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The story of Unica coin

“Unica” was an ancient Roman silver coin. Roman coinage was so trusted that it was used long after the fall of the western Roman empire. The coin was immediately recognizable, trusted and universally accepted.

We’ve tried to create something that has the same utility, recognition and trust. And with immediate exchangeability to fiat or other crypto. The vast majority of every other crypto out there fail because to whatever degree, they don’t live up to these criteria.

UNICA coin is an attempt to offer this at launch. We will offer the chance to mirror. If you have KYC for BYC (ByCoi), you will not have to pay for it again.

The sheer amount of different kinds of coins that were offered and disappointed have done untold damage to the crypto world. Sometimes the only good consequences appear to be that general awareness surrounding crypto. We can’t live in the past and concern ourselves with disappointment and failure.

We also like that the coin name reminds us of “unicorn” (a legendary creature described since antiquity). If we separate “UNI” from “CA” there is also words which reminds us of “UNIque” or “UNIte”. “CA" reminds us of "CApital” or “CAp” which refer to finance. Tech giants who grew beyond expectation call themselves, and like to be called, “unicorns”. There is something magical in that. 


How many BYC (Unica coin) do you have?

MegaMall and OvidGlobal in collaboration!

OvidGlobal and MegaMall in collaboration!

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OvidEx open for trading - July 18, 2020!

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* OvidEx exchange is registered in Estonia, licensed to trade crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat currencies. 


OvidGlobal launching - June 1, 2020!

OVIDGLOBAL and MegaMall in Australia in collaboration - July 25, 2020!

MegaMall in Australia has over 55 000 merchants registered. We are excited about welcoming new Merchants. Please contact our local representatives (agents) or contact OvidGlobal directly for guidance at support@ovidglobal.io. When you recommend another Merchant to join you will receive a referral commission in coins of 20% of the package price. WELCOME ONBOARD!

NB! On June 3, 2020, you can start to transfer UNICA COIN from your coin wallet to your Ovidglobal wallet and if KYC approved. Read more about Unica Coin, OvidEx and OvidGlobal here.

Unica Coin - a unique coin!

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