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Why does ByCoi (BYC) need to be replaced with UNICA Coin?

ByCoi is unfortunately “toxic”. Last year selling of BYC was made by persons behind the companies, eComelize, and its partner, OneDealer AS in Norway. This was an illegal act and has therefore been reported to actionfraud.police.uk with case number NFRC200203473562. Several authorities in several countries are also informed. Download guide and report, in English and Swedish, if you bought packages with BYC. 

Dantir Dilela is registered in Ireland and is owned solely by Duncan Arthur. Jan-Eric Nyman had an assignment to build all IT for Dantir Dilela and its group of companies. Several independant investigations showed that all IT-systems were poorly built. After a deeper investigation Duncan Arthur realized he had no other choice but to launch a new coin, Unica Coin. Unfortunately all IT was stolen as well as brands, trademarks and money. Management of eComelize even tried to coup the sole owner out by changing shareholdings. When this wasn't possible a similar company was created. All email addreses were stolen which the players now use to recruit Ovid customers into their new business, called Tredan, Coltan and Monopera. Please report any anomilies as regards Tredan and Monopera to Duncan Arthur since this is a severe breach of GDPR. 

All Unica, OvidEx and OvidGlobal platforms are now in place. All customers are back on track. During a campaign recently everybody who hold ByCoi could claim free Unica Coin. The campaign round one, BYC to UNI, ended midnight on March 23. Round two, ONE to UNI, ends May 31, 2020. The exchange launched on March 25, OvidEx. Several cropto- and fiat currencies will be traded. The Unica Coin website was launched on April 1. The e-commerce platform launched on may 1, OvidGlobal. This means everyone can either trade their Unica Coin with other crypto or fiat currencies or purchase goods on the e-commerce platform. Unica Coin is a utility coin and not a network marketing company. You become a customer and not a member.



- Register free account on Unica website. Create a wallet.
- Register free account on OvidEx. Fiat to Crypto - crypto to crypto - crypto to fiat. 
- Register free account on OvidGlobal. Both for customers and merchants.

Buy Unica Token - download form for European or Asian market (v5). 
Download guide - how to deposit funds and how to buy Unica Token online.

NB! Take the opportunity to buy Unica Token. After the launching of the Ovid Exchange and launch of the coin the management will convert the token at any suitable time before the 15th of June, 2020. Should the coin exchange at a rate lower than Euro 0.20, the company will compensate the holder with coin to match their initial outlay. Thank you and welcome onboard Unica Coin project.



Unica tutorial UK Unica tutorial SE Unica tutorial NO Unica tutorial FI Unica tutorial DE Unica tutorial Thai Unica tutorial RU Unica tutorial CH Unica tutorial 2FA UK Swapping Unica Gmail hitta referens mejl Unica token deposit funds to wallet


OvidEx tutorial UK OvidEx tutorial SE OvidEx tutorial NO OvidEx tutorial FI OvidEx tutorial DE OvidEx tutorial TH OvidEx tutorial RU OvidEx tutorial CH OvidEx tutorial 2FA UK


OvidGlobal tutorial UK OvidGlobal tutorial SE OvidGlobal tutorial NO OvidGlobal tutorial FI OvidGlobal tutorial DE OvidGlobal tutorial TH OvidGlobal tutorial RU OvidGlobal tutorial CH 

Report mis-selling of BYC!

If you have purchased a package that awards BYCOI, have not been awarded what you are owed or have noticed that your coins have disappeared from your wallet, you need to report this matter urgently.

Chances are that if you bought a package, you were sold that package through misrepresentation. Coin were never supposed to be sold. The intention was that shares would be sold via a private placement.

If you cannot find your BYC, you have an asset that has been taken away from you or not awarded. All of these are serious allegations.

UK Reporting potential mismanagement and/or improper behaviour as regards ByCoi sales and wallets. 

SE Rapportera potentiell missförvaltning och/eller felaktigt beteende gällande Bycoi försäljning och plånböcker.