto on our public exchange Ovidex.io. We are sure you will get good experience. From today until 30 April, 2020, you can swap your ONE to free Unica Coin, which will enable you to purchase products and services on our e-commerce platform OvidGlobal.io which will soon open.

    Please inform friends and family about this unique offer. We wish you all success and see you on OvidGlobal.io soon. Do not hesitate to contact our support team for your questions.

    Best regards
    OvidGlobal Team

  • Version 4 of Unica Coin website guide 5 April, 2020

    Version 4 of Unica Coin website guide is now published. Read more

  • Unica CoinTM website is now up and running 1 April, 2020

    The website of Unica CoinTM is now up and running. Feel free to signup, login and check around. Soon everybody has the possibility to swap theri coins to Unica CoinTM. Unica is the first coin to launch as a strictly utility coin with limited supply. Launches with more than 10,000+ fan base and the means to spend and exchange. Welcome onboard!

  • Reporting potential mismanagement and/or improper behaviour as regards BYCOI sales and wallets 29 March, 2020

    What is this document?

    If you have purchased a package that awards BYCOI, have not been awarded what you are owed or have noticed that your coins have disappeared from your wallet, you need to report this matter urgently.

    Chances are that if you bought a package, you were sold that package through misrepresentation. Coin were never supposed to be sold. The intention was that shares would be sold via a private placement.

    If you cannot find your BYC, you have an asset that has been taken away from you or not awarded. All of these are serious allegations.

    Read more "how to" in the attached document.

  • Duncan Arthur explains about ByCoi 29 March, 2020

    Dear ByCoi Holders and original Ovid merchants,

    What happened?
    Ovid was never supposed to be something sold only via Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). The original idea was that it would be sold via an affiliate offering.

    The developer of the platform, Jan-Eric Nyman, saw some potential for Ovid packages to be sold via MLM and built the infrastructure on the understanding that there would be two ways of selling access to Ovid: either via an affiliate model or through packages made available through an MLM offering. The platform built, it turns out, is of very poor quality (the code is reportedly clumsy, copied, and doesn’t function) and has run past any reasonable comparable budget or time frame. It could not cope apparently with separate tables for affiliates and MLM participants.
    Every element of the platform into the MLM, one - “eComelize”.

    This was never the intention. It was never authorized. It is in fact a cynical attempt to hijack an entire platform, coin and user base. Simply, it’s illegal.

    Thomas Myhrvold, Morten Bjørge, Jan-Eric Nyman attempted to seize control. The two characters from OneDealer Norway became involved in the program without their being any authority or permission.

    The user base does not belong to eComelize. Simple. The base overwhelmingly consists of persons who registered for NewDealshaker, migrated from the original Dealshaker or signed up for Ovid. Marketing and contacting these people is a blatant infringement of the EU General Principles on Data Protection (GDPR).

    Telling coin holders that they have to participate in an MLM to get the full benefit of their coins after they have enrolled is ludicrous and unlawful in terms of EU consumer protection.
    Funds were raised by mis-selling (that is fraudulently selling) what is essentially a security without authorization. This has been reported to the UK authorities – case number NFRC200203482485. The funds are not accounted for and were deposited into OneDealer Norway’s bank account.

    How this was done was by abusing a private placement of equity. Two entities were set-up to provide funding for development in the UK, Gardor I and Gardor II. The characteristics of the entities are:
    1. They are unregulated. Private equity in England largely is. Rules applying to the sales of securities therefore do not apply.
    2. To further exempt regulation, the shares could not be actively sold;
    3. They are VAT exempt in selling shares;
    4. A share capital of £ 50,000 shares was registered; each share was nominally valued at £ 1;
    5. A maximum of £ 100,000 could therefore be raised; and,
    6. The share could later be converted to ONE (1) coin per share, sold back or held.
    What followed was this:
    1. Packages of “coins” were sold at a massive discount (in the region of 0,02 Euro) to what was promised. This is regulated in the EU via MiFID II and multiple other elements of securities legislation and regulation;
    2. The packages were sold actively with a dedicated sales force recruited. A number of which appear to not have been paid. We are investigating further;
    3. A VAT event occurred which was never paid to or settled by the Gardor entities;
    4. Neither Gardor entity received any funds. Significantly more than £ 100,000 was raised with One Dealer Norway taking 50% of the proceeds;
    5. The Gardor directors were never directly informed. The Gardor share registry was never amended as the entities never received a single instruction to update it.

