The story of Unica coin

“Unica” was an ancient Roman silver coin. Roman coinage was so trusted that it was used long after the fall of the western Roman empire. The coin was immediately recognizable, trusted and universally accepted.

We’ve tried to create something that has the same utility, recognition and trust. And with immediate exchangeability to fiat or other crypto. The vast majority of every other crypto out there fail because to whatever degree, they don’t live up to these criteria.

UNICA coin is an attempt to offer this at launch. We will offer the chance to mirror. If you have KYC for BYC (ByCoi), you will not have to pay for it again.

The sheer amount of different kinds of coins that were offered and disappointed have done untold damage to the crypto world. Sometimes the only good consequences appear to be that general awareness surrounding crypto. We can’t live in the past and concern ourselves with disappointment and failure.

We also like that the coin name reminds us of “unicorn” (a legendary creature described since antiquity). If we separate “UNI” from “CA” there is also words which reminds us of “UNIque” or “UNIte”. “CA" reminds us of "CApital” or “CAp” which refer to finance. Tech giants who grew beyond expectation call themselves, and like to be called, “unicorns”. There is something magical in that.



Unica Coin - The unique coin!

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Why does ByCoi (BYC) need to be replaced with UNICA Coin?

ByCoi is unfortunately “toxic”. Last year illegal selling and giveaways of BYC was made by persons behind the companies, eComelize, and its partner, OneDealer AS in Norway. This was against the law and regulations and has therefore been reported to the Police in UK (fraud) and several authorities in several countries.

Dantir Dilela is registered in Ireland and is owned solely by Duncan Arthur. Jan-Eric Nyman had an assignment to build all IT for Dantir Dilela and its group of companies. Several independant investigations showed that all IT-systems were poorly built. After a deeper investigation Duncan Arthur realized he had no other choice but to launch a new coin, Unica Coin.

Soon all new platforms will be in place and all customers are back on track. During a campaign recently everybody who hold ByCoi could claim the new free Unica Coin. No charges at all, not even KYC fee (only for those who already hold ByCoi). The campaign round one ended midnight on March 23. Next round to claim (swap) free Unica Coin will be in the beginning of April (now ongoing). The exchange launched on March 25, OvidEx. Several croptocurrencies and fiat will be traded in near time. The Unica Coin website was launched on April 1. Soon the e-commerce platform also will launch, OvidGlobal. This means everyone can either trade their Unica Coin with other crypto or fiat currencies or purchase goods on the e-commerce platform. Unica Coin is a utility coin and not a network marketing company.

Registered trademarkFolllow Unica Coin newsfeed.

Claim your free Unica Coin

Swapping round two is now open (campaign ends 30 April)!

(Swapping does not concern those who claimed via form sent before March 23)

Those who claimed UNI via forms sent before march 23; Wait for email sent from the Team (probably sent to registered BYCOI email address). Register, verify and login on Unica website, go to Swapping and Special Voucher, enter the two references fields received in email, then Swap ONE to UNI. Congrats!

How to swap to Unica Coin »» 

1. Signup on Unica Coin website. Confirm/ verify via registered email.
2. Login, go to Swapping, choose ONE (OneCoin).
3. Follow the steps on the page by enter OneCoin (OneLife) credentials (3 times). When; 

  • Sending code (check email, cannot find check then spam folder)
  • Verifying code
  • Submitting

4. Then swap ONE (coin) to UNI (Unica Coin)
5. When swapping you receive two assets which means you keep all your OneCoin!

Download guide (v4)

Buy Unica Token (campaign ends 30 April)

For technical issues contact the support for OvidEx or OvidGlobal.

Unica Coin Website Grand Opening April 1, 2020!

Unica Coin website

What is the Unica Coin? How to buy the Unica Coin? How to learn the Unica Coin? Welcome to our website! Need help? Download the guide (v4)

How to buy Unica Token (pressrelease)

Swapping OneCoin to Unica Coin is ongoing between 1 to 30 April, 2020! 

Duncan Arthur , Unica Coin and utility!

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OvidEx launch March 25, 2020!

OvidEX launch March 25, 2020
Duncan Arthur informs about launch. OvidEx is ready for registering


OvidGlobal.io home
The e-commerce platform is not yet operational (coming soon)!


OvidEX exchange



How many BYC (Unica coin) do you have?