    The following civil and criminal offences are apparent:
    1. Mis-selling of a security;
    2. Fraud - as relates to the sale of something unauthorized.
    3. Unjustified enrichment in terms of not paying all of the sales force;
    4. The manner in which the coins were sold is reminiscent of OneLife “PowerPacks” and suggests that the sellers had no concern for the sustainability of BYC in even the medium term as the massive discount would undermine any meaningful exchange and force the value to immediately crash as everyone who had bought a cheap coin would want to liquidate as quickly as possible;
    5. Withholding of VAT; and,
    6. Theft - in not forwarding the funds to the Gardor entities.
    7. Gardor authorized a total of 100,000 shares to be sold and as far as I have evidence of some 14.600.000 coins were sold.

    Any purchasers should consider asking for their funds back and/or laying civil or criminal claims.
    It was becoming clear that eComelize is simply a clone of OneLife. Many of the problem elements with OneLife began to remerge: wallets were frozen (again illegal as a coin is an asset), data privacy was taken advantage of.

    I of course could have no part of this and issued a Cease & Desist (Feb 5) breaking any content and relationship.

    If the eComelize crew could not hijack my IP, they attempted to outright steal it. On the 6th of February 2020, they attempted to change the shareholding details of a UK entity by logging onto Companies House impersonating myself. Companies House, to their credit, acted swiftly and advised that a fraud case be reported - NFRC200203473562.

    Not finished yet, if they couldn’t steal it, they attempted to clone it. A similarly sounding company name (“BCB Coinstrike Holdings Limited” versus the legitimate BCB Coinstrike Limited) was used with a fresh company. This constitutes misrepresentation.

    If this sounds reckless for a company, especially one registered in the United States, to conduct its business, it is.

    It is important to remember that the individuals acted without authorization or permission. All claims must be directed against them jointly or severally.

    I will help anybody who has been caught-up in this to the full extent I am able. I share your disappointment.

    Yours faithfully
    Duncan Arthur

  • OvidEx® is now open for registering 27 March, 2020

    The exchange, OvidEx, is now open for registering.

  • OvidEx® is now up and running 26 March, 2020

    The exchange, OvidEx, is now up and running. Read more

  • First round of mirroiring ends 24 March, 2020

    First round to claim Unica coins is now over. The offer to claim free Unica Coin ended on march 23, 2020. Next round will be in the beginning of April. Read more

  • Duncan Arthur has something to say 23 March, 2020

     Duncan Arthur has something to say...

  • Claim your free Unica CoinTM 15 March, 2014

    Valid only 15/03 - 23/03, 2020!

    OVIDGLOBAL.io has been forced to make very significant changes to the system as eComelize, a MLM company in Delaware USA, has hijacked all the platforms from Duncan Arthur. 
    There-fore completely new platforms are being developed and are in the finalisation stage, This will ensure a higher safety for all customers personal information. More information will be given on a regular basis.


    This form shall be used by all customers who applied for free BYC coins last year. Due to irregular trades with our BYC by a foreign person, the BYC is toxic and worthless. Therefore a new coin has been established and all holders of free BYC should fill out this form so that you can receive the new coin UNICA in the same amount as you are holding BYC. These coins be valid to purchase product and services on OVIDGLOBAL.io

  • ByCoi becomes Unica CoinTM 11 March, 2020

    As previously announced some changes have had to be made. These are due to several illegal actions performed by eComelize management and their partner OneDealer AS in Norway.

    Among many other actions, e.g. selling and giveaways of BYC made the coin toxic. When doing an independent research of the IT system one found out that this was poorly designed and built. BCB Exchange has, for example, never worked properly, nor has the OvidTM platform.
    Jan-Eric Nyman was responsible as he had the assignment to build the IT system for Dantir Dilela and its group of companies.

    All platforms are more or less shut down due to legal and regulatory advice and licenses withdrawn by Duncan. This means eComelize cannot continue their business.

    As for ByCoi this means a new coin with new name and new blockchain must be introduced. No existing customers will be affected in a negative way and will not suffer any detriment. Further details to be announced shortly.

    Duncan Arthur never wanted to have anything to do with MLM. This means the new start-up will be a trading and e-commerce platform as initially planned.

    eComelize was a customer of Dantir Dilela, a company owned solely by Duncan Arthur. When management of eComelize hijacked all IT system, domains, trademarks and even tried a coup d'etat to oust Duncan out of his own company, Duncan realised he could never trust these scoundrels again.

    Their actions were an attempt to make all customers suffer. eComelize even tried to force everyone recently to buy their expensive packages in order to get access to their BYC Which everybody actually received for free by Duncan Arthur.

    The issue here is that ByCoi practically is wortless (toxic) today! Therefore no one needs to buy these packages of course.

    Duncan Arthur's solution to what has happened is to actually offer a new coin with a new name and blockchain in order to rescue all. All existing customers of ByCoi will be taken care of and will suffer no detriment.

    Duncan has told that anyone who had had KYC done for ByCoi will not need to pay this again.
    As a result of involvement since summer last year CoinCorner.se is now part of the media group. More info about all roles and what is going on will be delivered shortly.

    Thanks for your patience!


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